I am a Unicorn Child…

So a TERF yesterday tried to insult us all, by calling us Unicorn Children. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I’m not usually too bothered by “insults” Especially when they’re repetitive insults, and not really that affective, or even close to the truth.

Like Unicorn Child…

Who would you rather be? A hateful, bitter “old” bigot, or a Unicorn child? It’s not even a competition really, haha.

I’m scared of kids, but the biggest reason. They see the world as it is, they see you as is. Kids are like horses, they know I’m scared of them, but respect them too. Kids and animals just GET this world, and we lose that as we get older. We really do. Then I think for some, it does change when your children have their children.

Little Mix


Happy Unicorn Day…Oh, Winston Churchill too.

Churchill is too politca…lee…for me at the moment. So I want to focus on the Unicorns!!!

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  1. A baby unicorn is called a sparkle…eeeeeeeeeeeeeee….
  2.  If a Unicorn and a Pegasus mate, the babies may become flying Unicorns.
  3. According to a Jewish legend, the Unicorn can easily kill an elephant.
  4. The Scots national animal is the Unicorn.
  5.  It’s said that the unicorn was chosen to be Scotland’s national symbol because the unicorn is the natural enemy of the lion.
  6. There is a unicorn of the ocean. It’s called a Narwhal. It too has a long horn on its head. In 1577, Queen Elizabeth was presented with a Narwhal horn.
  7. In some ancient civilisations, such as in the Indus Valley, they would seal their secret documents in clay tablets with a unicorn emblem.
  8. Cups made from a unicorn horn are believed to reveal when a drink has been poisoned.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalUnicornDay

There are several ways to celebrate this fun day. Try these ideas:

  • Make some brightly coloured pancakes or cupcakes.  Decorate them with multicoloured sprinkles or glitter.
  • Bake cookies in the shape of unicorns.
  • Bake multicoloured cookies
  • Bake anything multicoloured!
  • Watch a favourite movie including unicorns.
  • Draw a picture of a unicorn or write a story about one.
  • Read your favourite fantasy novel featuring unicorns.


It’s Unicorn Day … and Winston Churchill Day!

Is there anything more Magical than an Unicorn?

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21 Recipes with Unicorns and Rainbows

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(Okay, so that’s not the REAL Winston Churchill)

Celebrate International Unicorn Day with these magical happenings

  • Winston Churchill is probably best well known for being the Prime Minister during WW2. As well as some inspiring speeches.
  • There has been speculation over the years that Winston Churchill purposely created trouble to get the United States involved with WWII…Mainly speculation.

(Below is probably his most well-known speech) 

Winston Churchill

  • Unicorns are believed to the epitome of purity and innocence.
  • Unicorns are one of the few mythical creatures that features in nearly every single ancient culture.
  • The unicorn is most notable in Heraldry for being employed as a supporter for the Royal Arms of Great Britain or of Scotland.


Share Your World…Week 43

Share Your World


If you were on a debate team, what general subject would you relish debating?

Something to do with popular culture I think, I am one of those people who doesn’t believe in myself enough to know what I know…If that makes sense,lol

What’s your strongest sense?

Listening, definitely listening. Even when it’s not a topic that I’m interested in. Everyone is always going on about how I’m a great listener. Hey, I try my best. I don’t think that we listen enough these days. I don’t mean either, actually listening with our ears, but listening to what people are NOT saying as well.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Oh this is a good one! I actually really had to think about this one…Oh I know! It’s a quote my Gran wrote about me “A rare as the Unicorn, is the Maiden of fair spirit”.

List your favorite flavors or types of tea.

  • Earl Grey
  • Black tea
  • Lavender
  • Green Tea
  • Chai tea =P