I’ve been going back and forth with this blog post today. This next week, I was going to be writing about positive Pride posts, and I want to continue to do that. So this is going to be only post I write that doesn’t have anything to do with Pride.

As odd as this is going to sound, I don’t think that my brain has the capacity to understand how I feel about this.

I see people of other Faiths, starting to become distressed. As they see their country, turning into a Christian extremist state. What about them? What about the other Faiths in America? They don’t follow the same rules as Christianity. I wish I could find the video, there is a young impassioned woman out there, who rightly said “I don’t follow your Christian Faith, what about my rules for my body? You want to believe in your Faith, fine, but you do not get to dictate my body. Why do I have to live by your rules, that I don’t even believe in?!”

I felt ashamed to say that I had not even thought about the other Faiths in America. What about them? Why do they have to follow the rules of ANOTHER Faith?

These “decisions” being made are not being for the American people, they’re just not.

And ANY political member, that is not in America and publicly says that overturning #RoeVsWade is a good thing. They need to be kicked out of their office, like, today.

There has been bits and pieces of good news, like:

But generally I can’t think of what to say. And I apoligise, because usually I can’t shut up!

One more thing

This entire situation has just been weird. Here’s a couple of things that I found out about Depp since:

  • Wenona Ryder was a minor when she first dated Depp, only 19 when they were engaged.
  • He had repeatedly used the *N* despite him clearly not being black.
  • The majority of his close male friends have been accused of assaults, in some form.

This is also an amazing thread…No wonder he’s shocked he “won”, I am too:

Over the weekend…and the things I did not get

I didn’t go on Twitter, which I loved, lol. I went on once, because I got a direct message asking why I’d gone so quiet.

Before I went off there for the weekend, and mainly only going on the others to thank people for birthday wishes. I saw that Laura Ingraham tweet. And apart from the obvious, that she was a cruel person for making her mother work as a waitress to pay off her Ingraham’s loan. She admits that SOMEONE ELSE paid off her loan. So what exactly is she complaining about? She didn’t pay it off, according to herself, her mother did it. Laura has had good jobs over that time, so why wasn’t she paying it herself?

Why are people like this? I feel like I am always asking this at the moment, but honestly why are people like this?!lol Have they always been like this?

I know that bigotry and hatred can rot the brain, but really, why are people this dumb?lol

Do it,

So I cut another two people out of my life yesterday “family”.

One is CLEARLY a Tory supporter, and the other posted something horrifically transphobic.

I STILL don’t speak to my Dad, I WILL cut you out too.

If the ONLY time I’ve seen you make comments about women’s sports, is about how glad you are about the banning of trans gender women in Sports. Yeah, you’re a pretty terrible person.

What has shocked me though, these two “people” were raised by GOOD people. My Great Poppa Joe and Nana Doris. I think I’ve talked about them before? There’s just NO way those two would have been Tory supporters. I expect that kind of behaviour from my Dad’s side, lol

How does that even like happen?lol

Great Nana Doris, had a child out of wedlock, in like the 30’s, still called her child, hers. Had one leg cut from the knee, because of polio. Yet, if you didn’t know, you never would have thought she had a disability. And my beloved Poppa Joe, wrote things like “The world will never be at Peace, until we are all coffee coloured”. He didn’t like Religion, he questioned it all the time. These two human beings were “woke”, before we knew what that word was.

These are my Gran’s parents. The woman who went backpacking around the world, by herself, in her 50’s and helped people with Aids. How do they have such a terrible son? Mind you, I don’t think their son has been out of his town, until he came to visit his sister for the first time, last year. My Gran has been here, in Australia, since the 60’s.


Thursday Theories – Women who Harm

Despite what some may say, Women can kill and women absolutely can be predators. Being a certain “sex” doesn’t stop this.

All these women have either a)killed children, b)raped children or c)rape adults.

Sexual victimization perpetrated by women: Federal data reveal surprising prevalence

It doesn’t surprise myself that female predators being reported are on the rise. We are SLOWLY…very so slowly, starting to actually listen to victims.

What is going on people? lol

So I wrote about how Putin took Rowlings side, MOST people were quiet sensible. One person said to me “I don’t understand. Are you saying that Putin and Rowling are the same kind of person”? Hey folks, I’m not the one defending Rowling here. That was Putin. Just because Rowling is not a political leader, doesn’t mean she’s not got the same mindset.

Then at the same time, someone responded to a comment I made on FB over TWO YEARS AGO! Talking about how I was the one bashing people. I had a bit of a time looking for what I said, it was over two years ago. You know what I said, people? I was having a go at a “Christian” whose profile was no longer (by the way) about how they were calling other’s r@tard3d for NOT believing in God. Two years on, I would still say what I said. That they had to prove God existed to me. They were calling people @rtard3d and then complaining that they were being mocked. So I had a go at Yvonne and told her, that it says a lot about her that she is defending “Christians” who call others r3tard3d. Accounts that don’t even exist anymore.