It’s true!

I was inspired to write this post after I saw some truths recently that I felt like sharing, cause they made me go … HEY! YEAH! lol. Now some of these may offend some people, and that’s not what I am meaning to do. I just thought they were “funny”.

  • Satan has been around since the beginning of time too and he hasn’t killed any of his family, yet God…Hmm!
  • Witches were burned and hung because they weren’t part of the “normal” society. Trans gender people are defined as not part of “normal” society. So who really are the Witches being persecuted this time?
  • The Right always whine about … well … everything … Let’s be honest here. Yet, they’re always the first to says how it’s the “Left” or “Liberals” who whine about … well … everything. Yet, if you actually looked at their track record Lil Nas, coffee machines, kneeling, W.A.P, Meghan Markle, Harry Styles wearing a dress. How “not” racists they are, while being racists, transgender people, women having access to their own bodies, shoes, socks.
  • Animals are better than people, except for flies, mosquitos and maggots.
  • Even if it doesn’t taste nice to others, everything tastes nicer when you make it yourself.