I feel nice =D

This is written on the … fly … sly??? Either way it’s been quickly written up.

Yesterday, I was about to, kind of, start an argument with a TERF. I don’t know what it is about them, they cry “WOMENS RIGHTS”, but they have no problem with harassing women who support trans people. Like my mum and I discussed, up until 3 years ago no one really had a problem with trans people. Sure, there’s always that one or two people.

Anyway, scrap that. I went to ask a TERF a question, then about halfway through the day I deleted the comment.

Something better had happened!

Despite the constant attacks from the rags, such as Daily Mail, the Times, the Tory Government. During the day, I saw that…On the heels of Bailey and Rowling LOSING their hate campaign against Stonewall.

I saw this =D

LGB Alliance Ireland labelled ‘far right hate group’ in new extremism report

It’s a small move since LGB Alliance “headquarters” are in the UK. But a move either way, especially in Ireland! All these other countries who have been fraught with years of civil disputes and terrible leadership, are now over taking the UK. In terms of progression.

One of LGB “Alliances” co-founder is the above Allison Bailey, who tried to sue Stonewall and lost.

So, today I decided I wasn’t going to “fight” anyone transphobic and just enjoy the little things in life ❤

Ha, my horoscope for the same day.

Long Live Stonewall UK!!!

I swore to myself when this verdict came out, no matter what I would write about it.

STONEWALL WON!!! Against Allison Bailey and in hand with her, JKRowling!!!

This was a disgusting case against Stonewall from the beginning. AB blamed SW for her Law Firm “discriminating” against her. Rowling not only helped fund AB’s case, but also actively seek to harm Stonewall herself. Allison Bailey is one of the founders of the horrible LGB “Alliance” in the UK. They are basically an anti-trans group, endorsed by the Tories. Which really should tell you all need to know about her and LGB “Alliance”.

If LGB Alliance actually did something for the LGB community, they might have some kind of legitimate standing. But they don’t. They are purely an anti-trans group. With only about 7% of their pledgers being LG or B. Which means 93% of their pledgers are STRAIGHT.

The only group that Allison Bailey, in fact, “won” against was her Law Firm. And that was only for 22,000 pounds for ‘hurt feeling’, since her Law Firm tweeted out that they were investigating her. They are a Law Firm, so I don’t know if they’ll appeal or not. My hope is truly that whatever they decide to do, they’ve still won. Because they did not lose for discrimination either.

Have no misunderstanding about this though. Allison Bailey AND Rowling set out to hurt and discredit Stonewall UK. They LOST!

On a more personal note. I was one of the cis women who was blocked by Allison Bailey for making suggestions how she could use the money, she was using to sue SW, to actually HELP women.

It’s also now, 2 for trans rights winning and 0 for transphobia, when it comes to the UK Supreme Court.