Little bits and pieces

Just to let you all know what’s going on.

I was going to write about this yesterday, but I found something more interesting to write about, lol

I see Rowling is still being her reverent self, lol.

Probably more importantly though, my mouse is not working well. It’s either really overly sensitive, or it just doesn’t work and then I end up bringing every screen, twice. It’s really annoying and it’s why I am not streaming until I get a new one. Which hopefully should be happening this weekend. I don’t need anything fancy, just something that works, lol

It does also mean though, that I can’t stream…Not that I’m 100% sure if anyone here does.

It has been affecting my blogging too. It’s all over the place, I can’t write in block properly, it goes in and out of them. It’s hard to copy and paste. It’s hard to schedule. I’ve been having a hard time liking posts. It’s been a bit of a mess. Yesterday it closed out of WordPress, at least three times, while I was trying to get through people’s posts.. If you want to see me rage, my Twitch channel has a little video of me raging, lol


Okay, lol

So again moi must apoligise. I kind of went from having relatives over, to celebrating my Mum’s birthday. We actually went out for her birthday. I am so tired, it has been a full on week for me. I am actually sitting down yesterday evening to write this post out. Trying to catch up with everything.

So in a few hours I will do my stream in over a week. Come and have a chit chat with me =D

So on Tuesday evening, went to Illuminate Adelaide. It was utterly gorgeous. I’ve chosen a few shots below:

Little Updates

Just some general updates about me and what’s going on. I am advertising myself, hehe

My Discord Channel, is going really well. It’s not exploding, but it is going =D

I am getting more interactions with my Goodreads profile. It’s been great! It is great to interact with other readers. If you love to read, seriously consider it.

I am also SO close to becoming affiliate on Twitch. It’s quiet exciting, it’s like every time I stream that could be the one. It is quiet exciting!

I am still doing the online role playing, it’s been kind of up and down. I have a partner, who I adore and love very much. And it seems a lot want to sleep with other players. Which is fine for them, but it means when I try to interact, it’s pretty much all sex, sex, sex. So I’ve been trying to get my character out more into the world, not looking for conflict. But something else to do, lol.

I am slowly moving in with my partner. We had a big talk, and I think that we’ve come to an agreement. I wanted to wait until after the elections, but his area is a safe area for the Right. Although, it NEARLY wasn’t that way this time, which was cool.

Which means, I am starting to make a house into a home =D

Vlog Update

About a week ago I wrote a Blog about doing a Vlog, I just thought that I would give you all a progress report on it. I have filmed it. I am trying to do this all on my lonesome, I’ve re-watched it. So I just have to edit it now and all that fun stuff, I’ve just never done it before. I love learning new things and this will be something new. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve never done this before and so it might take me a couple of days to edit it.

Update on “baby animal magic”

So as I expected….When I came on my lunch break at work, after leaving home this morning with the eggs intact. One of the eggs had already started to hatch. When I got home just a few moments ago, it was fully out.

Please go and have a look…One out, three to go!

Sims 4 Update!

One of my most popular Blogs has apparently been the Blog about my Sims 4, which is quiet entertaining to me. I love playing it and my characters has been “developing”. So I thought that I give little random updates about the characters I’m playing all the time.

01-17-15_12-31 PM-2 01-17-15_12-33 PM

These two characters are Arwen Oakenshield and Aragorn Bloom and they are both now teenagers, dating, in a relationships and have recently swapped promise rings. It is SO cute! I am loving playing this game, I am probably going to buy some kind of extension game. I’m to busy though at the moment to really consider that…Watch this space for more though!…