Magic Mondays

I swear I had the weirdest weekend.

Like nothing out of the ordinary happened, but it was just weird…Do you know what I mean?

When I got my vaccine jab, I thought it might be a bit of a slow weekend, and the Friday night was, Saturday was…I slept in for a long time on the Sunday, as, because of my own anxieties I hadn’t slept well on the Friday. Sunday went fast, even on a day where if I had slept a long time, it was fast. I went to cook dinner, and the rice cooked fast, so then I had to cook the rest of it, I walked away to visit the loos. When I got back, it was all nearly burnt.

One pair of scissors has just disappeared. I found my sneakers in the back room, with NO clue how they got there. I know that the vaccine did ‘upset’ my body, as I expected it too. But when I saw the sneakers with no idea why they were in the back room. I didn’t think I was THAT bad, lol … Like I, jokingly, accused my partner of trying to mess with me.

You know, I think I just honestly remembered. When I got back from the jab. After a couple of hours, and realising I was doing okay. I thought I’d do a bit of gardening!!!! The weather was really beautiful! Ahh!!! Ahaha! After about a hour or so, I was starting to get tired. So I went into the back room, which looks out into the whole back yard, and I sat down. I must have taken them off then, why I didn’t take them to the bedroom, when I would have walked down to my room to slip into slippers…I don’t know, lol

I was happy, but not quiet right as well. The cat stepped on my vaccine jab, and after two days I can lift my arm a little bit more. The first night I had to get my partner to undo my bra, haha.

However, last week I discovered that I am now 70kgs, which is 154 pounds, 11 tonnes (I think). Which was depressing to me, because I don’t feel like I’m 70, lol. Up until the day I got my jab, I couldn’t think how was I going to change anything. It is partly to do with the medications that I’m on, that I can eat a lot. I never used to, and the food I did eat, was fruit or vegetable. I used to be able to make a packets of chips last a week, now they don’t last a hour, lol.

This weekend, including the day I got the jab, I’ve not done this. Like I ate things “as a treat”, but I couldn’t eat them all, and lord knows, I tried, lol. Is it possible that the vaccine has (hopefully) suppressed my appetite a little? I can still eat and enjoy eating still, I just can’t seem to eat as much.

Early Grayce

When a weekend becomes a long weekend

I have to start off with apology, I haven’t been very interactive this weekend. I will say that I’m going to try and go over your posts from this weekend, but I can’t make any promises.

This weekend, have been a really weird one. My baby brother was able to finally come over from his state to ours, and we met his really lovely partner. However, Sydney’s COVID has really taken off, and not in a good way. Neither myself or my brother live in Sydney, but we do have family in Sydney. Today over 600 healthcare workers are now in quarantine.

What is frustrating about the Sydney/NSW situation. Since the beginning of COVID. NSW/Sydney leaders, news “journalists”, media personalities from VICTORIA, including Government in Canberra. Have been putting down Victoria and Melbourne, they’ve literally been calling NSW the “Gold Star” standard and they even said that the NSW state leader “saved” Australia. All these people are now starting to delete their tweets, but we wont forget. Once you tweets, it’s out there. They can’t delete the whole “the woman who saved Australia” (from what we still don’t actually know) because that was a whole news, front cover page.

Also, this weekend, I realise how bad my Gran’s dementia has gotten and how bad it is. This is a woman who went overseas to America, to help AIDS and HIV victims, during that pandemic. She then travelled America, in her 50’s alone. She run two libraries, watching over one when they had to move locations. She just knew things, she attuned me to do Reiki … Too scared to be alone in her home for over 10 years. It sad and really weird.

Seriously, I would still prefer cancer over dementia/Alzheimer. What makes it extra frustrating, if you go and talk to her, she seems fine. She can still speak eloquently still, so trying to get a stranger to see that, trying to convince people she needs help, they just don’t believe you, lol. Even her health is fine, her blood tests are good, she’s still got good bone density, and she’s in her 80’s. Yet, she’s constantly calling my mum and my Aunt, and my Uncle’s partner (who lives in Sydney) and she’s crying. I’ve started calling her to give my mum and aunt a break, and I’m thinking of staying a few days.

