Who is just simply the worst?

My mum and I were talking about the other day, which Trump we think is the worst. We decided that Ivanka is actually the worst Trump, out of the bunch. This is mainly because a lot more people are willing to forgive Ivanka, because of the pretty package. It’s like when we all thought Kim Jung Un was dead (that was crazy). All these people were going on about how “hot” his sister is. The scary thing was, she’s as bad (if not worse) than him! So “no, no, no” she’s not hot. She’s a very bad person.


Best Theme Ever!

A couple of years ago…or should I this year? Nah, I can’t lie to you…A couple of years ago I celebrated my 30th party with a Moulin Rouge/Favourite Character theme party. It’s still my favourite birthday ever. Then all these feelings came up again over the last long weekend, last weekend. Mainly because I finally got to watch Moulin Rouge again, by myself and with no interruption…and now I want to have another Moulin Rouge party!

What is your favourite party ever? Was there a theme…Would you do it again?

Or what was your worse party ever? Feel comfortable…Please share!