Christianity vs LGBT

I just wanted to talk about something that I noticed nearer the end of this America’s Pride Month.

Take this young mans story

Then you have this other young “man”.


I wonder if Brock Turner would have had so much “sympathy” from others, if he was gay? I doubt.

What has frustrated me a lot, this year in particular. I would say that 99% of the people I know, personally who follow a faith. Usually some form of Christianity, are actually good people. Too see those these other “Christians” with no soul, is terrifying. It’s terrifying because they REALLY believe they are the rest of ours “betters”.

These other Christians are just SO insistent, as well, that you are not born gay, so why do they keep acting like you can catch “gay”? If they truly believe that it’s a social aspect, then I highly doubt these sorts of people are even around gay people. If that’s the case, then it wont “harm” them, will it?



Which one are you?

Just watching “My Little Pony” as one grown adult does.

It occurred to me that when you don’t know me very well I am very much Flutter-shy…Those who know me well though say I’m more like Pinkie Pie.

My question today is if you could take two completely different characters from a book or a tv show, to represent your “me vs me” traits…Which two would they be and why?

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“me vs me”

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