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I am clearly not paying attention to my scheduling.

What a mid term that is/was…Some places it’s not over yet.


This is all an opinion, and from an Australian perspective.

Overall, and at the time I am writing this (South Australian time Thursday 9/11/2022 9:34pm) I am happy, but not like ecstatic. There are no waves either way, the Democrats have done well, apparently the best mid-term for any Democratic President.

I get Florida, but if you have to cheat to win, have you won? Really? That’s the only comfort I’m taking about that.

The one that got me the most was Herschel Walker, how ANYONE can vote for him. Is beyond me! At this point I don’t know if he’s going to win or not. BUT, the closeness should not be! The paid for abortions is not even what’s getting too me. It’s that Warnock has dedicated his entire life to the Church. An actual CHURCH person. All because Walker has (R) next to his name. That is pathetic. That one situation demonstrates a huge reason why America is the way it is.

Apart from like the gerrymandering, voting terrible human beings in, lol

So the good news, I am SO happy that Fetterman won! And against a “Dr”. Fetterman absolutely deserved that win.

I am going to be honest with you folks. I actually went off Stacy Abram. She made a post about protecting the police more. I don’t know if it was just a “political” move, but neither do I care. Don’t do that!

Overall happy, but it showed WHY too many flaws about the whole American voting system.

And apparently, more of Gen Z voted, and they, by majority, voted Democrats. No wonder “boomers” detest them so much.


My State Elections!

Oh my goodness readers, today if my State Elections!

I’m not actually sure if I’m allowed to write here who I’m voting for. So currently we have the Liberals Leader Steven Marshall, he’s not too bad for a Liberal (think American Republican and the Tories) He’s not that bad, unfortunately, the opposition leader Peter Malinauskas is just that little better.

I kind of just gave away who I’m voting for, didn’t I? lol

There was actually sometime really good that Steven Marshall did. I just can’t remember what it was, 100% It had something to do with being a member of the Liberal Party, you actually have pay a fee and to do something…I think. The biggest mistake that he made was taking health services, thinking bringing it back was a good thing. Listening to Scott Morrison and opening borders up earlier and putting money towards a basketball stadium instead of hospitals and ambulance services. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had 5 people die because they were waiting for ambulances.

Basketball stadium vs ambulances getting to you, so you don’t die.

It’s not really a competition.

Most people that have been complaining about “Where is PM getting the money for more ambulance” Never thought to ask “Where’s Steven Marshall getting the money for a basketball stadium?”

Are Republicans really auditing in states they won?

Like I said in a post last week, Trump Supporters are incredibly dumb, haha

Nothing to do with that post, but I had a response last week from a TS. What caught my attention though was when they said that because Pennsylvania, they’re going to do a audit in Texas…Because? Trump/Republicans won in Texas? Didn’t they?

Now from what I’ve seen the Arizona audit found only about 180 votes that were potentially “dodge-city” and that’s been the same result every time. Arizona have now done 4 (that’s four) audits. In Pennsylvania, there’s only one “law” maker who insists on a total re-haul, despite audits. So why would you even bother in Texas, where Trump actually won? Do I believe it? I do actually. I’m not looking this one up though, because I don’t want to know that Texas are spending tax payers on a audit, in a state where Trump actually won.

Pennsylvania voters are wise to Mastriano’s shell game. A majority of Pennsylvanians believe Biden fairly won the election. These numbers reveal the ugly truth about the Pennsylvania fraudit: This is about Mastriano and his audience of one, not the voters.

The proposed Pennsylvania fraudit comes down to this: A deeply partisan politician is pushing for an audit that is as unnecessary as it is wasteful. And it will cost Pennsylvanians more than money; it will cost trust in the fabric of our democratic system.

Other Voices: Pennsylvania should re­sist elec­tion au­dit ef­forts Pittsburgh Post Gazette

OLIVIA TROYE August 15th 2021

Olivia Troye is a former career intelligence professional who served as Vice President Mike Pence’s homeland security and counterterrorism adviser. She is now director of the Republican Accountability Project and Republicans for Voting Rights.

First Published August 15, 2021, 8:00pm

What did they actually think they were voting for?

I came across a meme from a Trump supporter, I’ve posted it below and this is exactly what I wrote back to them underneath.

70 million

If he is, America is doomed. Did you just not care what he did before he was running? How many times he was sued for discrimination, stiffing his workers. Trumps charity was just shut down due to illegally funding. If that’s all of you…Wow, when did you all lose your souls?

That’s a genuine question by the way. Like, if you’re saying that’s all of you. How do you not get why we don’t like you? That you all don’t follow the Law, that you’re all just racist, sexists pigs? How many affairs do you allow your husband/s to have?

That you’re all just emotional twitter fanatics, who get upset by 16 year old children…Children who just want to help the planet you live on. Rather than sitting inside all day, doing drug, playing computer games. A child old enough to be your grandchild. That’s who you all are?

…I got blocked,lol

You have to ‘show up’ Australia Votes!

I actually wrote this a while ago, but I didn’t want to write it during my birthday month. I also thought it’d be appropriate to write this on the day #AustraliaVotes

I was having a conversation with someone about why Trump was voted in…Other than Russia and I have my own “theory” behind it as well. Too me it’s because ‘crazy’ people are committed. They WILL show up, they don’t care about if Trump was perfect or not. He emboldened their bigoted ways, that is all they cared about. Whereas the more ‘sane’ people went the Democrats weren’t 100% perfect, so nope, not voting at all.

So, really…whose more “crazy” lol

I remember watching a bit with John Oliver and talking about how the NRA at one point were just getting all these crazy gun laws through, because NRA members would show up to the meetings. They were an well-oiled machine, they would advertise the town hall meetings and what the bill that they wanted pass was called. John Oliver pointed out that the NRA doesn’t have that many members, its just that they were showing to the meetings. In fact, there was a gym franchise that has more members than the NRA. You can see the difference now with groups like Moms Demand showing up and getting sensible gun laws passed.

Martin Luther King, Gandhi…All these people who showed up, they made their physical presence known. Showing up made a difference.

Sometimes tweeting on Twitter isn’t enough.

It’s why I beg with Americans, even if your favourite Democrat or Independent doesn’t get a running at the Presidency. As long as the person who is running for the Presidency is a decent person, please vote for them. Please don’t just go “Nope, not voting”.  Show up and vote! It’s one of the things that I do like about Australia, we HAVE to vote.

Please don’t feed the trolls!

I’m not sure how much you’ve heard, but here “Down Under” we have a very important postal vote coming out to try and get same-sex marriage equality…Even though most other countries just seem to “get it”.

Unfortunately what also goes with that is the “Trolls”…Sooooooooo many Trolls…You can’t imagine the Trolls…This is probably the best advice, you HAVE to ignore them! Some of them can get really nasty, but you can delete, block and get moving…

The BEST thing you can do is to get out there…vote…Advocate all the Yes’s that you can!

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