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Lately I’ve been feeling a little drained. The never-ending stress and pressure that I feel under because of work is leading me to consider how I can reduce my anxiety and stress elsewhere. To that end (and I’m not saying this would be a permanent move, though I’m not saying it wouldn’t be), I’m considering […]

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Sorry for the anger

Oh I have been angry today and I apologise to you, my readers. It’s really isn’t your fault. I think I only have one or two viewers from Australia anyway.

I probably sound really angry…I am! I have yet to see someone who voted for Liberals because of any good policies. As the day has gone on and the Liberal voters have felt safer because they’re “Winners”. It’s become clearer WHY they voted Liberal. I found out that the Transgender reform was about Labor’s “anti-bullying” in schools. Don’t tell me you’re “owning” anyone when you voted against anti-bullying in schools, for children. I swear one person said “No one cares about that” I care about stopping bullying. I think I need to spend a few days off of all social media platforms. I just keep getting angrier and angrier. At least Fraser Anning and Palmer are gone, but I’d love to know what Morrison promised them.

The other thing I’ve noticed (mainly on Twitter) are people saying “No one likes Progressives”. I’ve seen people enjoying “owing the Progressives” At the expensive of Australia, with not a SINGLE good thing the Liberals have done…How is that not psychopathic! So several people like myself and others are asking “What exactly have the Liberals” done that’s so much better and it’s all “People don’t like having it rubbed in their faces”. What…Change? Progress? Protecting Australia? Anti-Bullying? The fact that, morally, we ARE better than you?

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But thank you to all for reading my rants. I think we’re all going through it together now!

One More Time…Aus Votes

I have said this in so many places today…and now I am spending the rest of the day playing Games.

If one more person voted Liberal despite preferring policies, but don’t like Shorten more? DUMB = PEOPLE? It’s like saying you’d prefer the Doctor who has a better bedside manner, than the Doctor who can actually save you because they’re more “mean”. This beautiful country will die, sold to Adani. At least Kennerly gets to keep her franking credits while the studio 10 audience that she called “leeches” leech off a pension agree with her. No more permanent jobs, no more penalty rates. Taxes spent on imaginary immigrants detention centres. Hey, but at least “mean” Shorten is gone? I hate people…I truly do…So easily led by fear Scomo is not saving you from your inevitable death, but he is going to make your life harder…Idiots, just plain idiots!

Dear God People are dumb. One QLD senator bragging about they can start ADANI now. One) Mining is mainly automated, not people automated. 2) The THOUSANDS of job that will be lost when a mining company kills the Reef…Mining does not last forever…The reef can!…I don’t get how they get it?

It’s all some weird self preservation shit, but it’s not at the same time? You have ScoMo going about making “profit”…But at what cost? Then spending tax payers money to open up a detention centres for immigrants that were never coming? Jobs have been made less and less permanent. The NDIS (National Disability Scheme” has been cut. They cut penalty rates. Adani = Mining = mechanically only jobs, no non-automated ones = Destruction of Great Barrier Reef, which could last a lot longer than mining. The irony being a lot of people “celebrating” today have pictures of Australian beaches in their profiles…Do they NOT understand that they voted for the destruction of them?

How dumb can people seriously be????

Kids – Seen AND Heard!

There’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of Trump and alt-right type supporters:

Gun Control (especially when it comes to the teenagers being killed and shot): Soulless, they should stay in school instead of using their breaks to honour the children and teachers who died

Climate Change: The kids should stay in school, instead of protesting people not protecting the future climate. So that their children and their grandchildren can live in safety. Are “Selfish”.

Convington Catholic teenage boys travel INTERSTATE to protest against women having control over their own bodies, heckle young women all day…That’s cool. No outrage about that?!

What is it with the alt-right types and them being SO against children wanting to protect themselves? They call themselves #prolife, but are SO dead set against children wanting to protect themselves?


It’s been a long week, work was busy and I had to do a part I hadn’t expected. When I got home tonight, my dog has had something funny happen. The Vet said it was definitely neurologically and not an bad ear infection like we hoped.

So it’s either a stroke, possible some kind of brain tumor…or (and the one we are hoping for) Vestibular Disease. My dog is 13 years old and she has had ear infections in the past. I am so beyond tired, this post was the only reason I put my computer on.

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