Nearly there …

For those who have been reading me for a while now, know that I am in the process of starting a business. The last couple of weeks I have been setting it up. Oh my goodness, that ideas and suggestions that people have been giving me! I really do need to making money, any way that I can … Except selling my body of course, haha … But that is not completely off the table! Haha

It’s either going to be up at the end of next week, or the week after.


Inspired by my mother, I am going to try and do a video about once a month, about “stuff”. What the purpose of this post though today, is to try and establish what people actually enjoy watching on YouTube. Too be honest with you all, I am not likely to do a make up tutorial, lol. I don’t really wear the stuff. So count that one out. At the moment I’m thinking just my opinions on random thoughts of the moment. Would like to hear though, what people are actually interested in talking about.

Aren’t we all really a Work in Progress, every single day of our lives?

Wooo, that could be a topic!

Please write in the comments below, what you like to hear about? Even if it’s only, what a Aussie thinks of currents situations, or just in general, about other countries.

Sophia Bush