Unpopular Opinion…#4

I dont like Gwen Stefani…There…I said it! I used too, now I don’t. When she first headed out on her own, I liked it. Then I just started to find her more of a “wannabe”. Rather than an original, I’m not sure when that started to happen,lol. Like Blake made her a copy.

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Unpopular Opinion #3

I didn’t actually like the live action Aladdin. I think it may possibly be the worst out of all of them. From the beginning to the end, there was very little I enjoyed. There was only one scene that I actually enjoyed and that was the whole “jam” bit. If you saw it, you know what I mean. I didn’t enjoy much else.

Will Smith, I actually thought was a really good Genie though. Whoever was going to play the genie was going to be tough to follow Robin Williams. Will Smith was an a good choice. I don’t mind the choices for the other characters either, Aladdin, was adorable. The acting was good, it was the story-line and the plot.

Aladdin is supposed to be about coming from nothing to something, based on the kind of good person you are. I am all for woman power and woman being on top, but that’s not what Aladdin is about. It’s not called “Jasmine”.

Anyone who thinks that Jasmine wouldn’t be listened to by Aladdin in the animated world, is an idiot.

How many Disney live action movies have their been where the guys comes out on top? One, “The Lion King”. We don’t NEED another female empowerment movie, since the rest are all about female empowerment. This was one was supposed to be about the boys. Not the girls. Aladdin was always my favourite Disney Prince, so this live action really put me off live actions. It probably did not help that I had seen the musical roughly a week before. THAT WAS BRILLIANT!

Then there was the whole my favourite song was at the beginning of the movie, Jasmine had already met Aladdin. The whole “Do you trust me” bit got lost, which was one of the big things for me.

Unpopular Opinion #1

I think for the new year, I am going to start post topics, but what I consider to be a “unpopular opinion”. Now it may be that some of you may agree with me. Some may not at all. It just that my opinion, sometimes, seems to be opposite of popular opinion. Just remember, it’s an opinion.

So here we go, with my first ever “unpopular opinion” on WordPress.

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I think Michael Jackson has abused children, not all the ones coming out, but definitely a couple of them. Even if he didn’t molest them, I believe that he still abused all the children anyway.  For one big reason, it is because a grown adult should never ever use children to capture their childhood. It is not up too children to help an adult.

100%…All the time, every time.

This may be a very unpopular opinion. I don’t think Barr should release the report unless it’s 100%  “out there” Otherwise you’re just going to have a lot of “I’ve been totally exonerated” even though that’s not what was said. It might be just myself, but this is not a group of people who are all “The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” They are more like “The truth isn’t the truth” people.

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Standards and Unpopular Opinion

Watching Twitter unfold one day and I had this sinking feeling…I think Republicans will win the next election…Democrats are just becoming the worst! Maybe it’s just on Twitter, but they are the worst!

It is imperative that Democrats, have a higher standard right now.

I’m talking about topics like Joe Biden. I’m not even saying that I even believe the girl, but it’s not the first time his creepy behaviour has come up. I don’t know why people are just ignoring the guy has been kind of creepy for years. I’m not saying he’s a Donald Trump, but there are more than enough videos and pictures of women, clearly uncomfortable, with him. The guy can be creepy. You are NEVER going to win Trump supporters with a guy who has clearly made people feel uncomfortable in the past, until Biden can own up too it. Trump supporters are going to shove it right back in your faces. Before you all start posting pictures of Biden with the young accuser. You all do know that there are pictures of Ashley Judd with Harvey Weinstein…Right? Does that mean she was lying?

Be careful what you put out there. I’d be very careful about using pictures as “proof” as to an entire “relationship” of any kind as well.

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It’s like the Chelsea Clinton thing. Not one single person (well that I saw) when they harassed, bullied and sent death threats to the young woman who stood up to Chelsea Clinton. Not one of them actually said that they agree with Clinton’s comments. They just didn’t like the way the young lady spoke to Clinton. Which is not a good enough reason to then bully, harass and send death threats.

As for the comments bashing this woman for not being a “real” victim of the Me Too movement. If you are a “real” victim of Me Too, then you would know, that most victims have known their attackers for a long time, and that they prey and lure them in. They don’t just come out with a straight up attack. That’d be totally dumb on their part. I have/had pictures of myself with the guy who attacked me, laughing, hugging and taking selfies. I HATE to think that because before he attacked me I considered him a friend. That my case would be taken apart because of a few pictures? That’s ridiculous! That is LITERALLY what you’re all putting out there right now, and that is terrifying!

I don’t think for one second Biden is a predator, and definitely not on a Trump level. There is no denying though, he has done creepy things and truly does not understand about “personal space”. Instead of giving someone a free pass because you like them better, doesn’t do anything to help. Also you need to ask yourselves, if this is just what Biden does…Why are there NO photos of him reacting like that to his male colleagues?

I am so tired of watching person after person given free pass because people are attracted to them, or like them better than someone else. Got to get that bar standard up high again people. I remember when Rolf Harris was found guilty of “harming” children and my mum said, and I agreed, that it was like finding out that the real Santa Claus had done it…But, he had.