New Monday…New Week

Last week I started my work places second busy season of the year and at the moment it’s a little stressful because at the end of August, none of us casuals may be in a job anymore. I’m supposed to be moving in with my partner, but with so much uncertainty, I do not want to be a burden.

This week I am trying to stay positive, I am trying not to worry…A lot can happen in a month after all, but it is hard. So I am trying put together all my favourite things this week and try to concentrate on those…

I guess what I am asking is, what are your favourite things, what do you do when you are feeling so uncertain?


A Beautifully Uncertain 31-Day Challenge: Week 4

As I’ve mentioned before for the month of January I’ll be posting Mandy Hales: The Single Woman “A beautifully uncertain 31 day Challenge”. This week I am posting Week 4 Beautifully Uncertain Challenge: Week 4. As Mandy herself has said about this weeks challenge

 “I thought it might be good for everyone to have a couple of days off to reflect on how far they’ve come so far”.

So how did you find the challenges? I’ve been loving it myself and I’m not even single, I just feel like these have been great life challenges. For those who may have missed or may want to start the challenge themselves, I’ll post the individual link below for each week.

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 1

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 2

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 3

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 4

Sorry for such a short post today, the last couple of weeks have been all around crazy (sleeping and time wise) and I think it’s starting to catch up with me. So I’m not using the whole of my brain,lol.

The Single Blog … Mandy Hale

As I mentioned last week, every week for the week of January I will be posting the link to Mandy Hales “”A Beautifully Uncertain 31-Day Challenge” (Found here at:

We are now in Week Two of the challenge. I’m mainly reposting these ones in January because as I mentioned before, I believe that when you have goals and resolutions you need to start somewhere as soon as you have decided to do it and just do something each day. You need to make it part of your routine.

A Beautifully Uncertain 31-Day Challenge: Week Two

The only thing I would say about Day 8’s challenge is, if you are genuinely friends with your ex, don’t do that one. Otherwise, do it. Number 12, even when I am in a relationship, I still like to do that one. I actually learned about how amazing that one is while in a really bad relationship and it gave me a lot of my confidence back, enough to leave the bum! =P Here’s the repost from last week.