Describe me

What is one word that describes you?

*Warning* Long Post incoming

The “funny” thing is, I have really been thinking about myself this week, haha. I don’t think that I could think of one word. Mainly because I’ve been wondering how I’ve turned out the way I’ve turned out. How am I this person? I am not questioning who I am, I am pretty sure that I know who I am, just…how?

How am I me?

I am pretty different from the rest of my family. I don’t even mean, I am vanilla and they’re all not. I mean I am just different, the way my mind works. A couple of nights ago my mum said something that was just “No one raised you like that”.

For those who don’t know, when you get dementia, it can take a while, but you start to not only lose your memory, but more often than not, the person affected has a complete personality change. My mother is perfectly well aware of this. She made me watch enough videos about it.

So you can only imagine what goes through my head when my mum will call her mother a “liar”. A couple of nights ago my Mum was talking about how she took my Gran out to this new fish and chip place. For some reason, only known to my mother she got my Gran battered fish, my Gran has never liked battered fish. My mother also complained how she “had” to get it, since she asked my Gran what kind of fish my Gran wanted. Even though Gran has never liked battered fish. So my Gran ate so little of it. Here’s the weird thing though, my Mum kept saying how has her mother lied her whole life, and has she actually liked battered fish her whole life. I had to remind her, that my Gran didn’t actually eat the fish. That was her first complaint. From anyone else, I would take that as joke. I just don’t trust my mother.

She also went on about people would accuse her of abuse. As you get older you tend to feel the cold more, and having dementia. So many things forget how to regulate. So my Gran was sitting in the sun with layer after layer. My mother was more concerned about what other people were thinking (she does that a LOT) than trying to create last memories with her mother.

I will be honest here, I don’t know like anyway that my mother treats my Gran, since her dementia diagnosis. She not only calls Gran a liar, a lot. She also gets pissed off at my Gran when someone calls my Gran a liar about one of her stories. My Gran was going around telling everyone that she used to live next door to the Queen, which I thought was cute. My mother complained about how everyone was going to think she’s a liar. WHO CARES?!

On top of which, for some reason, my Mum unblocked her ex-husband of 30 years, after blocking him at the beginning of the year.

As for my Dad, the only thing I have in common with him, is my hypochondria.

No one in my family, has a single ounce of self – awareness. Its just weird. So since I was so surrounded by people with such lack of awareness. How have I turned out so aware?

Did I just find my word? Aware, haha

See? When you write it out and “ground” it. It will all reveal itself.


Watch Your Words

I found out yesterday that one of my brothers closest friends passed away, by their own means. The anti-lgbt was too much for them too handle anymore. You probably wont hear about him on the news or any media outlet. He was just another soul lost in the world.

I’m pretty tired of it really. How many more are going to lose their lives, because bad witches speak. Because bad witches wont shut up. Because bad witches wont think of others, only themselves.

I came off of Twitter, because I couldn’t handle the stupidity anymore. People are REALLY dying though because of the anti-lgb and the anti-trans hate. People are REALLY dying. Real Human Beings are dying, because bad witch lady has an “opinion”. And she wont shut up.

I only know about three of them.

One of the last things that happened to me was someone tried to “bait me” with using the Hogwarts Legacy game. I’ll tell you what I said too them. “Go ahead, waste your money on a game that isn’t even in the top 20 in the first month its out. Thank you for proving, once again, what a weak, cowardly and quiet frankly, pathetic generation we are”.

I never met my brothers friend, but that doesn’t mean his loss is any less than Brianna Ghey’s or Eden Knights. People are actually dying from the bitch who I wont name. I don’t want your forgiveness, when I get mad about her. My anger is completely justified. I don’t understand how people can keep justifying her.

For Brianna, Eden and Liam ❤

Writing Challenge for February 15, 2023 – Marlas Word

Writing Challenge for February 15, 2023

13 Wonderful Words That You’re Not Using (Yet).”

These are (strangely) 14 words on list. These words are:

  1. Biblioklept
  2. Acnestis
  3. Meldrop
  4. Octothrope
  5. Nauseant
  6. Augend
  7. Addend
  8. Obelus
  9. Wrest Pin
  10. Agelast
  11. Amatorculist
  12. Pot-valor
  13. Peristeronic
  14. Hirquiticke

This challenge is to take at least three of these words and write a story, poem, post pictures, doodles, or any other way that you like to express yourself.

Pot-valor –

I feel that light liquid bubble all the way down my throat,

Clear in colour,

Strong on impact.

Tap, tap, tap on the keyboard,

Bigots ala Twitter, watch out!

I’ve had the clear liquid courage.

Beware…Because, I see you, you can’t hide from me!


Right now there’s a “debate” on Twitter over whether or not people can claim a hashtag. Legally, unless a hashtag is your business name, then no you cannot claim a hashtag.

However, morally wise, if a minority group claim a hashtag for their group, or their cause. It’s not a bad idea to be quiet and just listen.


Amatorculist – This one was easy to write about. When I saw what the word meant, I knew something was going to be written.

A little “story” :

If you have ever seen the Sex and the City episode The Catch”. You will understand when I say that I am still suffering from a Amatorculist. My Amatorculist, was the one before my fiancé. When I say that I am still suffering, I don’t mean emotionally or mentally, I literally mean physically.

What to say

Over the night between Thursday and Friday, my aunt passed away.

