Fight Me! Haha

Since leaving Twitter, I haven’t had a single stupid “debate” and I kind of miss it. Only because, all the stupid people on there made me feel smart =D

So, here are some of…what I think anyway, are some of more unpopular opinions. As the sentence suggests, that are only opinions!

  • Pineapple on pizza is great!
  • Rowling is a lazy writer, who stole HP from another female author…And she does nothing for women’s rights!
  • Everyone should stop writing that Nat Barr “destroyed” Harry and Meghan with what she said. They don’t even know who she is!Haha
  • Potato Chips are better than chocolate!
  • Harry Potter merchandise is way to expensive.
  • I like soapies =/ lol
  • But, don’t like romance “comedies”. They are the worst!
  • Dentists are overpaid, and don’t work enough hours to justify it.
  • Brad Pitts looks are over rated. Even before the child abuse.
  • I have an instant distain for any streamer playing Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Wedding photographers are WAYYYY to expensive.
  • There are not enough songs about being unpopular. This is supposed to be a silly post, and all the songs about being unpopular are far to depressing.

Unpopular Opinion #1

I think for the new year, I am going to start post topics, but what I consider to be a “unpopular opinion”. Now it may be that some of you may agree with me. Some may not at all. It just that my opinion, sometimes, seems to be opposite of popular opinion. Just remember, it’s an opinion.

So here we go, with my first ever “unpopular opinion” on WordPress.

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I think Michael Jackson has abused children, not all the ones coming out, but definitely a couple of them. Even if he didn’t molest them, I believe that he still abused all the children anyway.  For one big reason, it is because a grown adult should never ever use children to capture their childhood. It is not up too children to help an adult.