Admit It

… There are people in your life, who tell YOU “Oh, they mean well, so we have to excuse their behaviour” But then they turn around and you realise, they don’t do what they tell you too do.

I have family members who nobody really likes, but they’re fun at parties. Over the last couple of years, they’ve gotten slowly steadily worse and worse with their views. I have written about them a couple of times. They didn’t invite me to a birthday, then thought everyone was saying no, because they hadn’t invited me. And still wouldn’t let me invite any of my friends. They’re racists, anti-vaxers who say “so what” if someone’s a Doctor.

Generally, not good people. But you know “They mean well” so I can’t cause problems (by the way, they do not mean well. They’re just in their own home and own bubble).

I realised the other day, that my brother, despite all his “Oh they’re not that bad”, has yet to to introduce them to his partner. Who is freaking lovely as, because he doesn’t want to introduce his partner, in case they embarrass him. Yet, the audacity to tell me “they’re not that bad”.

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Seriously, why do people keep doing this too me? lol.

It’s like people keep expecting me to put up with everyone, so they don’t have to take care of everyone when they’re old and frail, which by the way, they are totally going to have too. I ain’t taking care of people who’ve been bullying and abusing me my whole life. There’s a lot of people our there who have a lot of making up to do to me, before I take care of them.

Take my Dad, as an example. I nearly sent a text to him, telling him exactly how I felt. My brother told me not too, in case I wanted to repair the relationship. Which, maybe at some point I would. At this point, I don’t care either way. I’ve had enough. Then I realised a few days after. You know what? I would be willingly to bet, my brother doesn’t want the responsibility of feeling like he has to look after our Dad. If our father doesn’t kill himself first with his drinking.

The reality of real life is…

…Comedians sometimes become the joke,

No leader in the History of the world has been loved 100% and by all,

Viruses don’t care about your mental health, your job, your family, your friends. Too be fair to the virus, some humans don’t either…That’s a depressing thought, lol

Some people are currently fighting “the Government” (who agree with them), to get outside, just so they can go to another building and sit inside that building, haha…Think Pubs and Clubs. We even had people complaining when they could sit outside a restaurant, because they wanted to be inside the restaurant instead.

Mother Nature can take us all out.

Death and Taxes are real. If you don’t pay your taxes, you can murder, kill, harm, harass and bully others…But if you don’t pay your taxes…They’ll get you!

God…this turned out far more depressing than I originally wanted it to be, lol

Share Your World – 29/06/2020

Share Your World – 06/29/2020

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Must we have evidence to know the truth?

Ahhh…In a court room, you usually do need evidence. Generally though, a lot of the time, we don’t always need evidence. In fact, some people just ignore it all together *cough Trump was not exonerated* *cough there are more than two genders*. Personally, sometimes I don’t need evidence to know the truth, but it is helpful.

How much control does a person have over their life?

I think about 65% control,lol. We have control over certain things, but we don’t have control over everything. We don’t have control how others choose to treat us, we don’t have control over people to give us that job we really want. We do have control over, if we don’t get the job we wanted, what’s our next step then? We can control how we react to others. Then there are things like cancer, having anxiety feels like you don’t have control sometimes. But we can control, as an example, getting yearly checkups, watching how we treat our bodies. I have reasonably high cholesterol, as does most of my family. So I’m on tablets right now, but I can control my diet and exercise to help bring it down too.

What is gravity and how does it work?

Well gravity, in space, makes you float. Gravity on earth means that we don’t float. It has something to do with how fast earth goes around the sun. I want to ask my partner, he’s a physics teacher. But I’m going to answer it on my own…Can you tell?lol. It has something to do with the sun pulling on earth. Or any planet really.

Can a person be happy if they have never experienced sadness?  How about vice versa?

Of course! I don’t know, but sure,lol. It’s hard to think of anyone who hasn’t experienced both of those, who I can think of.


Please feel free to share a song, a poem, a quote or an image or photo to show what you were grateful for during this past week.    (Optional as always).

The control question actually inspired me to apply for potential jobs. I’ve always thought that I would do really well at a doggy day care centre, or something similar. So I cold-canvassed a couple of places today. The worst they can say is no, right? At least they have my information and can tell my enthusiasm, if they want.

Radical, man!

  • Sanders isn’t the nominee,
  • He endorses Biden.
  • Trump IS President (whether we like it or not, or how he got there).
  • At the moment the American Green Party is going to get nowhere, and honestly, they are just wasted votes.
  • THIS time, there are only two parties – Democrats and Republicans.
  • No one wants a radical straight after Trump. They need calm before another storm.
  • Fact checking is not censoring someone.
  • You don’t leave people with much of a choice, other than to riot, when you never listen.
  • Whoever comes after Trump WILL have to clean up Trump’s mess.
  • There are literal Bible Quotes where God wants people to pray in private.

Tag…The truth is it!

mean memes

A friend of mine recently tagged me in something on Facebook. I had just made a comment about why were people comparing Greta Thunberg and dead soldiers, like they were the same thing. I saw this post criticising Greta because her “generation” created plastic consumption. While posting a picture of (probably) a dead solider and once again criticising Greta for not really saving the planet, unlike the solider.




I read something today that I thought was the most brilliant response to somebodies questions of “What’s the point of trying to Impeach Trump, when you know you’re going to lose anyway?”.

This persons response with a very famous Christian author’s response, who wrote a very popular novel and movie. I’m going to post the persons’s and authors quote:

Do you do the right thing because it’s right, or because you think you’ll win?

Do you know who the author was? I’ll only give one clue, they’re dead now, but they’re novels were turned into movies in present day and it become beloved again.

But the above quote is also true. It’s kind of along the lines of “Just because your friends are jumping off the edge of the cliff, does that mean you have too as well?”.

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I also think though that Trump and Co’s reaction prove themselves that they are hiding something.

Just a thought…

Do you think that anyone from the #GOP knows what a truth even is anymore? Or in fact a majority of Politicians? Thinking of our own Liberal Government here in Australia. Or the politicians in the UK…or in a lot of places really…Jacinda Arden, I like her. Isn’t that funny, the most beloved elected – politician of the moment is a woman. Considering that all these people say “How women are too emotional. Can’t lead” The most popular and most stable politician, is a woman…Who would have seen that one coming?

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Sad Reality…

I wish I could find the actual tweet. I saw a tweet that made me feel a little sad.

“When people get more upset over shoes and the casting of a fictional character, then dead children. It’s a bad time”.

Oh my goodness, so much more has happened since I started writing this post. But I feel it’s still holds true. I never thought it’d get worse. Too be honest though, children dying in these camps is probably the worst part of the whole administration.


Trumpter Logic 24


So for years, years and even more years, and still now…The Obamas were called a lot of deplorable names by the likes of Trump supporters and Trump alike.

Sarah Sanders resigned a few days ago, amid all the lies she had told. The Washington Post wrote about all the lies that Sarah Sanders has told. This outraged Trump Supporters…Yes, how dare the Washington Post write about Sarah Sanders and her lies? Outrageous, how the “lefties” treat her….What…a liar?

On some level, I never want to figure out why Trump supporters think the way the way they do. Yes, how dare someone call someone out on their lying? What a disgrace! They should be writing more about locking up Hillary and how Michelle Obama’s ‘real’ name is “Michael”.?

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