Celebrity Worship

There is two reasons why I writing about this topic.

One, I am now content with the FACT that Depp has pretty much only got other celebrities, a lot of them abusive themselves, on his side. While Heard has got the experts. Including the woman who coined the term DARVO. I don’t care if Robert Downey Jr had a face time with Depp to congratulate Depp. Jr literally went to comfort Chris Pratt when he was “named” the worst Chris (he totally is by the way). Apparently it made Pratt cry, nawwww, the poor baby. His support when Brie Larson (she plays Captain Marvel) received death and rape threats, for being a “difficult” woman. Not a word.

And then I saw this…

I don’t like the Kardashians/Jenner, and I am FURIOUS!

A lot of people are like “it’s” just a dress get over it. It’s not JUST a dress though, is it? Less than a month after she sang in that dress, Monroe was dead.

Even in DEATH Monroe was used for publicity, and Kim Kardashian disrespected Marilyn Monroe. It’s not “just” a dress.

I am happy to say that while I might enjoy an actor, if they turn out too be rotten. That’s it for me. I don’t make excuses, I don’t try to play with the truth. I’m like that’s it. Like three of my biggest crushes in the world are Orlando Bloom, Idris Elba, Matt Smith and Tom Hiddleston. So far they have been pretty “okay” lol. OB, did say a few years ago about JD, but again, that was a few years ago and who knows what he actually thinks now. If he comes out NOW and says the same things, that’s it.

I got plenty of other crushes. I’d be sad, but I wouldn’t make excuses. Do you know what I mean?

Like Dave Chappelle, up until recently, I would have called a comedy genius, but now…I’m like, he’s past it…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

As for Rowan Atkinsons comments about “cancel culture” NO, Rowan Atkinson, if we wanted to be offended all the time, we would listen to politicians all the time. I don’t know what is happening in the land of “celebrity” but it’s definitely losing it’s allure.

And what was with Jennifer Aniston the other day? She was talking about how fed up she is with “celebrity” that’s famous for doing nothing. She mentioned Paris Hilton, which maybe fair enough. Depending how you look at things. She also mentioned Monica Lewinsky. Now, I don’t think for a second that Monica Lewinsky even wanted to be a “celebrity”. But Miss Monica Lewinsky is an EXTREMELY good spoke person when it comes to anti-bullying. Like if you actually PAY ATTENTION, Monica Lewinsky has actually done more for society than Jennifer Anniston. Who has contributed a hair style? Sitting there allowing her female friends to drag Angelina Jolie through the mud, and NOT her ex-husband?


What I think the problem is,

Now this post is purely my own opinion and understanding things, that I “understand”.

Now, if I am wrong, I am very happy to be proven, but no labels, just the facts.

From what I’ve seen of Rowling, from what I’ve found out and what I’ve seen. This is why I am imploring people to never again worship a stranger, especially of the celebrity variety.



Russell Brand

All have the same issues. Apart from being white, they all have (or had) large social media platforms. Now from what I’ve seen of Rowling and Trump, the signs of narcissism and abandonment issues. The allure of social media platforms, can be toxic for the blue ticks of Twitter. People like Rowling and Trump were and are getting more “I love you’s” and “thank you” (for doing, nothing) in an hour every time they tweet, than 95% of the world get in their life time.

Can you imagine what that would do to someone’s ego?

Social Media platforms, if they really do care. That they will do more for the vulnerable people on their platforms.

Worship, and never do it!

This is Keira Bell, leader and “Shero” of the TERF and GC “movement”.

The “woman” in the video is Posie Parker, harasser of black women who are BLM, supporter of white supremacists and now. Even though she wants men out of women’s bathrooms, is perfectly fine with men being in women’s bathrooms, as long as they have guns to shoot at trans women with.

Keira Bell, recently “won” a case to stop trans children from getting help to transition. Including medication, and they have to go through the courts FIRST before being able to speak with Doctors or a Therapist. Keira Bell transitioned and regretted it in her early 20’s, which really should have been a red flag. Someone in their early 20’s punishing children, because they regret it? Where does it end. Ironically as well, Keira started at 16, which is the age that teenagers can actually start to go on. So, if she was to do it now, at the same age, she’d still get the same help.

When she won, she did not see a SINGLE trans advocacy person or group. She decided to go and see the people and groups, that are people and groups that are not only transphobic, but anti-gay as well. Should have been the second red flag.

Now this. I’m not exactly sure what she thinks that “Posie Rosie” has done that’s compassionate, or kind. Since I’ve heard about her, all I’ve heard is how she harasses people. And now Rosie Posie, is okay with men in the bathrooms, as long as they have guns and shot trans women, but you know, as a “joke”. Third red flag.

In this same thread, she wrote about how she still uses the men’s restroom, despite saying that women and girls need to be protected. She also writes in this thread about how she doesn’t give into stereotypes. Yet, according to her, as well, if you look manly (but female) you should still use the men’s restroom. Despite there being more than one incident of women, usually butch looking, being kicked out of the women’s bathrooms. Which I believe, if you go by how someone looks, that’s a stereotype? Also how is it protecting women and girls, if they’re too “manly” looking, that means they should go into the men’s restroom. Who according to them are all violent and raping misogynists’? Fourth red flag.

On one hand, I feel sorry for Keira, but on the other hand I don’t. There are lots of people who have issues and mental health issues, that don’t advocate for violence. She clearly has issues.

If you’re not fighting for trans people, and are okay with guns in women’s bathrooms, by the same people that their group keeps saying are the violent ones, and you’re not fighting to keep guns out of WOMEN’s bathroom. There’s only one group of people you’re fighting for, and that’s men, Keira and Posie Rosie Tosser Clown.

If you MUST worship something or someone, make sure they’re kind. That’s all I’ll say.

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I don’t usually post on a weekend, but there has been a situation that came to my attention and it has honestly disturbed me.

Now I get Johnny Depp has been around for years, is nice to look at and the character that he’s played are totally iconic…Does this make him a God, No…Does this make him perfect, Hell no! Who knows, maybe this was an once off incident…Does Amber deserve all the hate she’s been getting?


It disturbs me on a level that all these so called “women” are just hating on her and saying she’s making it up. I did think it was weird that it seemed to happen so quickly and it makes sense to me. It is dangerous all the hate being directed towards Amber Heard. It is completely irresponsible. I believe it’s also part of the reason why Women will never be taken seriously, how can we be? One “woman” I was arguing with had a Photoshop picture of herself with Prince, like a 12 year old. Yet, everyone took her side. What kind of grown ass woman has a Photoshop picture of herself? I used to do that when I was in high school.

How many of these ‘women’ were shocked by Bill Cosby, how many of them blamed the victim. How many of them were heart broken by Rolf Harris and his horrible continuing behaviours towards his victims.

We live in a modern age, it is time we stop worshipping these “celebrities” so much and find someone worthwhile to “worship”. Though I don’t think we should ever worship anyone.