Turn Off’s

I had an interesting conservation today with a girlfriend about when I was single, what my biggest turns off were? It was brought up because it made me think what they used to be. It reminded me of a situation that really turned me off one guy in particular, he used to say all the time “Oh, we are totally going to end up sleeping together” Which didn’t actually “turn me off” but I get annoyed by those kind of statements. There was a situation where this married guy who I thought was a good friends to me, basically started “dumping me” so-to-speak for the new young girl in the group. Which I was hurt by and put off for various reasons.

Any-ways, this guy knew what was going on because basically the girl is his sister. What this guy did though and said to me, to try and get in my pants, I will never forget, because it was simply of all comments that were made to me, this was the biggest douchebag turn off ever! He said and I quote “I love *whatshisface* like a brother, but he only likes girls who can’t think for themselves” … Now this turned me off for several reason,lol:

  1. You managed to insult your sister, “brother from another mother” and his wife in one sentence, JUST to try and get in my pants … What do you say about me behind my back?
  2. What kind of person do you think I am just because you insulted people I have little respect for?
  3. Maybe the reason your friend is so disrespectful because his “friends” do nothing about his behaviour and do things like talk disgustingly about each other behind their backs?

After dealing with that guy I was turned off the entire group.

What are your biggest turn offs?