Those Trolls!

… And this post is not about the cute kind.

During the Trump President era, we saw a lot of these trolls come onto the scene. They came in all shapes, sorts and numbers. Claiming to speak for the silent majority.

There was Gav666999 and Kazza343437787 and TruthFreedomSeeker23

There was the picture of the dog, and the cats, and the horse…There were pictures of sunsets, and clear photos taken from a photo shot.

How did you handle them?

I think, like a few people, with all my positive and hopeful thinking. When Trump lost (the first time) that maybe we’d see the Trolls go back to the caves, or under their bridges…

No such luck,

We got rid of the King Great Goblin…

You know that saying about grey hairs? You pluck one…3 or 4 grow in it’s stead?

So we finally got rid, of you know who…

And then a whole bunch of Troll babies seem to take his place.

He may be gone from Twitter and Facebook, but it’s like. People still went and saw Trump and went “Oh yes, I can do that too!”.


Dear Twitter, blogging friends

I want to make this blog post directed towards the people who do blogging, but are also on Twitter, especially in this political climate. There are so many trolls on Facebook, Trump being the biggest of them all.

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Be careful of these trolls, they can take you WAY off topic. I have fallen victim to this to myself, a few times. The best advice I give you, is too take a deep breathe and do your research.

I know that it’s easy to react. But don’t! Stop, take a deep breath in and go look at their profile first, before you react. I’ve been doing this lately, it’s really refreshing. When you take a moment, take a breath and look, do some research. You do start to notice a lot more bots, which are more easier to block. When you realise what they are.


Like music to my ears

Captain Marvel delivers a perfect answer to her trolls

This articles says exactly what I’m thinking, very literally in some parts.

Captain Marvel has been doing so well all over the world and at the box office, absolutely smashing through what her “critics” said. I don’t if you all heard about Rotten Tomatoes, “men” who hadn’t even seen the movie didn’t like what Brie Larson had been saying. They thought putting the movie down on Rotten Tomatoes, would somehow make the film fail? They did the same thing to Black Panther. Didn’t work then, didn’t work now. Isn’t going to work little MRA’s. It got so bad that Rotten Tomatoes have NOW taken the steps to make sure that people can’t review a movie before it’s actually released.

Captain Marvel hit by online trolls – But Disney was ready

Smile, trolls…You’ll look so much prettier.


Please don’t feed the trolls!

I’m not sure how much you’ve heard, but here “Down Under” we have a very important postal vote coming out to try and get same-sex marriage equality…Even though most other countries just seem to “get it”.

Unfortunately what also goes with that is the “Trolls”…Sooooooooo many Trolls…You can’t imagine the Trolls…This is probably the best advice, you HAVE to ignore them! Some of them can get really nasty, but you can delete, block and get moving…

The BEST thing you can do is to get out there…vote…Advocate all the Yes’s that you can!

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