Wicked Games

I think that I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t mind Religion. In the right hands, it’s actually really great! In the wrong hands however…

My Aunt…


I’m sure she means well and just doesn’t want us to go to Hell, but the way she goes about it is…Different.

So you all know how I like to fight for trans people, right? Well my mum told me that I got a package from my Aunt, and my mum thought it was a Bible. I was sitting there thinking “What did I do?”lol

Mum had to mention the “trans things” lol…I said “let’s take it for now that it’s about Travie”.

When I opened it, it wasn’t quiet a Bible. As my Aunt wrote a “lots of sayings to bring me back to God. That she uses when she’s lost” … I had a little bit of a giggle, I still think that it’s about me fighting with/for trans people. However, when I wrote to her. I thanked her for sending it too me, I had been very lost since we lost Travie (insert me cracking up laughing here). They were very lovely passages and they should help me with the lost of Travie, hehe

I am like 100% sure Travie wouldn’t have minded. I wrote that to her nearly a week ago, still no word, lol … I don’t think she thought of that, lol.

She sent one to my cousin, when he came out as gay. No idea about my brother, he wouldn’t tell us and blow it off. The thing is, my Aunt, that family, are absolutely lovely, except for this one little thing. My Uncle had a breakdown a few years ago, because of my Gran (his mum), his sister (my mum) and I, all doing Reiki and Tarot.