I was just thinking, and was just wondering with you too. I received a letter today asking me to donate towards Koalas’. They’ve had a rough road of it lately, and they were asking for $100. Which too me, is a lot. I love animals and I can’t afford $100 right now. They also gave us a magnet =/ Which made me feel worse!

That’s when I thought to myself though, if I had unlimited funds I would give them $100 and more! I would help so many animals. We have so many ads here advertising for helps for animal charities. I hate them, mainly because I am sure that anyone who could help, would. I hate to be reminded how I can’t help.

So, if you had unlimited funds. Who would you help, that you wished you could?

Nurt Thurs – Unlimited

Nurture Thursday – Unlimited

I know, I know…a single quote can be lazy. But I have forgotten to keep coming back to this and I didn’t sleep well, stuck at work while trying to do this. It’s all horrible. So not very creative today.

Great…Now my picture wont load…I am not “winning” today…So you’re all stuck with a quote:

“I am unlimited in my own ability, to create the good in my life.”

Louise Hay