Positive Vibes…Gone

What has happened in the UK today/yesterday. isn’t just “heading towards” it is Facism.

On the same day that a top UK police officer was found guilty of raping women over his 20 year “service” The Tory decided it’d be the best day to make peaceful protesting a crime. That is Fascism.

Blocking the Scotland’s GRR Reform outright is Fascism. Not letting it go through the proper channels, and just outright a completely different countries democratic vote, is Fascism. There is no legitimate reason to block that vote. The fact that this is first time in the longest time the UK Government has done this to Scotland. Maybe even the first. It is spiteful, but having Kemi Badenoch as the LGBT and Equalities Minister, was a big sign of how spiteful this Tory Government is.

Don’t even get me started on the bunch of TERFs quoting Hitler and Joseph Goebbles “big lie”, doubling down on it. Then acting like we’re the ones with the problem for “misinterpreting” them.

Before the UK was heading towards, it’s here now folks.


Why I am not watching the Commonwealth Games

Tom Daley Takes Stand Against Criminalized Homosexuality at Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Currently the Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham, UK. Meanwhile, this is currently happening.

Tory leadership race: Rishi Sunak vows to stop ‘woke nonsense and left-wing agitators’ in latest pledge

Rishi Sunak has vowed to review the Equalities Act to stop the “woke nonsense” he claims is “permeating public life”.

‘Apologetic to the left!’ Truss vows Common Sense crackdown on ‘woke’ government culture

That coming from the woman who LGBT staff QUIT the Tory’s LGBT party and it was never refilled. IS pretty fucking stupid. There is NOTHING woke about the Tory party.

The UK fell down…again…in LGBT safety in 2022.

UK falls down Europe’s LGBTQ+ rights ranking for third year running

Stonewall and other LGBT+ friendly organisations choose to pull out of “It’s safe to be me”. Because, as we have seen over and over again, it is NOT safe to be LGBT. Let alone the attacks by “prominent” people against Stonewall, despite the public standing WITH Stonewall.

Let alone, all the Tory damage done to the UK with Brexit, education, voting NOT to feed the UK children and leaving it to a football player. I cannot do it anymore. It’s like once you know something, you can’t unknow it.

I think we can say, quiet confidently, that no one in the Tory party, is “woke”.

Not so exciting

For one second, I was thrilled that Boris Johnson is resigning. Then I thought of all the “replacements” and they are all pretty much just as bad, or worse than Johnson.

Even though I’m Australian, I was really looking forward to Johnson being voted out by the British people.

I have friends and family in the UK (again, I am first generation Australian). I haven’t seen a positive post. I’ve been fighting along my trans friends in the UK, and each Tory is just that slightly be worse than the last. Even the politicians who had family come to the UK to escape persecution. Are horribly racist. Honestly, it’d be the same if Trump had resign. There’s no one really good or great. They’re all either equally horrible or worse.

They’re all homophobic, transphobic, racist. Most of them voted AGAINST feeding UK children, it was so bad, a footballer did it instead. Like I wrote, like Trumps Republican’s.

Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children – inside his campaign to tackle child hunger

There are no celebrations, because it could get worse for the UK (if that’s possible). Reach out to your British family and friends ❤ ❤ ❤

A little bit of hope

I am sure that you are wondering what I think about the UK or the US right now.

Here’s what I think the good news is:

I actually do think the UK will be alright, IF they can vote out the Tories. There’s always little things that makes me believe this will happen too.

The US, hmmm … The Democrats have to do something NOW. That’s the biggest problem, I do not see them doing anything. The Supreme Court Justices have over turned REALLY huge things in less than a fortnight. What did the Democrats do? Voted to make sure that the “Justices” have more protection. That helps no one, except for the 6 … yep, 6 … people who are actively destroying America, and the planet.


So, are we excited? Hahahaha

I’m not sure I’ve seen such a mix reaction to something in the whole of my life! Mostly with politics, you sort of stand with a party and that’s it.

Some people want to celebrate, but don’t have the money. Some have the money, but don’t want to celebrate. Some expect tax payers to pay for it. Some think the people who actually want it, should have to pay for it. Some are not bothered either way, some are completely bothered.