The biggest problem, is she lives far away, and I don’t drive. Once I leave, she’ll forget I was there. But I would be doing it for my mum and Aunt. Too give them a break. When someone’s there, she’s fine. At the same time though, when she’s had no visitors over that day, that’s when she seems to get lonely and upset? It’s almost like her mind remembers someone was there, but she’s all alone again, and then gets up. Whereas, when she’s had no one over that day, it’s like everything is normal. Well “normal” for her.

Then, my cousins partner had a fall, and when she woke up she couldn’t remember short term stuff. She has three youngish children. 13 and under.

This all happened on the weekend my brother came over and we meet his new partner. His new partner is completely lovely though, and he went through something similar with his own Nan. Which is what got me thinking about staying with her for a few days. She’ll forget I was there, the moment I step out the door. It’s more about me being there, so she’s not so lonely. So she’s not constantly ringing people.

Today’s the day the Teddy bears have their picnic

My name is Olaf and I like warm hugs

Well this weekend has not turned out how I expected it too at all…My first weekend in nearly two months with no set weekend work…My Dad is suddenly is hospital and now I’m waiting too see which hospital I’m supposed to go…Oh…TAKE YOUR CHOLESTEROL MEDICINE! This weekend though has Teddy Bear day and there are some great causes going around!

I am in no way getting paid by these companies by promoting them, but I’d have no problem getting paid in teddy bears either!lol

  • Teddy Bear Day will always be held on September the 9th.

Too all my American readers, stay safe! It’s so completely terrifying what is going on there!


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It’s finally starting to feel like Spring is finally becoming upon us! Apparently as well the first calendar day of Spring isn’t necessarily the “first day of Spring”.

The last two days have been sunny from morning to evening, although the air is very chilled still…

So what is happening this weekend?

Well the big news that down under we have Fathers Day on Sunday the 3rd of September. So please don’t be alarmed if you suddenly see all these Fathers Days posts all over the place, it’s probably not happening in your country, just some. I am actually celebrating Fathers Day on the Saturday, because I’m working on the Sunday -.- That wasn’t my fault and I honestly thought that my Dad wasn’t going to come down until his birthday (he lives about a three hour drive away) which is at the end of September.

What a weekend!

I promised more posts on the weekend and what a weekend it is turning out to be!…and it’s only Saturday morning…well…as I write this it is =P You will all be getting this in the evening, just because SO much has been happening!

First can I say to anyone who read this and is a Texas reader, though I am sure there are far more important things to worry about than my little blog…I hope you are all safe and that the damage is not too great! I will say that I’m praying for you, because I feel…apart from good hope…it’s all I can do.

Second, it is International Appreciation Dog...My little bundle of fluff, actually had to go to the Vets yesterday and get a few teeth out. She was very sleepy, but she’s doing great. She hasn’t had to go under at the Vets, very often…So there are a lot of nerves whenever she does. Although my little bundle of love isn’t an “official” therapy dog, she has probably been the most helpful when it comes to my anxiety…and she will never even know!

2017-06-16 14.14.42.jpg

I refuse to talk about what’s happening in the WH house though. Though a lot is going on. Where does one even begin with that?

The other bad bad news, I have to work tomorrow after only getting one day off and then working for another 5 days…So far looks like I’ll be getting two days off next weekend though =D I need a holiday!

“Days” happening this weekend

  • World Elephant Day (12th of August

About – World Elephant Day  

Elephants what can I say about them, the term “gentle giants” come instantly to mind. It breaks my heart every single time I hear about an elephant, young or old, they are sweetest animals ever. They are very much up there with Dogs, when I think about kindness. As much as I love Lions, elephants are on such a rapid decline and they deserve our protection. It’s the least that we can do.

Other elephants related things:

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult (Good Book!)

  • Love Your Bookshop Day (12th of August)

Please show your favourite bookshop some love and spread the love around ❤



  • International Left Hand Day (13th of August)


Baby Elephant discovering Trunk

Party Time! TGIF!

This weekend is going to be a big party weekend and I cannot remember when the last time I had such a full on weekend…Wish me luck!


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