Thursday Theories – Being back on Twitter

It’s been really funny back on Twitter. I swear, literally nothing has changed. It’s pretty much the same thing, except for the fact being that the theories are crazy, haha.

I swear, until Rowlings off there, I can’t see much changing. I can see though trans and cis people are getting more tired of the stupidity, and it’s becoming more apparent.

By the way, Drag is not woman face. What’s next cis men complaining that Drag Kings are men face. They are actually comparing it to black face.

Real life though has been crazy this week! I am SO tired, I’ve slept bad every single night, had to work and then my Mum got COVID, her first time. But I was with her when she tested positive! So my partner made me stay with her, which I can’t blame him for.

I am really stressed about getting my wisdom teeth out. I have to go “under” and I have never done that before! I was going to ring up about some questions I had, but I left all my dental information at my partners =/

Then I got so excited about Alex Kingston aka River Song coming to my state, that I went and bought a ticket, but now I am realised I really can’t afford it. So, I’ll have to get a refund, she’ll be around again though, and maybe I can travel interstate and have a whole trip away =D

And Suella Braverman is GONE!!! YAY!!!

Never mind me, I’m just twittering away, lol


Thursday Theories – Twitter payback.

I watched as Rowling joined in with bullying a trans person who has CPTSD, while she tried to destroy Stonewall. I heard her silence as someone she followed wished rape on myself and the women in my family. I was mass reported by transphobes, and the ONLY thing that they could get me up on, was my banner picture of a Minion in a bikini.

So, excuse me when I say that death threats are ALWAYS wrong, but it seems that it’s only not okay when certain people get them. While interacting with people who have given them out. And sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee, I find it pretty funny that Twitter didn’t take it down. Just like Twitter doesn’t take down the rape threats. Just like they didn’t take down Allison Bailey tweets talking about teenage girls bodies (the Lawyer that “sued” Stonewall with Rowlings help) Just like they didn’t take down the bullying tweets of said trans person. Just like they haven’t taken down the transphobic merchandise that Rowling advertised.

So, please transphobes, shut up with the “Free Speech” crap. It’s getting tiresome and really boring, and really is not having any impact on anyone anymore.

Man, I am OVER that “woman”.

I am really over her.

You know, I am going to think about this with less emotion. If the transphobes hadn’t had mass reported me I would have reported that threat. Interesting that it’s still up there. That’s what transphobes normally do.

Thursday Theories – “Violations”

Being “kicked off” of Twitter, for the stupidest reason. Has been quiet good, I know that when Elon Musk said he was going to buy Twitter. A group of us said we will leave Twitter, myself included. So it’s actually been quiet good.

It’s also been interesting seeing it as someone who does not have Twitter, and you realise how toxic twitter really is. And you also see how little people take any responsibility for their words and actions on there.

It’s like every single time at the moment, that when you see something about a celebrity it’s always from Twitter. Sometimes Instagram, rarely Facebook these days interesting enough. The day after I had been ‘banned’ there were a least 4 different celebrities who said stupid things on Twitter. By the way, if you’re going on Piers Morgan, it’s gonna end bad, no matter what your intention is, Macy Gray.

If Twitter were too actually stick to their “guns” (so to speak) Twitter would be SO much better. Twitter is definitely a toxic environment. Left, Centre or Right, doesn’t seem to matter on there.

Embrace your bodies all!

I am proud of myself right now

Of ALL the things I have said on Twitter, this is not what I expected.

I am proud of myself, I know exactly why it happened.

I had a tweet, it didn’t go viral (as far as I’m aware anyway). It was popular though. I basically reminded people that Rowling is a middle aged bully, to ignore her. I am guessing that tweet didn’t work, so they went for this instead.

This is also proof of how stupid Twitter has gotten. The amount of trans accounts, or trans supportive accounts that have had this happen to them, is ridiculous. While people like Rowling are allowed to retweet transphobic merchandise, literally talking about people’s dicks. They’re all still up there.

A lot of us have said that if Elon Muck does buy it, we’re all coming off Twitter, including myself. I am hoping he does, I was going to say that just too myself. But it’s just getting ridiculous on there. Even though he has not bought it, the Right are tagging him nearly every single post about how the “left” are attacking their Freedom of Speech.

I think it’s time people, I think it’s time.

