International Women’s Day

This entire month is dedicated to women. However the 8th of March is International Women’s Day.

So 8 = 8 … I would like to share 8 inspiring women. Well who I find inspiring. Clearly this is not a full list, but 8=8.

Again, in no particular order.

  • Dominique Jackson 
aka Mother
  • Maya Angelou
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Agatha Christie
  • My Gran
And who is that cute bub with her?

And I’ve just realised that most of these women, are dead…Hahahaha

I was going to write a whole paragraph for each one, but you know something?


I am a lunatic =D

You know I don’t the transphobes took a day off on Christmas or New Years.

Me being a cis woman, is not an attack.

I know that I have written about this before, we are ALL subsets. Women and Men. According to bigots, correctly or accurately describing people as who they are, makes us “loons”. We are ALL subsets. I wouldn’t call myself a black woman or an Asian woman, neither would I call myself a tall woman. Cis and trans is SO simple, it’s not complicated, it’s not difficult. It is not rocket science, #cisandtranswomenAREjustwomen. We’re ALL “just” women.

For the matters of debate though, we need to know who we’re talking with. As I said before I would not call myself a black woman, because even medically health wise. I have done the research, and black women are much more likely to get a heart attack, than me. I get so tired of explaining this. Apart from it being racially wrong. Black, Asian and White women all have developed differently, we are all women, but we’re all different too…

What Black Women Should Know About Heart Disease – Marwah Abdalla, MD, MPH, is assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

From the moment we are born, we are a subset.

I actually said to one woman. “You are a subset of women, because you are a stupid woman.” It felt good, lol

They were all like “Yeah, you’ve too be really careful with your language with these people, the Ukraine flag and pronouns in the bio, with purple hair”. Yes, because describing people with the correct terms, which they even acknowledged is in Latin, make us loons, and them not stupid, AT ALL. I did remind them we can call them trans, if they’d like too. Since you know, they think we’re the stupid ones.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Stop misrepresenting us as “weak little things” It’s demeaning and not right.

If you’re a pregnant person, why are you risking yourself becoming arrested? Stop USING your baby as a way to get out of crime. It’s disgusting’s it’s beneath us. If you want to fight for something, or commit a crime. Know that you have the potential to be arrested! This isn’t THAT difficult.

A couple of years ago, we had two “mothers” get off with nearly killing two ambulance workers. Because, they’re “mothers”.

It was disgusting, and there was such a public outcry. One of them had to retire, and the other ambulance driver has PTSD.

It’s pathetic ladies, it truly is.

We also had an anti-vaxxer, arrested for organizing an dis-information parade. All of them outrage “She’s pregnant” SO WHAT! She knew perfectly well what might happen. Didn’t stop her. She doesn’t care about her baby, or others lives. I do, so so what. There were a LOT of children used here by their parents to not be “arrested” at the dis-information parades. It was pretty gross.

Don’t do the crime, if you don’t want to do the time. We’re in 2022 ladies, you want equal rights? That includes being charged with a crime, if you commit one. Pregnant or mother

I don’t see a lot of these people saying new Fathers should be let out of jail. Why is that?

I choose, when/if I become pregnant, I will not be participating in any protests. Even if I choose to be peaceful at a protest, there’s no guarantee that one, the police, in all their power, arrest me, because I would be an easy target. Two, it wouldn’t turn violent. You can’t guarantee that, that although YOU maybe peaceful, that it would stay that way.

I don’t “get” transphobia

I admit it, I don’t get it. Too an extent, I understand and I do not understand, Trump and racism and general bigotry.

I guess I don’t understand transphobia because cis women and trans people tend to go through the same things, at the same time. We have so much in common with each other. Mainly that we are “kicked down” by the patriarchy. So why are these, mainly women, trying to kick both trans and cis people down?

Like Trumps an idiot, whose only in it for himself. Racists, are scared of their own shadows. And yet, transphobia makes no sense, except if maybe you’re a white man who is a bigot, like Trump. I get Trump’s transphobia, it’s Trump. I don’t get these “grown” women who are so hateful towards the trans community. We have walked side by side for many centuries with them. I REALLY don’t get why transphobic women are SO hateful towards trans supportive cis women.

Older religions than Christianity did, Witches do, a lot of matriarchal societies do.

Its something that will continue to bug me. It’s also why I keep saying that women cannot have nice things, we cannot rise against the Patriarchy.

Thursday Theories – Women who Harm

Despite what some may say, Women can kill and women absolutely can be predators. Being a certain “sex” doesn’t stop this.

All these women have either a)killed children, b)raped children or c)rape adults.

