Your Why

The-Journey-is-the-Destination2Nurturing Thursday – Your Why

Don’t start for anybody, start for yourself. Start because its’ what your heart is telling you to do. You might be scared, you might be unsure…Just start! Whatever reason it is to keep you going…Just start!


52 Weeks Grateful Challenge … Week 1

1. Why start this challenge?

I feel like I have a lot to be grateful for, but last year was such a downer and I’ve mentioned that a lot of the run up that was happening in 2016, but the real stuff was going to be happening in 2017 (Trump is now President, Brexit, etc). 2017 seems like a really scary year. Even though I am neither American or British. A lot of these changes are going to be affecting my country, Australia.

I’m mainly starting this Challenge, to constantly remind myself of everything that I have to be grateful for. Which I hope will help during those tough days. I find sometimes writing down and getting out it there, can “ground” the thought. I think it would also be nice to look back during the year and reflect.

As mentioned on my page for this category, I wont be doing this on a particular day either, I’ll be doing it when I feel like I need to do it…So please just keep an eye out for it ~.^

So, let’s chat

Tell me about you

So, lets chat some time, over coffee maybe?

(No really, let’s chat some time)

*Please feel free to do this!*

As my Blog is expanding, it occurred to me that not too many of my readers know that much about myself. So I have found some questions, ones that I think are a good lucky top 7, so that you can get to know me a little better.

1. Are you named after anyone?

I am! I am named after the Hollywood Golden Age actress “Lauren Bacall

2. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Honestly, the first thing I notice is their hair or what they may be wearing. It depends what stands out more at the time. I have noticed an increase in people getting crazy and more creative with the colour that runs through their hair and sometimes it can be with amazing results!

3. When was the last time you cried?

I have cried several times over the last week, but before that it honestly has been such a long time since I cried. I have a major frustration going on right now and it is affecting everything else in my life, but I have no control over it. I have been getting considerably less hours at work, which then, if I’m not getting paid, affects lots of other things. What’s making me the angriest is that it is clear “favourites” are being played in the situation here. It’s affecting my confidence badly as well. It upsets me because I work my butt off.

4. What’s your favourite cereal?

I don’t actually eat a lot of cereal for breakfast. I don’t usually have breakfast, other than a cup of coffee (I know, it’s bad!) Sometimes I will make myself a smoothie! If I do have cereal in my cupboards though it’s usually because I eat it throughout the day, kind of like a snack.

5. Can you cook?

I can, but it’s like my situation at work…No one believes in me. I can definitely cook though and every now and then I’ll get creative and experiment. I’m just not that “into” cooking. My major problem is everyone around me doesn’t like how slow I am, and like to point out every time I do something wrong. It definitely doesn’t help. Other people will literally will just grab whatever is in my hand and take over…But then tell me I don’t know how to cook.

6. How do you want people to feel when they read your words?

I hope when people read my words a sense of joy and hope. Even if my post is not a positive one. I believe every day we learn a new lesson, not just learn something new, but also a new lesson. Even if it’s something really small.

7. What does the meaning of this life, mean to you?

To me the meaning of life is to have as happy one as you, no matter the circumstances. Every body on this planet has a different story to tell. We’re kind of like snowflakes really, no two are the same.

*Please feel free to do this!*