Forgive…Or just don’t care?

That is the question…

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I was just randomly thinking about this…and my current situation with some people.

My Mum has always said that the opposite to love is not hate, it’s indifference..and I agree with her.

I was talking about my situation with a few people and they said “I’ll bet it takes you a while to forgive them” and the thing is…I already had…the next day….I thought to myself I think a lot of it had to do with simple the fact, I just had stop caring.

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I was more shocked that not one of them mentioned that I had ended up in hospital and not a single one of them mentioned that they were glad to hear that I was alright.

However, that was just even more proof too me…It was always about them…Hindsight and all that…I have been more upset about losing jerks of ex’s.

But had I forgiven them so quickly, because I just did not care anymore?

So if you just don’t plain care anymore, is that the same as forgiveness? Or is it just easier to forgive because you don’t care either way.


Those lovely quiet weekends..

This is going to be the quietest weekend I’ve had in over a month…and I couldn’t be happier!

 I am doing nothing this weekend…Except maybe working on a Vlog of mine and reading and playing…Watch out for my Vlog next week!

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Just a quick little Blog to apologise for the lack of Blogs and the content in them this week. Some of them I had scheduled and didn’t really get to finish them off the way I wanted too. I’ve been working 6 day weeks between two jobs the last couple of weeks and I am just so tired. I thought that I was going to get a two day weekend this week, but they’ve asked me to work an extra day…again…The problem with being casual, if you don’t work…You don’t get paid.

I don’t think it’s going to go for too much longer, one of my places of employment, it just happens to be their busy time of the year. The other place, even though they hired a whole group of new workers. I don’t know where they’re working because I seem to be getting all the bad shifts, that they were suppose to be getting? That’s been an infuriating problem all it’s own,lol