I think its time people, for starting to take myself off of Twitter.

Oh my god, it is SUCH a mess on there! I actually think it’s worse than Facebook sometimes. It’s like FB has those algorithms, which you can ignore most of the times. But twitter, I swear is becoming bad for both “sides” and just for causes in general.

I went on for an hour, the other day. Honestly, just to check Roe vs Wade. Made a comment on a thread, and literally just said “I get your intention, but maybe don’t use Jenner as representation for the trans community. She is a privileged person” … Well!

I got called a fascists’, that I was policing people. Even though, ironically, they agreed using Jenner was a bad idea. And that was from people who I follow and supported. They blocked me after calling me a fascists’. And it’s not the first time that sort of thing has happened to me.

I will continue to support trans people forever more, but I really feel some people just need to get off of Twitter altogether. If Twitter were doing what Twitter SHOULD be doing, it’d be a different story. But since Twitter doesn’t want too, we have to make these decisions for ourselves.


Mid-Week … Stupid Tweets

Some people have clearly not learnt that you don’t have to post every thought that crosses your mind. I’m going to start posting tweets I’ve come across during the week…Let’s have a good laugh…The only sad thing is, all of the tweeters will stand behind anything and everything they’ve said.

Clearly Louise, really hasn’t thought this one through.
Are they claiming that women pretty much can reproduce on their own? Pretty sure it’s 50/50, and that’s only if a woman WANTS to reproduce with a man.
The UK is great with migrants, refugees and immigrants because, according to white people, the UK tolerates them. Proving Adil Ray’s point, ironically.

Whoever did set this up, did it on purpose, lol

Need therapy and not twitter?

Now I am very aware of when I should not be on Twitter. I listen to myself, but I don’t think everyone does this. There are lot of people on Twitter who probably need Therapy, not Twitter. The problem with a place like Twitter and Facebook is that a lot of people are bored, and it is extremely quick to scroll and to get instant satisfaction to get see your point of view being presented.

So why don’t people realise this?

I was inspired to read this post after writing a post about how embarrassing some white women are when it comes to being TERFs. Well, a TERF quote tweeted me and said that I was being racist (by calling them uppity) but also mentioned Meghan Markle? Not a in a good light. I was initially confused because the tweet I responded too didn’t mention MM, and neither did I.

My brain in that moment…

Twitter Troubles #3 – Twitter Influencers

I’m going to start by saying this, I don’t think a lot of people are going to like this. But, please read it first, think about it and then make a comment. I am speaking from my personal experience, because of how myself and another friend were treated. I have now un-followed a lot of people who I would consider to be a “twitter influencer”.

What I mean personally, by a “twitter influencers” Is not necessarily a particular celebrity, but more someone whose made some kind of impact via Twitter. Rather than a singer, actor, reality tv show. Exactly like an Instagram influencer, but on Twitter,lol.

I am sure that I have written about my incident with a twitter influencer before. Too break it down, a friend of mine and I got into a argument with an “Liberal” on Twitter. You may have even heard of her. “Ohnoshetwint”? Anyway, for some unknown reason, she got really angry at us when we suggested, that in mean time, until voting happens. Too actually get out there. I even said to her “Can you imagine how amazing it would be if you could go to a Trump and drown out his hate speech out?” We got called all sorts of names, like incompetent “little bitch”. No idea WHY she got angry. She then got her followers to gang up on us. Just to find out that she’s going around saying how great it was all those people booing Trump…You know, like we had suggested she do?

After this incident, where she blocked us as well *rolls eyes* I guess the truth hurts sometimes. I’ve got like 900 followers and my friend has about 500 at the time. I have unfollowed a LOT of people.

I started to have “standards” so to speak.

  1. I find it funny when Trump supporters get offended by swearing and I do love it when people tell them to “F Off”. But when it’s someone’s ONLY response? Come on, we got to do better than that.
  2. If you’re “Don’t Vote Blue No Matter Who” supporter. Yes, do indeed vote blue no matter who. They’re not all prefect, but they are better than Trump! Remember people, the crazies are dedicated! They WILL show up.
  3. As above, if I can’t tell if you’re a Trump supporter or a purely “Bernie, Warren, Harris, Biden, Yang, Gabbard” ‘dedicated’ supporter, I’m probably going to unfollow you.