Thursday Theories

In a new year, something new for you!…Every Thursday, I am going to write a post about some theory. It can be anything, it can be about any kind of “theory”. In 2020, there was so many more things that I learnt. Things that I thought that I already knew. So I would love to write about what I learnt last year, but it’s also made me made me go “You know, I don’t know if that’s true or not”. Then I would do actual research about it.

I am going to focus mainly on myths and fantasy stories, taking a look at how true they were, if there was a actual person or event, that inspired the person or event. I am excited about doing this! I couldn’t think about what I wanted to do and this seems perfect!

And I’m off!

So when you read this, I’ll be driving on the way to my partners parents for Christmas, and an Aunts 60th. They lived pretty close to the outback, and survive on rain water, so bad internet. They do have it, but it’s not good in places and I usually don’t bother.

This just your basic message to say that I have a couple of posts scheduled, but I probably wont be able to reply to anything. I wont be able to read your posts until I can get back either ❤ Keep Blogging on Bloggers!

Now what I am going to take with me to read!

Pitbull’s and Chihuahuas

A couple of weeks ago, a group of trans women defended themselves against a man who was sexual harassing them. Of course the TERFs are all “How dare they” “He was just using words”.

Excuse Me Wow GIF by Jonas Brothers - Find & Share on GIPHY

I am so sick of the disingenuity from TERFs. You know if it was a group of cis women being sexually harassed, they would be throwing them a freaking parade.

Anyway, this is one of those situations where I compare women and men to pitbulls.

Men are the pitbulls:

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Women are the Chihuahuas:

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Men have a worse reputation, because they can generally kill “easier” and do more physical harm. Yet, women seem to have a reputation that they’re sweet baby angels. Yet, we know that’s not true. Being a previous small dog owner. I know every human and animal is completely capable of violence.

We all are. I am, you are. The only difference being, is usually, and just like dogs too, is the way we are raised. Unless of course, just like dogs, we do actually have something off in our brains.

And let’s be honest here as well, a lot of the anti-maskers, a lot of the anti-lock downers, have been women saying “words”. A lot of the people causing problems in stores this year HAVE been women and just saying “words”.

Let’s just stop with the women are sweet baby angels, okay?

Please Help!

Bringing the tone down a bit, but please consider donating. They only set up two days ago and are always well over a quarter of the way through!

In light of the decision in the Keira Bell case, which we believe to be wrongly decided, we are presently crowdfunding for the costs of two legal interventions. – Good Law Projects

Keira Bell is a de-trans person, who regretted her decision in her 20’s. Started on puberty blockers when she was 16, had some surgery and then regretted her decision. I’ve said before, I think she’s just unhappy.

The day after her case, she went and talked with all anti-trans people and organisations. Also the day after the case, the NHS and Tavistock rang up people who have been waiting literal years for blockers and/or surgery and cancelled! It’s becoming very Russian for trans people in the UK.

Pretty much if you’re 16 or under, even with Doctor, Therapist and parent consent, you still have to go to court to get anything done. Even so a 17 year old friend of mine in the UK got a call today to say that she wasn’t going to get her blockers anymore.

They want to literally drive the trans community in the UK to extinction, hence why I said “Russia”. The GOOD news is, is that there are lot of organisations like the Good Law Project, like Stonewall, like Amnesty who are going to fight back. Which of course the TERFs and GCs don’t understand.

Crowd Justice – Legal Defence Fund for Transgender Lives – Good Law Project

I never liked her…

Now, this is going to be a “I REALLY don’t like Rowling” post. I didn’t really like her before this whole transphobia thing came up, but now I just KNOW, she does not care. She’s very much one of those people who needs reassurance all the time.

Reasons I don’t like her:

  • Harry Potter is actually based on another book, she took from.
  • I now think when the rumors’ that Goblins in the Bank were thought to represent Jewish people, I think it’s not just a rumour.
  • She is CONSTANTLY jumping on fans popular theories with “Yes, that exactly what happened”. Except it can’t be found in the books. That’s just weird to me.
  • Her whole “Don’t blame me” for the Johnny Depp casting.

But NOW, I KNOW she doesn’t care. I don’t think the women has one OUNCE of self esteem within her. I think she’s probably even a little bit of a sociopath.

When everything started to get out of control. I thought that Rowling would say at SOME point “Not in my name”. But when she posted on her Twitter account the VERY anti-trans merchandise, that’s when I KNEW. She wasn’t going to do a damn thing. As long as she get’s “I love you, you’re perfect and brilliant” in a hour more than people get a life time. She ain’t doing a damn thing.

Clearly I don’t know the woman, and am not a therapist. Reading about sociopaths and knowing what she has done. It pretty well fits.

“False Names” Rowling’s other pen name is Robert Galbraith. Now she claims different reasons for the name, but this is WHO Robert Galbraith Heath is. He started conversion therapy. So while Rowling claims things like Robert Kennedy was a hero of hers and all sorts of shit. Her pen name just HAPPENS to be the exact name as the man who “created” conversion “therapy”. Without Heath at the end. Like she does think people are stupid?

Missing You <3

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and I knew it was going to be hard this year. My brother’s not coming home and I am really missing someone very special ❤

When I saw her little outfit, I couldn’t help it, I started crying and I couldn’t let it go. You know with this year, being so messy, I don’t know if I’ve actually mourned her ❤ The other outfit was our very sweet Zali’s from Bali (she wasn’t actually from Bali, but I like to rhyme) I can’t find a picture of her wearing it, but I am pretty sure we have one ❤ My baby girls, we miss you ❤

Pee Pee, I love you ❤
Zali from Bali ❤

Elementary, dear Watson

December the 1st is a huge day for many different reasons. One of them, being as the title suggests. That today is presumed date of publication of the first case of Sherlock Holmes. It is debated, but … you know … This year, I don’t have the brain power to get into that, lol

It is also World AIDS Day. So, shout out to the people in the world suffering from AIDS and H.I.V. I follow some really awesome people who are thriving well. We are very lucky in this day and age to have medication that can help mean that having AIDS/H.I.V doesn’t automatically mean a death sentence.

World AIDS Day – Australia

It is also the first Calendar day for Summer, in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though the start of our fire seasons, get earlier each year. You know though, who believes that climate change!

Most importantly though, I can officially be all…

And NOBODY can stop me!lol