One day the Right will understand what Democracy and what an Opinion is.

I was “inspired” to write this post and having a “conversation” with a right winger, about how disrespectful and how hateful a potential Republican candidate was being towards the entire LGBTQIA community. They kept going on and on and on and on about how “we’re in a Democracy” after all.

As I had to explain to him “No you’re not in a Democracy. I don’t respect you or her (the candidate), but unlike you both I am not advocating for your arrest, based on a “opinion” either”. That’s what she was doing. And that is not Democracy. While also obviously complaining about how God made you a certain “way”, so you should love yourself that way. While having an obvious lot of work done, on themselves.

You literally don’t have to like anyone on this planet, but calling for other’s arrests. Using a hateful ‘opinion’ to demean others, to try and bring down groups of other HUMAN BEINGS down. That’s not Democracy. That’s tyranny.



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Greek History


  1. cruel and oppressive government or rule. “refugees fleeing tyranny and oppression” Similar: despotism absolutism absolute power autocracy dictatorship undemocratic rule reign of terror totalitarianism
    • a state under cruel and oppressive government.
    • cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. “the tyranny of her stepmother”



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  1. a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. “a system of parliamentary democracy” Similar:representative government elective government constitutional government popular government self-government government by the people autonomy republic commonwealth
    • a state governed under a system of democracy. plural noun: democracies “a multiparty democracy”
    • control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. “the intended extension of industrial democracy”

Also, well done to Minneapolis–Saint Paul Twin Cities for democratically protesting Dave Chapelle’s bigoted ass out of there! You are NOT extremists. You are doing everything, as an American, you are ENTITLED too do. Also fuck you Dave Chapelle.


Funny, because they’re true

  • We have more tools than ever to communicate, but we communicate less.
  • We have better Science than the Dark Ages, but we still choose to listen to the Dark Ages (well, WE, don’t).
  • We understand better how humans works and think, but we still have no sympathy.
  • Transpeople have been around for decades if not centuries now, and transphobes be acting like they’ve just popped from a cabbage patch.

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  • We have better understanding of a lot of things, but we (not us “we”) still think that we know everything, while proving that we don’t.
  • We accuse others of what we do ourselves, while having the world at our fingertips to find out what we CAN do, rather than accuse others.
  • We have so many “Rights” for ourselves, but what about others?
  • Too be honest, there’s not much to be “funny” about. Does that make this sad, but true instead?

Actual Truth…

Loud Dobbs who has accused the Democrats of sympathising with terrorists and caring more about them then Gold Star families. For every lie they say, there’s an Trump action where he actual has done that.
Trump bragged about love letters from Kim Jong Un, he put Saudi above Jamal Khagossi and he actually put down a Gold Star family. I was going to edit “Loud” to “Lou”, but it actually suits.

There is so much “Is that true” or “is it false”. One does have to be very careful.

So be careful!

Don’t just assume *although completely justified* that everything Trump says is a lie. Do your own research into it as well.

blind acceptance


So I was asked the other day why the elephants that the Kardashians were riding, weren’t from a sanctuary when the place says “Sanctuary”.

It’s really not a complicated situation. Just because someone calls themselves something, does automatically make it true.

The BEST way to tell if someone is a real sanctuary, is this. It’s all how they treat the animals. If they’re still letting people ride elephants, if the animals are being “petted”, usually still by the public. Elephants don’t naturally have anything on their backs, maybe birds. But people, we are not birds. You can tell yourself you weigh as little as bird, you don’t. If you do, you’re probably dead. Not sorry Kardashians.

Too get people onto the backs of elephants. Elephants, usually from a very young age, are whipped with bull hooks. SO WHILE some of these “sanctuaries” may brag they have rescued these elephants. Continuing these “tradition” doesn’t sound very sanctuary-like, does it? I don’t even think that they are still whipping the elephants. Doesn’t change that the elephants are probably still quiet frightened it’s going to happen. How are they supposed to know it wont?

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Simply: If the public/celebrities are still being allowed to play and touch with the animals. It’s a no no to being a sanctuary. There are some good sanctuaries out there.

GG Conservation – The workers sometimes work with the animals when something needs to be done. Their animals tend to be special cases, and could never be released back into the wild.


Let’s break it down…again…

I feel like every single time there is a huge sexual assault case. All the “I don’t believe her, she waited too long”. Every single time we have to explain it all over again. Why people don’t report.

I have to say though it is amazing how Republican women will claim they were assaulted and they went straight to their Mothers. Yet, that’s not their problem. They keeps saying why didn’t she go to the police. Not one of the has said that they went to the police or the FBI either! So whose to say that there story is true? Isn’t that their whole problem?

Anyways, I digress…

Hopefully you have all been seeing the hashtags on Twitter or Instagram … #whyIdidntreport

If you have seen this hashtag, I hope you have read the courageous tales of both women AND men…On the various reasons of why they didn’t report.

  • They were terrifed
  • They knew the person and were in shock
  • The person was in a position of power.
  • They let someone know, but they were not believed or told not cause a “scene”.
  • They were threatened.

Please understand that while at the same time it is complicated and it’s also not. It’s a story.



My Tagline

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tagline.”

I loved the idea of posting this one, there is a tagline that I actually use to remind myself every day that I am loved and I have been loved and I have been lucky and that I am not alone.

This is not one I created myself, but one I obtained from my Great-Grandfather and in turned he had this passed down to him, through William Shakespeare.

“To thine own self be true”