Goals – September Part 2 – My health!

Last week I made a post about my first month of goals for myself that I was going to achieve by the end of September. Then over the weekend I had a lot of things happen in the space of 48 hours. Mainly the big one my Dad was unexpectedly taken to hospital. I mean REALLY unexpected. He was visiting his GP then the next thing he was taken to hospital. They think that he had a mini heart attack. He is alright now, but it was scary!

It seems to have been that around birthdays this year, everyone has gotten seriously ill.

  • Two parties – One 30th and another 60th, both had a heart attack within the week of their birthday.
  • One 70th had a stroke.
  • Someone I know who is only 32 has cancer

So as you can imagine then my health has become a main priority. Too get myself checked out and see what I need to do. I have decided to make posts with different goals, rather than my regulars one from earlier this week. I guess you might want to look at them as both a mental health post and a physical health post.

  • Three pieces of fresh fruit a week…I know this sounds shocking, since you’re supposed to have some every day. With so many food options out there, it just seems quiet easy to just not eat fruit.
  • Once a week I will make a meal from scratch – This one should be interesting!
  • Three times a walk a 15 minute walk. One at my partners house and two at my house.
  • Half an hour with the “Fitness Marshall” twice a week. Check him out!
  • Drink one cup of water a day. This is another thing that has shocked me, how little water I drink as well!

There is a Simpson quote for everything!

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“Unhealthy Food”

This should definitely make some of us out there very happy!

5 ‘unhealthy’ foods that are actually good for you

I have to say that I was especially happy to hear that Peanut Butter can be healthy for you! Happy and extremely surprised … I guess though, and this article does repeatedly remind us, that it’s all good in moderation.

With the ‘wine’ thing, it doesn’t completely surprised me that drinking it moderately is healthy for you. When you think about it, how relax and happy you feel. That has to be good for you, even if it’s just for the spirit. As mentioned though being an alcoholic or a binge drinker would have a different effect.

It’s all about love? Or is it?

The unhealthiest relationships in fiction

I found this article and it was so interesting because I had never realised how much I’ve read of watch these movies and television shows that have had so many unhealthy relationships in them. Or how many people I know that may worships these relationships. Even in the comments, because apparently there are so many unhealthy relationships in fiction. They’re is a whole debate going on about Romeo and Juliet…They were some how left out of the list.

How many of you are in love with these relationships?

I don’t think it necessarily equals in our own personal lives we have unhealthy relationships. I think a lot of us want these fictional relationships to work, I think it gives us a sense of a peace or it can give us a piece of disruption.

So glad to be with you <3

These weekend what a bit of a crazy one (hence when I didn’t post too much this weekend) It was lovely on one hand because I went to the local Fair with my beau and we had such a nice time. It was definitely one of the nicest times that I have ever had with a partner. See all of my other relationships either we broke up just before the Fairs happened, or they just couldn’t be bothered.

This is what brings me to my point though. I wrote a post a little while ago “Light-bulb Moments” In it I describe about one friend of mine who is obsessed with her ex, even though he is completely horrible. They have broken up about 4 times now…They’re back together, been together for about a week and a half now. She wants them to move in together, she is going to sell her current house, he doesn’t have to pay half and he doesn’t have to pay rent.

One of my friend tried to argue with her how she should think about it, unfortunately, we have a friend who just tells this girl literally what ever this girlfriend of mine wants to hear. She’s “in love”.

You have to be careful when looking at getting into a relationship with anyone, new or old. Use other people’s relationships to determine with yourself what kind you want. Do you want to be healthy and happy? Or do you want to be happy for a couple of months, but in the same cycle? The reason I write this as well is because my friend told me that the reason she didn’t tell us anything good about this guy she’s been seeing on and off, was because of me…(even though she tried to retract and say she wasn’t blaming me). I was single at this time and she thought telling me anything good would make me “jealous” … Because hearing your best friends boyfriend is calling her fat and stupid all the time is exactly what I want to hear, because I love revelling in others misery. Just to point out here I have NEVER been like that. She’s like that, I am not.

What my friends don’t know is, is she IS the reason I didn’t want to be a relationship. I wasn’t envious at all, I embraced my singlehood because of her. So beware people!

Girl Power!

I am SO happy to report that my friend who for one second seemed to want to go back to her emotionally abusive ex (they are all as bad as each other). Has decided NOT to and is already going out on another date!

I am SO proud of her, I know how hard this is for her. Being single is one of the worst things that can happen to her, I’m fine being single, she HATES it.

Being someone who is perfectly fine being single, I’ve never really understood those who would be willingly to go back to a relationships that is just unhealthy. I would love to understand it, I love being in my relationships, but if it’s time to go…It’s time to go. My friend is incredibly smart and strong, I guess we can’t all be perfect though ~.^

I post this video in honour of my friend (she would hate anything poppy and girly!lol)

Joan Jett “Bad Reputation”