At this point in History, I am nearly done with Christianity…A rant…

On a major world scale, what good has it done?lol

I am so tired with Christianity’s bigotry’s and hypocrisy. I just found out this week that Hillsong, received Jobkeeper.

On 30 March 2020, the Federal Government announced the introduction of the JobKeeper Payment. The payment is a wage subsidy paid by the Government to businesses significantly impacted by the Coronavirus. This allows employers to continue paying their employees whether they are able to work or not.

Churches, religious groups received millions of dollars in JobKeeper while staying in the black, accounts show

“When the government first introduced JobKeeper at the beginning of the pandemic, they explained that this was to keep workers to their employers so that when things got better people would still have their jobs to go back to,” he said. “I’m not sure that there was really much risk that churches would have gone around sacking their priests, or pastors, or mosques would go around sacking imams.”

The Christian Organisations that applied for JobKeeper actually had surpluses in the millions, not including jobkeeper.

Legally they can keep it, morally they should not.

You know who didn’t apply for jobkeeper, and actually kept working for the public during COVID?


Muslim people feed people

And Hillsong whined … Hillsong founder Brian Houston blasts ‘inconsistent’ coronavirus church rules and still took tax payers money

How many Wars have been fought in “Gods” name?

How many people, EVEN NOW, have been persecuted, harassed and killed in “Gods” name. EVEN NOW.

Anti-Abortion Violence

Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust: Genocide and Moral Obligation 2nd Revised ed. Edition by David P. Gushee  (Author)

Or go to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, which is right next door to the grand old Westerkerk. This lovely church’s bells chimed the hour while Anne and her desperate family were hiding out from baptized Christians who were trying to catch and kill them. Anne wrote about those bells in her diary. But they didn’t save her when Dutch and German policemen took her and her family away and sent them off to death.

My dissertation was on Christians who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, and the basic finding is that there were precious few of them. Jews were murdered in Christian Europe — after 1600 years of being a marginalized, often persecuted minority — largely to the deafening sound of Christian apathy and indifference and sometimes with explicit and religiously grounded Christian support. Today the casual visitor to Europe would never know that for centuries it was the largest Jewish population center in the world. Jews certainly remember.


Why I REALLY dislike Heard and Depp

Well one, their court battles have now been going for longer than their marriage.

Two, when something goes on longer than for who long you were married for. It’s just getting silly. Especially when you have no children, no business, involved.

Three, the longer this goes on for, the more I realise how much I dislike people who think that being “pretty” means that everything person does is fine.

Four, how dumb women really are when it comes to a pretty face.

Five, we know neither Depp or Heard. What we do know, puts neither of them in a good light. So let’s stop doing that.

Six, there are people in domestic situations RIGHT NOW. Who don’t have the resources to go “Whoops, I clearly made a mistake” and leave.

Seven, too me. Both Depp and Heard are making a complete mockery of domestic violence and those currently in that situation. Those who have been in that situation.

Eight, I really just do not like Depp any longer. When it first started, I always said, they clearly were just toxic for each other. Even when he’s able to show how bad Heard was, he just makes himself look worse.

Nine, I believe this started, because DEPP gave a bad interview, drunk and drugged up. So to take the pressure off of him, he decided to just bring up Heard, again.

Ten, Depp is proof that we shouldn’t let pretty faces get away with everything.

Eleven, Depp is proof that wisdom and maturity doesn’t always come with age. Especially when you’ve been getting away with everything in Hollywood.

Twelve, I don’t like Heard…But I REALLY don’t like Depp. He is the personification of entitlement and privilege. He has what I call “Ted Bundy Syndrome”. Strictly because of his looks, we (meaning “women“) let him get away with it all. There is no WAY he’d get away with it, if he looked like say, Mickey Rourke, and you KNOW IT.

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Are You Aware?

So one thing that has been irritating me a lot lately are people playing the “blame game”. Especially when it comes to mass shooters and trying to place a blame on something. For this post I am just going to talk placing the blame on violent games or tv shows. People using examples of real life violence and how people were “inspired” by fictional characters.

Here’s the reality,

There is always going to be something that inspires people. Just like kindness, if you’ve got that “evil bug” there’s going to be something. Banning or trying to dial back wont work. Because just like I am not inspired by violence, violation. There’s people out there who are wired to be inspired by it.

