Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated.

Apart from the Civil Rights Act, what else has fundamentally changed?

John Lennon was assassinated exactly 40 years ago, this year…what changed?

After these good people died, it’s like everything they stood for died with them. (John Lennon was a bit of a bastard, but he wanted good things).

“Riot is the language of the unheard” The day he was killed…African Americans and generally POC become unheard…again. So when I see someone like George Floyd’s brother, saying that protesters are doing “nothing”. It’s pretty insulting. I feel for him. It’s just really insulting to say they people are doing nothing. They’re listening now, aren’t they.

They’re also, no offence, not protesting JUST for George Floyd either.

I really don’t understand “Peace on the left. Justice on the right?” either. The whole reason for the protest, is because those on the Right, only deliver selective “justice”.

I feel him and get why Terrence Floyd would think about it’s all about George. The protests are not JUST about George Floyd. They are for every single POC murdered, by those supposed to protect them. Since Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, what has changed?

Apart from the #CivilRightActs, what has fundamentally changed? We continue to use Martin Luther King Jr quotes as an example. Because until Colin Kapernick took that knee, there wasn’t really much protection or police officers being held accountable. If at all. Even THEN…They still said that Kapernick should be locked up. They gloated that they would bring Nike down…Which didn’t work.

Okay, maybe Beyonce brought it back to attention with her songs. THAT didn’t work either though. They just called her emotional and angry. Because they did not GET IT.

I am not a POC, but even I got that song! But then I guess I just “get it”.