I am Woke

And ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Do I get things wrong? Sure.

Still Woke though.

So too me, being “Woke” also is another way of saying you’re awake. ie being awake to injustices, rather than asleep or blind too them.

So why do those on the Right and Conservatives, say “woke” like it’s a bad thing?

It’s kind of like when Trump Supporters would (and still do) call Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” … I’m sorry, what’s the problem with being able to sleep, rather than staying up too all hours madly tweeting away?


How woke are you?

First off, I hope this is not offensive…But I’d rather be “woke” than “blind”!

How woke do you think you are though?

I realised how I’m not ‘woke’ woke the other day, when I couldn’t help but laugh at a article. Too being with, I got where this person was coming from, but even this was a little too “woke” for myself. I also believe though, if you really don’t like something, don’t watch it, don’t talk about it, don’t give it a voice. Instead, create what you want instead.

In Australia, we have a children’s program called “Bluey”…

Bluey is a Blue Australian Cattle Cartoon talking dog…I don’t know really know much else about the show, other than that and that it is really popular.

So a journalist came out to say that Bluey wasn’t diverse enough for children. Like I was saying before, I’m all for diversity, but Bluey is pretty set up now and is still a popular show, that doesn’t harm children in the negative. It also generally runs for only 7 minutes. I’m not exactly sure what this journalist was trying to do. But of course if you said anything, you were being racists (the journalists is Asian) and you’re a bigot.

Which is clearly silly.

I guess it’s with anything that swings too far either way, people get silly.

So I’m “woke”, but I’m not woke woke I guess, haha

Why though?

I would love to know WHY it takes posting something Nazi related is what makes people FINALLY take action against hateful people? Generally posting something Nazism isn’t the only or first hateful thing they’ve done. So why? Why are people allowed to get there in the first place?

There are SO many people and organizations that just need to be shut down, and I strongly believe it’s because they’re not stupid enough to post anything “Nazi”, that they’re still running. A hate group, is STILL a hate group though. Being a Nazi, or being a Nazi sympathizer, doesn’t mean you still can’t be hateful.

I know Nazism is the ultimate mortal evil, but come on! It’s like that saying “They didn’t start with gas chambers”...and it’s true.

We have a “celebrity chef” here in Australia, called Pete Evans, and I never clicked with him. He’s into paleo, he was always giving bad advice about it. Then he steadily just gave out more and more weird advice. While getting…what are they called…those injections you put in your forehead. Then he was let go from a tv show, because he was really giving bad food and eating advice on the side. Then during covid19 he “produced” a crystal machine that was worth OVER $5000! Australian dollars, to get rid of COVID. Then he started to just fall down the whole Bill Gate is putting 5G chips in our heads to give us cancer. Still NO ONE was dropping him. He was still bringing out health and cook books. Then was added to “I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here.”


He posted a Nazi caterpillar, who turns into (I believe) it’s called a black sun Butterfly picture.

That’s when he started to get dropped, from everything. How on earth, he was STILL getting all these great deals to begin with! Is beyond me! He should have never HAD all these deals.

That’s what I mean though, absolutely no one was shocked by his slow progression. It was out there for all to see, but WHY the media seemed to be shocked that’s where he was headed, beyond us all. It’s kind of the same thing with Trump really, how no one could see that coming…Even with the transphobic people in the UK. Every single female GC or TERF “leader”, are either homophobic already, or are Trump supporters.


I thought that this week I would write about Napping, is it good, is it bad, are there any benefits whatsoever? I felt like we needed, well I, needed to look further into this because lately I have been napping badly. By that I mean, every time I’ve taken a nap recently, I’ve felt worse when I’ve woken up.

Napping – Sleep Health Foundation

This is what I get from when I’ve been napping lately:

  • Usually a headache
  • Back ache
  • Sometimes I feel more tired and worse than when I want to sleep.