Before you start to say “I am so sorry for your loss”, here’s what I’m having trouble with.

She was unwell for a long time, and although you know she’s not in pain anymore, it’s still sad. Like, she’s not in pain and that’s happy, but she’s gone so that is sad. It’s not a sudden thing, but it’s still sad.

This is what I mean by I don’t know what to say.

She had some kind of removal quiet a few years ago, I think gall bladder? Unfortunately, her stomach got nicked and she developed septicemia. She did recover from that, which was lucky. Then though, she had a stroke a couple of months later. Which is then, she was put into a home. She might have been able to recover from that, if she had been bothered, but she wasn’t. So she kind of just slowly succumb. She was the youngest person in her home.

When I wrote this on FB, they said that it was good. I don’t know though.

The dumbest

I tell you something, Twitter has some really dumb people on it. The other day a “TERF” wrote and I quote “I refuse to be called a bleeding body…I am woman!”

First thing I thought of was “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

Then I thought, well technically, we’re ALL a bleeding body. At some point, I am like 99.99% percent sure that we’ve bled.

In the end I said to them “Call yourself whatever you want”.

Which brings me to the point of my post. If you could bleed whatever you wanted too…What would you bleed?


I know one lesbian dating a trans woman and a lesbian dating a trans man. How would trans people call themselves lesbian or gay, if they erased those words? How would trans women call themselves women, if they erased that word? The whole “erasing” words make no sense too me.

One, people don’t usually own words, in general. Some businesses and artist own the words of their business/name. Generally we don’t words and words change over the centuries. There was even a time where women had no name, because we were just objects.

And if words have no meaning, and you can’t harm someone with your words as transphobes keep saying every since they found they can be arrested for misgendering trans people. Why do the transphobes, have a problem with the word woman?

What is the most powerful word?

I was inspired to write about this post after dealing with, I am pretty sure right winger on Linkedin. They were replying to a UN post about hate speech being inflammatory and can start problems.

“What is hate speech”. This “person” kept saying just because someone says that they “hate” someone, doesn’t mean they want physically harm too them. They did a lot of writing, without actually saying much, other than it was obvious they had no problem with hate speech. So I told them that, lol.

Oh boy, lol

Then there was a whole heap of insulting towards me and just like “they have valid points”. Which one, no they didn’t. If you don’t, as an adult, don’t know what hate speech is. You either ARE stupid, which is something I was accused of calling someone. Or you need to go back to school. Anyways, I did end up saying something and reminding them that it’s LinkedIn, not Twitter or Quora.

They were acting stupid, but I didn’t say the word “stupid”. Which was funny too me. Mainly because of what I wrote above, and what they wrote too. Even if I called someone stupid, doesn’t mean I want to harm them. So when they accuse me of calling them stupid, go for it, still not hate speech according to them, lol.

Also, it’s funny how they can all mind read each other. Maybe that’s why they think everyone else can do it too? If you say “I hate this group” that group has no idea that you don’t mean them harm. On top of which, I asked them to provide me with examples of Trump, Rowling, Putin and Hitler saying they hate the people we all know they do. They couldn’t, of course.

Hate Speech is simply this:

This is what the UN posted on LinkedIn

I guess the biggest irony is, of course and always that in the entirety of what they were writing. Every single person who “had a go” at me. Was being indifferent and were writing ignorantly of what hate speech is. They all know what hate speech is.

I would love to hear though, what you think is or are the most powerful words?

The thing that “scared” me the most about that conversation, were the supposed careers of the people I was having a conversation with. One was a language mentor, one was a prevention crime analyst and called themselves a “Peace Officer” The one who “asked” the UN “what is hate speech” is a Security & Defence Consultant, Analyst, Middle East and Africa.


I was talking to an American friend earlier this week and we were talking role playing, and I said I don’t want to role play online with characters that require “rumpy pumpy”, and they couldn’t stop laughing! They had never heard the term before.

Rumpy Pumpy basically means, making sweet love.

What is a word you say that may be either made up or something you say that people may not have heard about?

Thursday Theories – Oh, I can call you worse than bigot

If you read my post on Monday, this sort of is a run on from that. So The Times, instead of posting about that on their front page. Decided instead to run a anti-LGBTQIA story with everyone’s “favourite” transphobe, Rosie Duffield. She declined to attend Labour’s conference, after being worried that she would get “told off” for her anti-trans views and words. The Times decided to calling trans people and their allies, trans extremists.

Fun Times, also, everyone should stop buying The Times.

So this one person, who just decided to ignore the truth. Were calling people like me, a violent misogynists, because we were calling out Duffield’s bigotry and calling her a bigot. Before they blocked me, I said to them that women like her are the problem with the UK.

Believe me dear, I could call Rosie Duffield worse words than a bigot, here are a few:


Degrading to women


Pathetic (Seriously, can you imagine MLKjr just not turning up, in case he got told off)


No Shower

A Patriarchy Protector



I’ve had rape wished on me (by a large account that Rowling followed) called a groomer and a pedophile





I know I’m in the right #Transisbeautiful Can you imagine MLKjr just not “showing up” Because he might get told off? Rosie Duffield is no MLKJr. That’s for sure.

What I would like to know, is you do have any words or terms that are may be a little more funny, but still “insulting” I spent the rest of that night, dealing out William Shakespeare insults…and it was a lot of fun!

“More of your conversation would infect my brain.”

Coriolanus (Act 2, Scene 1)