Thursday Theories – That is all

I am thinking how to start setting up and reminding people that JKRowling is a fictional author, and nothing else. She is not a medical or health professional, she’s not a politcian, she’s not a scientist she is not a war hero, she is not an educator, she has never been involved with helping the trans or gay community, she is straight, and she is not trans.

She has no experience whatsoever to be talking about it, or too be talking about trans people. Hell, she isn’t even woman enough to face people who disagree with her. Instead, she stays behind her computer and target harasses and bullies people, threatening those who dare to call her transphobic. She only hangs around with her other transphobic friend.

And twitter has done NOTHING. Even with the targeted harassment and very blatantly so.

Also, this is clearly not written on Thursday. But it seemed like a good time to write about it. Especially with everything about Kanye West. That despite them having a loud and being a minority. Too remind us all, that is all these people are. There are no more special than you or I.

You Have a Voice Too!


Jungle Book

I finally got to see “The Jungle Book” (2016 film) over the weekend and I cried, I knew that I was going to cry. I laughed, I felt worried, I felt excited. It was great! I always had a feeling that I was going to like it and I’ve been waiting for it all.

The only real complaint I had was that the Elephants looked suspiciously a lot like African elephants, except for the baby elephants, who did look like Indian elephants. I get that African elephants might look a little bit more impressive (and they have a few animals from all over,lol), but this in in India.

Indian Elephant
Indian Elephant vs,

African Elephant vs.
African Elephant 

It’s a really good movie though, doesn’t have all the dancing and music, but there are couple of favourites that people will recognise. It is also obviously a bit more darker and because the animals are more “life-like”, if you are taking children, just be wary. It’s not necessarily violent, but there are deaths.

Neel Sethis as “Mowgli” was also a great little actor, extremely believable and he didn’t have that “stop and start” static that some child actors sometimes have. He was able to just go with the flow of it.

Would definitely give this 4 and a half out of 5 books, I was just a little disappointed with how they chose the look of the elephants. Everything else was fun and a good story.