Guess, I’m a woman supremacist now

I can’t even go on my beloved Sims 4 Facebook community page without someone cracking the shits. I always thought that I was emotional, clearly there are different types of emotions.

What does that even mean?

I was called a woman supremacist, by other women, and that my partner should be warned that I’ll murder him. All because I dared to say that why weren’t people holding Joe King to the same standards as Carole Baskin. I have since written to the moderators of the page…again…and said, to maybe NOT approve “Sims I made” of controversial figures. Even though it’d be fun to make fun of a Trump sim, people like him…what can I say…It would just cause issues.

I don’t go on the Sims 4 Facebook community page to be called a murderer and a woman supremacist, because I expect people to hold others to the same standards? How very extreme of me? Pages like the Sims 4 and Charlie Bear and Safari Live, are my only “safe spaces”. At least on social media. Even though I don’t like Trump, I don’t want to see it up there.

So a bit of an update, even though you’re all reading this now. I didn’t hear anything back from the Sims 4 Facebook Community page. There have still been posts with Joe King on it, paying out Carole Baskin in someway. There have also been posts paying out Trump. What I did notice as well though, after a few comments they have to keep turning the comments off…I can’t imagine why!



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