Personally, I am choosing not to celebrate the Jubilee this year. Not after who was made an MBE. A person who makes me feel ill, because they have made up SO much crap about trans youth. They’ve used their fantasy, to harm trans youth. Guess what they’re getting an MBE for…Services to children.

I cannot wait for Australia to become a Republic.

Enjoy Pride (UK)

As a straight cis person I would like to know how to make #Pride fun and safe for the #LGBTQIA .

What would you all like to see more of? Fun, serious topics. Do you want me to keep kicking bigoted booties? Call more people, companies out.

Let me know! #ciswiththeT #ciswiththeLGBT

The Good Law Project, may be one of the very rare Law organisation’s, that are helping the trans and the whole LGBTQIA community. During #Pride in the UK, please consider giving to them. Currently they are the ONLY big organisation fighting back against LGB “Alliance”.


Genuinely thought…

You all remember how Roe vs Wade has started to be dismantled?

Well, I thought it might make some transphobic people more “awake” about where our countries were going. I was very wrong, in fact, I think they may have doubled down. It’s so weird!

I am genuinely terrified for the way that the UK is going.

Rowlings words was the catalyst to start anti trans Laws/Bills in America. Which then lead to the dismantling of #RoeVWade. She made ONE tweet where she said her “friends” are all pro-choice. They’re not. The “Baroness” tried to pass an anti abortion Law only three years ago! Caroline Farrow is anti-gay and anti-abortion. Rowlings new best “buds” are all homophobic, transphobic, couldn’t care less about women. And they’re defending them all! These men you’re defending, they want that ALL too.

Let alone, I don’t get WHY they all go about how Rowling was abused. She was, but instead of going after her ex-husband, she went after trans people instead.

They don’t even seem to mention it, at all anymore. It doesn’t even seem to be on their radar. What is on their radar, hating trans people. That tweet where she was all “well of course my friends are pro-choice” (they are not) is the ONLY thing she’s said about Roe v Wade.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

So YAY to long weekends! Is there anything better than a long weekend? Unless of course you’re a casual worker like me, where you can be called in every day, so you never really relax. It’s hard to describe to people who have never been a casual worker before. I feel like I have to act like I am going to work the next day, even when I’m not scheduled, because I could still be called in. I do not want to be called into work and be all hung over, or something like that.

The reason for our pubic holidays is to celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth birthday. Since Australia is apart of the Commonwealth, we get a public holiday, It’s a little odd though. The Queens ACTUAL Birthday is April 21st, but her “official” birthday is always on a Saturday during June, generally the second weekend.

Crown GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So why the second birthday? (Other than…How cool would that be?!)

Queen Elizabeth is not the first Royal Family member to have a second birthday. The tradition was believed to have started with the Reign of King George II in 1748. The answer really is quiet simple and you can see when you see the reason why it started to become a tradition. George II was born in October but the annual summer military cavalcade became a celebration of the king as well as the armed forces.

World Book Night! (23rd April 2015)

As you can see by the title tomorrow night is World Book Night. It is held on the 23rd of April and is there to celebrate William Shakespeare birth and death.

The reason I am posting about it now is press the link and you can see where the places where they are holding events tomorrow night…World Book Night – Events…You can also check out the numerous Facebook pages, by just typing in “World Book Night” into the Facebook search bar.

I am so completely envious as this event seems to be only held in the UK and the USA, I would love to have something like this down under!

Benedict Cumberbatch!

So technically this post is more like “Trickery Tuesday” rather than Magic Monday. It’s been a long weekend and I did not anticipate being out for so long on the Monday and I obviously had no Blog scheduled.

I am so excited though one of my most favourite actors is coming out to Australia and I am going to be going to be seeing him! It totally makes up for Matt Smith cancelling (although I do feel bad for whatever he is going through right now). I think that Benedict is a magical creature all on his own. Benedict Cumberbatch was born Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch in the UK and both of his parents are actors. Benedict Cumberbatch already had an agent by the time he finished Acting classes, which included a year off to teach English to Tibetan monks.

Just a small list of appearances he has made are:

Sherlock Holmes
The Hobbit (voice Actor)
Star Trek
12 Years a Slave
The fifth Estate

Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you the talented, the gorgeous, the utterly undeniably amazing Benedict Cumberbatch soon to be starring in Australia!