Miss Little Quiet, lol

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I’ve been so busy this weekend and not to do with anything exciting. So I’ve been a bit quiet and I just wanted to apoligise for that. I’ve seen a few people say lately, that they don’t like serial likers, and I think I’ve just done that. I promise I have read, I just don’t feel like putting a comment in, right now. I’m about to head to bed, but I wanted to know I’m reading and I’m here =D

Last Call for Help! Help my cat and me

Please Help Page ❤

Lili's Blissful Pages

Hi Blisses,

I never thought I would ever do this but here I am…

Last March my cat, Page had a surgery for the removal of her abdominal tumor. Last month, we found out that another tumor showed up. But instead of another surgery, her vet and oncologist decided she can undergo Radiation Treatment. I am not educated enough to explain how Radiation Treatment works and to be honest, I’m just so tired. I want to make this post as short as possible.

Radiation treatments are easier for Page than a surgery but it’s as expensive, even more. So with her surgery and meds just last March, my finances have been hard. I have no choice but to ask for help.

Today is Page’s last treatment (she had six over the course of three weeks). It’s been so hard but I know this will be over soon. But I really…

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One more time…and for those in the back

I’m going to break this down, instead of writing a rant…again. Yes, POC can do bad and evil things. What I’m tired of though, people acting like white women are delicate little flowers. So here is a list of everything that white women were the majority of women supporters for. Please don’t make me have to write “not all white women”, because clearly no. What I am about to list though, are where white women are the majority when it comes to supporting something, or not supporting something. That actually would be detrimental to them, women.

The majority of white women, support:

  • Trump … Which is still shocking to me, and never should have happened.
  • Racism
  • TERF’s
  • And Gender Critical men who are abusive and derogatory towards cis and trans women.
  • Other Karen’s
  • Piers Morgan. Not only that but when I’ve tried to explain to other white woman why Sharon Osbourne was wrong for shouting over her WOC co-stars. I was told that they didn’t agree with me, because Sharon didn’t understand. Weren’t we all told that when you don’t understand something, you TOTALLY shout over that person… -.-
  • Hating on Meghan Markle. They blame her for the “downfall” for the Royal Family, while ignoring that the Royal family are currently protecting Prince Andrew. Also they forget how Princess Diana was treated, by the exact same people that they are now defending. Which is why the majority of people believe Harry and Meghan. Just not white women, lol.
  • They did support burning witches, wizards and dogs.
  • Alex Salmond
  • Boris Johnson
  • Women who call themselves “trans widows” Which is freaking disrespectful!
  • Apparently they also now all support bullying and harassing co-workers in the work place : Re Maya Forstater and JKRowling.

They don’t support, but they should, because it helps protects not only themselves but also people who they say they “love”.

  • Anti-Masks
  • Anti-BLM
  • Emmett Till, was executed for flirting with a white woman. Then it turns that the flirting DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN!
  • Although women are treated WAY more harshly when they cry about a fake rape, as opposed to people who do rape others. The women crying fake rape, the majority are white. Also all of them give excuses, which people just excuse them for.
  • Social Justice.
  • The Law.
  • Justice in general.

the reality is GEORGE FLOYD is on trial… — Here’s A Thing…

the reality is GEORGE FLOYD is on trial… I’ve watched the trial each day for the first 2 days. it’s been compelling. some of the testimony from the testifying witnesses has been for me riveting. the 4 under age kids. the 911 operator. the fire fighter, EMT… and the others have painted a picture of […]

the reality is GEORGE FLOYD is on trial… — Here’s A Thing…

This made me cry. Although I don’t want to upset anyone. I feel we also need to see. How that evil mans actions still have a ripple affect.

March 31st

March the 31st is Trans Visibility Day. Soooooooooooooo, saying that. It might get really vicious on all the social media. For myself, I am determined to keep today and tomorrow as positive as I can. I’m going to write a little something tomorrow to be positive, but you might find it a little boring, haha.

Also well done to the Guardian! (US though).

Trans kids on the Republican bills targeting them “I’m not a problem to society”

I wonder how many “we’re protecting the kids” will actually listen though?

The symbol is called Odal rune — Here’s A Thing…

The main CPAC stage where Republicans and other conservatives are gathering this weekend in Florida looks eerily similar to an old Nazi symbol … something that’s causing utter outrage. Somebody pointed out the design, noting the stage appears to be shaped like an emblem the Nazis proudly flashed during WWII. And no, it’s not the […]

The symbol is called Odal rune — Here’s A Thing…

What is your proudest moment?

Do you know what my proudest moment has been in my nearly 37 years of living? I was holding Zali, our other furbubba, at our old house. There was a step outside, that wasn’t secure. I was holding her, when it come unstuck. I held her, and didn’t drop her, as I went down and the step fell on me. I didn’t even squeeze her. I don’t know why I felt like sharing that 🤣 She didn’t appreciate it, she still loved mum more, lol