So bad, they’re GOOD!

All day good feel posting today @ Mr Bump =P

I just wanted to know who is your favourite bad guy/lady? Can you relate to them? What first made you really like them?

I’m going to post below some of my favourite “bad guys” … *shivers all over* They do say that good girls, adore those bad boys!

Of course…Joker…

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Darth Vader…cause…well…IT’S DARTH VADER!

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Probably the worst of all the bad guys…

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They’re not so “bad”…Well, they think they are

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Ohhhhhhhhhh…can’t forget this guy! He’s so bad…he’s good! Well, actually he is a bad guy…LOOK AT THAT LOOK

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I made a thing =D

I actually made this last week for an Heroes and Villains party I went to last week and I decided to put an “Easter theme spin” on it.


  1. Buy white bunny ears.
  2. Gather paintbrushes (I used a roll brush to do the majority of the painting).
  3. Gather red and black paint.
  4. Wrap cling wrap around the headband of the headband.
  5. Paint one ear black and one ear read (Try not press down to hard as paint will soak through…
  6. Wait for each ear to dry individually.
  7. Once both ears are painted and dry, unwrap cling wrap.
  8. Using a paintbrush fill in the white spots that you wish to cover up.
  9. Wait for paint to dry.
  10. Place on head =D

15 Life Lessons from Disney Villains

I am making this post for mainly two reasons I think having a little Disney before work is a great way to wake oneself up, especially on a Monday morning.

Life Lessons from Disney Villains

The other reason is I am changing a lot of my Blog postings to later in the afternoon/evening, mainly the big type posts. Except for Mondays and Friday where I feel like we could all use a grin, especially on Monday mornings!

21 + 10

Welcome to another Monday morning folks, now all sit back, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee as Lolsy’s Library proudly presents a collaboration of Disney Princess songs (mainly because it’s got my favourite two Princesses and their songs right at the start! Hey, it’s my “birthday week”). What could be a more magical way to wake up on a Monday morning…Maybe some Disney Villains, if Princesses aren’t your thing…

Uploaded by mjsty27

Uploaded by mjsty27



I love Minions and now they are bringing out a movie! Posted below is the official trailer…You all need to love Minions! (I relate to Stuart the most)

Published on 3 Nov 2014

Meet Stuart, Kevin and Bob as they embark on a journey for their new master in the Official Trailer for Minions. In Theaters July 10, 2015


In Theaters – July 10, 2015

Visit the Illumination Entertainment WEBSITE:

Minions – Official Trailer (HD) – Illumination

The Borg!

The Borg! Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Usually I write about love and my favourite characters (not that I hate the Borg or anything…well kind of do…but if you know, you know).

The Borg are a fictional race of characters in the television show and science fiction movie “Star Trek” (the ones with Patrick Stewart). As well as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager. (See picture below for example):



A Borg Drone

The Borg, I find, a quite terrifying alien race. They “assimilate you” and your thoughts and mind all become one with all the other Borg’s in the collective…For a well-known individual like myself, the thought of being a “one collective” is pretty terrifying! I had to admit though in the past (and kind of still present) there was a group that I belonged to that really remind me of the Borg…One thought…The Hive Mind

The Borg manifest as cybernetic-ally   enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species  organised as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind, linked by subspace radio. The goal…To achieve perfection…Or rather what the Queen deems “perfection”.

In 2013 the Borg were listed as Number 4 on the TV guides “60 nastiest villains of all time”.

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.