So I have been reading all these posts lately about Goals and people meeting them … and I am jealous! I really feel like I’ve been “proactively” putting goals off for myself. I feel like I’m stressed out at the moment and when I get a quiet moment, I just want to do what I want…Saying that though at the end of it I have been feeling very unaccomplished … A bit less stressed, but unaccomplished…and it’s not the greatest of feelings.

For example:

  • I am nearly obsessed with these little polymer clay figurines that I buy…Why don’t I just start learning to make them myself?
  • I need to get back into reading, I’ve got all these books from the Libraries that I work at and I haven’t really read any of them.
  • Craft, I just want to start doing all the crafts.
  • I need to get around to cleaning out my room, really go through all of my stuff.
  • Money wise there isn’t really too much I can do. I’m a casual worker at both places of work, but I have been getting regular work lately.
  • I definitely need to keep up with meditating and getting my leg strong again!

So I think that I will start making goals again. No…Not think…I will!