Sexual victimization perpetrated by women: Federal data reveal surprising prevalence

It doesn’t surprise myself that female predators being reported are on the rise. We are SLOWLY…very so slowly, starting to actually listen to victims.


Yesterday was actually a pretty lovely day, in terms of cis people FINALLY coming to the defense of trans youth.

Like, really big names did, and I would like to share them with you =D

The first is my very favourite

Wonder Fraking Woman! AKA Lynda Carter

Jamie Lee Curtis…Did she you know she has a child that is trans gender? I did not know that.

The Great Feminist!

What actually happened…

*big sigh* So yesterday, Rowling didn’t just let the mask slip, she went full Emperor naked. She harassed Nicola Sturgeon, the female Prime Minister of Scotland. She also spent the day harassing women, including accounts that had 300 or less followers.

In the meanwhile…Good things actually did happen!

Look up Gender Pay Gap Bot for a start, lol

A working group produced a groundbreaking report for a Misogyny Bill for Scotland.

Of course the usual suspects said nothing, lol

This also happened…

International Women’s Day

Before I start this, I clearly include ALL women in this.

Each year IWD is given a theme, which often relates to contemporary events, trends and struggles. This year the focus is on ‘breaking the bias‘. Which is so cool, and I do wonder if it has something to do with the hatred that the trans community has been experiencing.

International Women’s Day

As I was writing:

“Courageous feminism means no woman must be left behind – and that means trans women too” Karen Price ; The Guardian (Australia) Sat 5 Mar 2022 06.00 AEDT

Also, I freaking just hate Rowling. Not even sorry, I just hate her. She gives women every a bad name.

What I would like to know is, who are your inspirational women? #IWD2022

I would say that I am inspired by a lot of the women in my family. In all honesty (mainly my mums side). My great grandfather, missed a part of her leg from polio, but not one ever considered her disabled. She had a child out of wedlock and never pretended her was her “younger” brother. My grandmother taught me about Reiki, Tarot meditation. She travelled overseas and backpacked by herself, in her 50’s and helped people with AIDS/HIV. My mum, brought up my brother and I with pretty much no help from my Dad.

Every other I admire, is just a little bit extra.

And I know myself doing “Twitter” isn’t enough.

Also I got my booster done, and I am doing well! My arm hurts like a …

What do you do for Women?

I ask this question, because it’s coming up more and more in relation to Rowling, and what HAS she actually done.

Well, not that much actually.

Recently she donated some money to a women’s center, because of COVID. It’s only taken her over two years to remember there’s a COVID virus, I guess spreading all that bigotry makes you forget things like a global virus for more than two years.

The biggest reason this has been being brought up, is because in hindsight she hasn’t really done anything for women. Even when it comes to women or men in her own life, unless they agree with her, of course. She actually blocked Stephen King for saying that trans women are women.

One person, brought up that she donated a million dollars to somewhere “womanly” lol. When we started to break it down though, it was no different to someone working full time for us ordinary folk, donating $40 to a charity a month. SHE’S A FREAKING BILLIONARIE PEOPLE!

The woman could have a chain of domestic and rape center’s for just females, but no, she just let’s her minions continue to harass them instead. That’s not very “for women” is it? You can by the way, you can have female and male only domestic and rape crisis center’s. Too credit them two transphobic people have tried to raise money for female centre’s, for some reason (like I really don’t know why) other transphobic people shout them down. That whole thing is just odd.

So, on here a list of some of the issues that have come up:

  • Sending Marilyn Manson a huge bunch of red roses around the time he was starting to be accused of abuse.
  • Rowling’s studio sacked a pregnant actor, for being pregnant. The actor sued and won. Rowling was silent.
  • The ONLY thing Rowling said about Depp was that she didn’t choose to hire him…What does that even mean?
  • Kevin Guthrie, an actor on Fantastic Beasts was arrested and jailed for sexual assault. Rowling was silent.
  • She has yet to say anything about the racism that “Cho Chang” actress Katie Leung faced, with Rowling’s own lazy racism.
  • Her big hero Magdalen Berns, isn’t just anti-trans. Burns was also anti (and very openly) semantic as well. She was also VERY degrading to women who did not agree with her. She was just a terrible human being.

When I think of someone, say, Dr Ford. The Dr who stood up to her attacker. She knew that she would most likely lose, but she still fronted up and talked. She stood up to her attacker who was about to be made a Supreme Court Judge and has a HUGE power over the control of other’s bodies. Unlike Rowling who talks about her attacks from cis males, and yet blames trans people.

Be like Dr Ford, NOT Rowling.

You can have a say here (until the 4th of Feb).