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I am clearly not paying attention to my scheduling.

What a mid term that is/was…Some places it’s not over yet.


This is all an opinion, and from an Australian perspective.

Overall, and at the time I am writing this (South Australian time Thursday 9/11/2022 9:34pm) I am happy, but not like ecstatic. There are no waves either way, the Democrats have done well, apparently the best mid-term for any Democratic President.

I get Florida, but if you have to cheat to win, have you won? Really? That’s the only comfort I’m taking about that.

The one that got me the most was Herschel Walker, how ANYONE can vote for him. Is beyond me! At this point I don’t know if he’s going to win or not. BUT, the closeness should not be! The paid for abortions is not even what’s getting too me. It’s that Warnock has dedicated his entire life to the Church. An actual CHURCH person. All because Walker has (R) next to his name. That is pathetic. That one situation demonstrates a huge reason why America is the way it is.

Apart from like the gerrymandering, voting terrible human beings in, lol

So the good news, I am SO happy that Fetterman won! And against a “Dr”. Fetterman absolutely deserved that win.

I am going to be honest with you folks. I actually went off Stacy Abram. She made a post about protecting the police more. I don’t know if it was just a “political” move, but neither do I care. Don’t do that!

Overall happy, but it showed WHY too many flaws about the whole American voting system.

And apparently, more of Gen Z voted, and they, by majority, voted Democrats. No wonder “boomers” detest them so much.


Do you love your country?

As the article below indicates, do you all remember the Trump Supporters storming the Capitol. About 10% of them … DIDN’T EVEN VOTE!

‘You’re a moron’: Records reveal disturbing finding among Capitol rioters

I don’t think it’s disturbing, persay, but it’s annoying as heck.

I wonder about a lot of people. I’ve got a Aunt and Uncle, from the same family, moved here from England with their family and have never once gone back. Every single one of the rest of us, have. Yet, they’ll complain about Australia and go on about how great the UK is. So why don’t they just go back?

You have to ‘show up’ Australia Votes!

I actually wrote this a while ago, but I didn’t want to write it during my birthday month. I also thought it’d be appropriate to write this on the day #AustraliaVotes

I was having a conversation with someone about why Trump was voted in…Other than Russia and I have my own “theory” behind it as well. Too me it’s because ‘crazy’ people are committed. They WILL show up, they don’t care about if Trump was perfect or not. He emboldened their bigoted ways, that is all they cared about. Whereas the more ‘sane’ people went the Democrats weren’t 100% perfect, so nope, not voting at all.

So, really…whose more “crazy” lol

I remember watching a bit with John Oliver and talking about how the NRA at one point were just getting all these crazy gun laws through, because NRA members would show up to the meetings. They were an well-oiled machine, they would advertise the town hall meetings and what the bill that they wanted pass was called. John Oliver pointed out that the NRA doesn’t have that many members, its just that they were showing to the meetings. In fact, there was a gym franchise that has more members than the NRA. You can see the difference now with groups like Moms Demand showing up and getting sensible gun laws passed.

Martin Luther King, Gandhi…All these people who showed up, they made their physical presence known. Showing up made a difference.

Sometimes tweeting on Twitter isn’t enough.

It’s why I beg with Americans, even if your favourite Democrat or Independent doesn’t get a running at the Presidency. As long as the person who is running for the Presidency is a decent person, please vote for them. Please don’t just go “Nope, not voting”.  Show up and vote! It’s one of the things that I do like about Australia, we HAVE to vote.

Yes or No

I promise this is going to be my last Same Sex Marriage post, mainly because I think by now people have their minds pretty set. Guess What…Whether you agree with someone or not, they have a right to say what they think. We don’t actually have “Freedom of Speech” in Australia, we have an implied right to political speech.

Basically whether or not you agree with the other side, they have a right to say what they want, but you also have to accept the consequences of those actions. A lot of businesses for example have social media type clauses.

The situation frustrates me because the Government should have just let it happen. I swear, there would have been a few upset people but I truly do think it would have just died down after a few months. Other countries that have done it, are perfectly fine. So what is the problem?

Oh and if one more person brings up “paedophilia” for a reason to Vote “No”. I swear I will list every single Church since the beginning of time that have either been charged or investigated for paedophilia…George Pell anyone?

Here are some facts:

  • People had up until the 24th of August to register to Vote.
  • There is a very quick way to check where the closest post office box is to you. You’ll probably find that it’s actually within walking distance.
  • Your vote has to be back by November 7th.
  • It’s not a obligatory vote.
  • Probably the saddest fact that even if the majority Vote Yes…It still doesn’t mean that the Government have to let it pass, there will just be more of a possibility of it happening.
  • No matter what the outcome is…Gay people can already have children, whether it’s by adoption or surrogacy or…other. The outcome of this vote will NOT change that. Some people seem to still need to get this one in their heads.

Please don’t feed the trolls!

I’m not sure how much you’ve heard, but here “Down Under” we have a very important postal vote coming out to try and get same-sex marriage equality…Even though most other countries just seem to “get it”.

Unfortunately what also goes with that is the “Trolls”…Sooooooooo many Trolls…You can’t imagine the Trolls…This is probably the best advice, you HAVE to ignore them! Some of them can get really nasty, but you can delete, block and get moving…

The BEST thing you can do is to get out there…vote…Advocate all the Yes’s that you can!

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It’s Australia’s Turn!

Today it’s Australia’s turn, we are voting for our new Prime Minister. The run up to our elections don’t usually take as long as the US presidential elections. They’re usually quiet short, they have a run up of approximately of a couple of months. Like most campaigns all over the world they spend a lot of the time slamming each other in the media.

Even as I am heading towards the ballot, I have an idea of who I want to vote, but who really likes voting? When was the last time someone who was running really inspired you?