Goodbye too you…

I realised the other day you can’t miss someone if they never brought anything to your life. I keep waiting for the moment where I feel sad and cry but it doesn’t seem to be happening…That’s fine.

It’s alright…It really is…

When you realise someone never really brought anything to your life, it’s then that you start to let them go.

It’s okay not to be sad, it’s okay to realise someone you cared about was not a very nice person. It’s alright to not miss them at all. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it doesn’t mean you are emotionless or heartless. They were just, as my Gran would say, “not part of your tribe”.

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I’m just going to add another link here, that is not in the video below:

Anxiety Disorders: National Portal of India

This will also be the last time I mention my ex-friends. I think I’ve been in shock. I will let you know as well, this Vlog goes on for a while. Be Prepared!



This or That? #52


This or That? #52

So last week we talked about reading reviews. This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know…

Do you write book reviews? Why or why not? And if so where do you post them? (Goodreads, WordPress, Youtube etc.)

I have been trying to write reviews on my WordPress, I even tried “writing” reviews as a Vlog. Something went wrong with the type of media I was using and every time I would try to upload, the volume would cut out. It would cut out everywhere, I would literally have to turn my computer on and off to get the sound back.

I have been really bad with my reading this year though and I have been finding myself reviewing films more than books. Also because of this I have not really been using my Goodreads page much this year. I have done 23 reviews though overall. If you do want to follow me though, you can find my page here:

Goodreads – Lolsys Library

Monday Magic!

Today is a very exciting day for me (well actually it was Friday, but I tried three times to make a Vlog and the audio just kept cutting out and then made the rest of the audio on my computer cut out).

So on Friday morning I woke up with some amazing news. When I first wake up in the morning I try and check my WordPress, when I can. I now have over 300 followers! YAY!!!

Now for some people who have like the thousands followers it might be “So What?!” To me though it is amazing! I am honestly surprised that I have even one followers. People in my life dont even know that I am doing this, except for my partner, and he only found out this week!

Blogging for me is a kind of Freedom. I have people who don’t know me, having discussions with me and I honestly miss this! I find these days people (even without any malice intended) judge you and instead of wanting to have a discussion, they just want to be right. I don’t find this with Blogging. I honestly believe that Blogging is more about having discussions with people who are interested in the same thing and without the judgement.

So thank you to ALL of my amazing followers, I love you all so much you have no idea!


It’s here!

So, you may have seen an entry from me recently “My First ever Vlog Blog Book review!” and how I kept screwing up the editing/uploading process (making videos is not my first skill)…I’ve finally done it though! Yay! =D

You’ll also need to forgive me because I am still figuring out how to edit everything (there was supposed to be music) but I am definitely looking into getting more into Vlogging, it’s so much fun!

My first ever Vlog Blog Book Review!

Well this one didn’t happen! I made a video and was expecting it to be uploaded by now, but I accidentally exited out of the program and for some reason I cannot get back into the video to process the rest of it. It just kept saying “61% uploaded” So I will definitely upload it for later in the week, if I don’t have work tomorrow, I will do it then.

However it was supposed to be a continuation of my new format “Vlogs” (as seen in this previous one… You shall all have to wait! I am thinking of downloading movie maker or something else of the likes.  I have come up with a lot of ideas about different Vlogs.