Little Life Updates

The “big” thing is I’m deciding whether or not to stop online role playing on Discord, that was short, lol. I am the only person playing in a different time zone. That isn’t the problem. My character is a Witch of Wrath, and in the entire time I’m role playing her, she’s wrathful…0 times. My character would start too become angry, and I’d be like “Finally” and the next time I was on. Every thing was fine, one of sisters would “put her out”. WTF.

I was trying to make the character more into Magic, and they all just wanted to keep role playing sex, basically.

I WANNA BE WRATHFUL! lol … I got a lot of anger to let out, lol

Another update was that I have kind of started to get back into writing, and it was my own fault. I left my laptop at one house, I remembered the cords. Which still meant though I had no computer. So I wrote back in my journals. Funny thing was all I could think to write about, was how I couldn’t think of anything to write, haha.

But now I have my laptop back again, I did add on to the “books” that I am currently writing.

Just generally, I have been so blah. Not depressed ‘blah’, but just a general blah. I don’t know if it’s a Winter thing, I don’t feel depressed, it might be there’s not much positivity in the world, maybe that’s it? Do you know what I mean? Like every day, the day before I say to myself (when I’m not working) that I am GOING to do this, this and this. And then I have no motivation to do it.

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