I didn’t actually say that

In a world of people talking at each other, rather than too and with each other. I am constantly laughing at the people who say too me “I hope you’re happy to be so self-righteous” or as my mother yelled at me “SORRY WE CANT ALL BE PERFECT LIKE YOU, LAUREN”. Everything is like “fine” with my mum by the way, she keeps saying things that I’ve said, but I haven’t. For example, she keeps saying too me “I know how you wanted to do everything yourself”. I have NEVER said this. Not knowing what to do for the wedding, is not the same as not wanting people to help. She used to have a go and say that people kept asking her about the wedding and she had nothing to tell them and I’m like “And?. Tell them nothings been decided yet”. Me not having everything ready to go the moment my partner proposed, means nothing.

I don’t for a moment, think that I’m either self righteous or perfect. I just believe that spreading fear about life saving pet/animal medications is unnecessary, especially when a Vet is the one asking you not too. I don’t think I’m perfect because I think that my mother has no rights over my wedding, and that its insane to me that my immediate family actually think they do have rights over my wedding and expected me too change everything for my brother, who didn’t have the respect to say anything to anyone.

I was inspired to write this after I said to a TERF, again, was going on about how you can’t change biological sex “Can you pretty pretty please, tell us what a woman is, without reducing us to our ovaries'”. Instead of getting a sensible answer, all I got was “You believe that people can pick and choose what sex parts they want”.

Yep, that is exactly what I said, I believe that people are Mr Potato Head’s, picking and changing what our body parts are.


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Simple post…

For those wanting to read more…

Posted by Call to Activism on Twitter.

“JUST IN: A federal judge has just ORDERED Llano County Texas to return “all books” that were removed from their libraries due to their content or viewpoint.

Library patrons successfully argued that “content-based restrictions” were likely unconstitutional.

The Texas judge is also prohibiting the officials from removing any more books while a lawsuit remains pending.

The books that were banned included a book for teens that calls the Ku Klux Klan a terrorist group, Isabel Wilkerson’s “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” and a comedic children’s book with three stories from Dawn McMillan’s “I Need a New Butt!” series.

The decision could set wide reaching precedent in light of recent book banning in Florida, supported by Ron DeSantis. What a great victory for books!”


A young trans girl was murdered. Pride Love ❤

Turkey Syria Earthquake

I had something completely different for this post, but I was watching a lot about this last night.

So far over 15,000+ have been confirmed as killed, and many are still missing. And many are staying out in the streets, frightened for another earthquake, I’ve a few little stories here.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Here’s how to help victims of the earthquake. – The New York Times,

Ben Shpigel Published Feb. 6, 2023Updated Feb. 7, 2023

Before you give, do your research. Also be careful about videos you watch. Well a lot of them are well intentioned, some of them are not from this earthquake or this disaster. Sadly little aid seems to be reaching Syria, they’re only arriving now.

So it begins

I literally do not know where to put this article.

Malka Leifer trial begins with former principal facing 29 sexual assault and rape charges (msn.com)

This trial has been coming for a while now. If she’s found guilty of all charges, she will be Australia’s 2nd worst child abuser, in History. I’m sure the TERFs in Australia will be starting up any time soon…any time now…any time…

I will be keeping an eye on this, somewhat. Its not really a “happy” case.

The next day…

I am currently on a sort of “holiday” from Twitter. My mental health is perfectly fine with it.

I came to realise that Twitter isn’t just “bad”, its not normal. Taking out ways to report child endangerment, some people just blatantly lie and misinformation runs rampant.The other day I wrote a list on here for nearly everything that Rowling has done, just to cis women alone. And it’s a lot people. Even after rebanning Ye and everything with AndrewTate, Musk STILL lets the worst of us back on there. Its not just bad, it’s not normal.

So, the day after I came to realise that I was making the right decision.

If you don’t wish to proceed further reading, I completely understand. One of the reason I detest Twitter,, is because when you come off of it, and go back to “real life”, everything’s relatively “fine” Depending on what it is, obviously. All the stuff happened the day after I went on “holiday”.

Hopefully this will be the last that I speak about these people.


So Rowling came out and said that she has never seen so much misogyny towards women as she has now. Well that’s total bullshit. One of her cult were recently at some protest and one of them had a sign that said “Sturgeon likes anal”. I suspect what Rowling actually means that she has never experienced such backlash as she is now. Which is not the same as misogyny. People not liking a woman, does not mean you’re a misogynist. Otherwise Rowling herself would be one.

Also, during Rowling’s life women weren’t able to get a divorce on their own. It wasn’t considered rape, if you were married. Both of these were changed during the 90’S…The 90S people! Marital rape is considered a form of domestic violence and has been illegal since 1992…1992. But one of the wild things is as while, in the UK women can’t be considered to have rape. Even though women have been charged with rape, and accessories to it.

But sure, people able to change their sex/gender on their personal documents is the problem here.

Prince Harry

When I “left” to go on my “holiday”, people were having a problem with Harry talking about his number. It was utterly ridiculous, I managed to find plenty of books and films where they talk about that kind of stuff. I kept having to tell “adults” that the UK media splashed Harrys face across all sorts of media glamourising him going off to War. What, did the Taliban have no clue that Harry was fighting? Apart from anything, what Harry actually said was quiet different from what the media said.

Piers Morgan, the next day had the guy who killed Osama Bid Laden. You remember him? The LEADER of the Taliban? It was pretty funny really. The guy said things like “I wish he had killed more” “The Taliban aren’t going to like us less or more because of Harry”. It was clearly pissing Morgan.

Here’s what was bugging me, so Harry is “bad” for saying his number. But it’s not bad (and Piers thanked for him service as well) to have the guy who actually the Taliban leader on?

I know that a LOT of people hate Harry and Meghan, but, come on. That’s ridiculous.

Speaking of which, I FREAKING KNEW IT! It is mostly people who don’t like them, talking about them. You can blame the media as much as you want, it’s you talking about them. As for the book sales, well done to the Prince. I haven’t personally bought it and I don’t really plan on. I don’t really buy a lot of biographies, auto-biographies. I’ve only got two that I have read, and that was both of the Obama’s. People buy me them, but I am not really interested.

Lisa Marie Presley

That was a huge blow, I am sure, especially to Elvis fans. I was actually sad, she was pretty young. I became annoyed, when for some reason, the anti-vax people, blamed it on the vaccine. Twitter hasn’t gotten rid of any of it. Her family had a long History of heart problems. We don’t even know about her vaccine situation. Apparently they did it for both Kirstie Alley and Diamond, and I am sitting there thinking “Kirstie Alley was a Scientologist and Diamond was anti-vax”.

It was annoying how Lisa Marie has this long family history of heart issues and the anti-vax people are just getting to spread it around, with no interference from Twitter.