Time Zone

Uh….Did anyone else’s Blog just suddenly changed times? My posts are all ridiculously all over the place?


Kids – Seen AND Heard!

There’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of Trump and alt-right type supporters:

Gun Control (especially when it comes to the teenagers being killed and shot): Soulless, they should stay in school instead of using their breaks to honour the children and teachers who died

Climate Change: The kids should stay in school, instead of protesting people not protecting the future climate. So that their children and their grandchildren can live in safety. Are “Selfish”.

Convington Catholic teenage boys travel INTERSTATE to protest against women having control over their own bodies, heckle young women all day…That’s cool. No outrage about that?!

What is it with the alt-right types and them being SO against children wanting to protect themselves? They call themselves #prolife, but are SO dead set against children wanting to protect themselves?


It’s been a long week, work was busy and I had to do a part I hadn’t expected. When I got home tonight, my dog has had something funny happen. The Vet said it was definitely neurologically and not an bad ear infection like we hoped.

So it’s either a stroke, possible some kind of brain tumor…or (and the one we are hoping for) Vestibular Disease. My dog is 13 years old and she has had ear infections in the past. I am so beyond tired, this post was the only reason I put my computer on.

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I am not enjoying this “new” WordPress.

It does not show the times and dates of the already schedule posts, so I have to guess So you don’t get them all at once. It also randomly, when I try to schedule the time and date, will disappear. So I am having to repeatedly changing the date and time. .Plus, I think it’s going by American time, even though I’m Australian and not everyone on WordPress is American. Whereas in the classic views, I knew that the times difference was different (my evening was your morning. At least I knew that) but now it goes by American time (So your morning is your morning). It’s gone backwards. The “block” keeps saying switch back to the classic view, but it does absolutely nothing. It’s a literal block of nothingness! 

Even trying to Schedule and tag words are just that little bit more”intense”, you can’t just press the Schedule button anymore It seems to go back and forth between Schedule and Preview. Then when I put a tag in, it disappears for a second…Keeps freaking me out,lol

Does anyone know how to at least show the scheduled posts on the calendar?