One good red flag is anyone whose obsessed. So if your partner is doing nothing else but playing games for hours on end, then they clearly have a problem. Which probably has nothing to do with the actual “theme”. They just have a switch.

I’ve been finding it very interesting to be “lectured” about dialling back on the violence by people with a profile picture of an anime character. Because we all know how Anime doesn’t over-sexualise, violate or have extreme violence in it at all…Sarcasm.

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(I mean, come on, how safe is that really! Not everything is cute and bubbly in anime world)

I don’t think these people are aware of the extreme behaviour anime is known for. I say this really LOVING some anime series’s (Death Note, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop).

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(Well that’s realistic)

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#StopBlamingWomenMakeMenTheIssue: Nicole Cartwright Update — Things Carla Loves

— Trigger Warning — Last year, I read an article by Jane Gilmore, discussing that there was no national outrage or outcry, and little had been said in the media, about the fact that just the other week in Australia, six women were murdered in five days. Yes. Six women were murdered in five days. As nothing has changed, […]

via #StopBlamingWomenMakeMenTheIssue: Nicole Cartwright Update — Things Carla Loves

Big Little Lies

I’m not sure how many of you have been watching the series “Big Little Lies” starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley…It really does have a stellar cast. I guess the best way to describe it is a bunch of, I guess what you’d call, white privilege folk and how everything in their lives seem so perfect. However, lies and their personal lives start to unravel. I have seen a few articles about how it’s not diverse enough, but I think that’s actually part of it. Being privileged doesn’t always guarantee you get what you want, having a big house doesn’t mean happy families. Having money doesn’t always mean being better off than other people. They don’t want to you feel sorry for these privileged ladies, but everyone has a story.

However, I digress…The main reason for the post today is regarding Nicole Kidmans character Celeste and great she is at playing this role.

Comment: Nicole Kidman has sparked a crucial conversation about domestic violence. 

Nicole Kidmans character is getting all sorts of abused from her husband and father of her children (played by Alexander Skarsgard) They have not been holding back either, as Nicole and Alexander have commented themselves, they did not use body doubles. It is definitely having an affect. The first time I really saw him doing something to her, her grabbed her around the neck and the shoulder and it was intense. I had a very hard time from not stepping in and telling him to stop.

It made me feel so incredibly sad.

Although her character is fictional, this is really happening. Most of the time we don’t know it’s happening. I think what gets to me a lot, the women that I know it’s happened too, they are incredibly smart and successful women. I mean they were A++ in school while I was scrapping pass through on C’s. You really have to watch the series. Their scenes make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you’ll find yourself screaming at the tv “LEAVE HIM!!!…Run for the hills!!!”

What really grinds my gears

What grinds my gear

I’m not sure how many of you watched the American Music Awards this week Sunday/Monday (depending where you live). However whether you watched it or not I am sure that must you know who Jennifer Lopez is, well she hosted the awards this year…I thought she did a fabulous job (I’m a bit of a fan).

The comments, once again that other “women” have been making, about her being “past it” has seriously irritated me. Why? Because WHY are woman so nasty to other women?! None of the derogatory comments were made by men, they were ALL woman! They take pride it it too! I had one old woman (I will call her that because she does not deserve my respect) tell me that I just don’t get it because I’m “young”…I HOPE that I am as fabulous as Jennifer Lopez is at her age! Jennifer Lopez is probably one of the least past it people I have ever seen!

Why? What is with woman constantly putting each other down and why are they taking such pride in it as they keep talking like it’s a good thing? Their insecurities are just SCREAMING! Do they not realise this?

Here is in Australia we have just “celebrated” White Ribbon Day, which is to stop violence against women (although any kind of domestic violence is bad) How can we even hope that this will happen when, as women, we can’t even stand together? Do they not realise how detrimental they are?

RIP Phil Walsh

Today I was woken up in shock as I learnt the sad news that AFL Crows coach Phil Walsh had died and had been stabbed to death. The most shocking part of it all was that the perpetrator was his own son.

Well…maybe it’s not that shocking, after all around about 90% of violence and murders are by people that the person knows and these people are usually family members.

I am a big footy fan and the Crows are my team and although there are numerous statistics proving that this happens all the time, I think this is honestly the first time that I have ever heard of such a well known Coach or sports-person (in Australia) being stabbed or killed.