Sing a Song…Magical Monday #5

So since I felt like the live action version of “The Lion King”, and since it is also the month of “scary”. I thought that it’d be appropriate to talk about what I think the top 5 most “scary” Disney villains song that there are out there.

Number 5

It’s a classic and like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, not from one of my favourite Disney movies. But the song is a classic and I’m not really “scared” of the song, but it makes you wary. Let’s be honest, Ursula is really creepy and it’s not just because she’s evil. I have always been scared of octopuses and squid…WAY to intelligent and can get  in anywhere…ANYWHERE!

Poor Unfortunate Souls – Disney 1989

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Number 4

This song frightens me because it’s all about a possessive “mother”. Is there anything scary than a possessive mother?! Or Mother-In-Law! Especially right near the end when she says “You”ll regret it”. It does sound like a threat.

Mother Knows Best – Disney 2010

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Number 3

If you’ve ever seen Lion King “2”. You would have heard this number. It gives me chills. The way she sings about Simba’s Prides demise. I both completely love it and sing it to myself when I’m mad at someone. But it gives me chills because it is what it is. Chilling. Do not listen to this song before going to bed! It’s not that kind of lullaby!

My Lullaby – Disney 1998

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*There is no video for this song. Its has to be one of my favourite all time songs and I can’t even find it on iTunes!*

Number 2

I cannot believe how much they stuffed this song up in the live action film! I had to re-listen to the animated version several times.

Be prepared – Disney 1994

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Number 1

Although not my favourite Disney movie. This has to be one of the most creepy and evil songs of the whole Disney genre. I think it’s the most evil, because it’s full of real life situations, that this is how women are still treated. Like we are property to be posses and if we don’t comply, we’ll be killed. It’s a bit too real.

Hell Fire – Disney 1996.

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