What I learnt in 2021!

I really enjoyed doing this for 2020, so why not again! When you think something’s interesting, that other’s may not about. I get to repeatedly see it during the year and it always makes me go “Oh Yeah” hehe

  • Volcano Snails exist! Their shells are made of iron and they live around hydrothermal vents that can reach up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Just don’t look for pictures, they are freaky as all get out!
  • Stonehenge was built before the Druids.
  • There is not discernable taste difference between brown and white eggs. The reason for the difference of the colour is all to do with the colour of the Roosters earlobe feather. If they’re white, white egg, if they’re brown, brown eggs.
  • I don’t know why this has never occurred to me before, but I only learnt after watching “Who do you think you are” The Nazis actually made it so that it was illegal for the Jewish people to cross borders. It horrifies me that I never knew that before.
  • They (Nazi’s) would assess women who wanted to be nurses bodies. Too make sure they were “German” enough.
  • It’s female Mosquitoes who need our blood!
  • There are between 30 and 4o variations of Intersex
  • Dublin used to be called Dooblin…hahahaha
  • Someone calling themselves a leftist or feminist. Does not one make.
  • Men and women only a few years ago, it was quiet common for them “opposite sex” names, we’d have now. Viviana, we NOW would consider that to be a “girl” name, wasn’t always the case.
  • A LOT of people don’t like listening to Doctors, Health, medical and Scientific professionals, who have studied for years. Send them a text though, and they are all over that.
  • I learnt that the simple littlest act of kindness, can mean SO much.

3 thoughts on “What I learnt in 2021!

  1. The way the nazis spread fear and hatred against Jews is a perfect example of how easy it can be to subvert a population to thinking and acting a certain way.

    “It came on us drip by drip rather like an anesthetic. It was only when a specific thing hit you personally that you knew what was going on.” – Christabel Bielenberg, circa 1933 Germany

    From all of my study into human conflict over the past 4 years this is a recurring theme and it has always failed over time as evidenced by history.
    My first useless fact for 2022 🙂

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