Mum’s Overseas Trip

My Mum is heading off tonight on a overseas trip for the next couple of weeks and I am not sure whose more excited, her, myself or my Gran who is going overseas with her. My mum and Gran are going overseas mainly to celebrate my Gran’s Aunty 90th birthday and it’s the first overseas trip for my Mum.

I’m mainly excited because I get the house to myself for a bit. I am so going to experiment with so much food!…It’s a long story but pretty much my family think that I can’t cook >.< A very long story that wasn’t even my fault, can I just say…That’s a story for another day though!

On a completely different path I am actually really excited for my Mum. I think she’s going to have a great time even if she is she is going through the UK’s winter time. I am hoping that it will motivate her and kick her butt into gear. Makes her want to make seriously needed changes in her life!


Melbourne Magic!

Well I got back from my trip last night so I thought that I would write just a little bit about it. Also I have to cheer myself up because the busy season for where I work starts for the next month and in the run up to it, I’ve once again been reminded how customers can be the customer service area worst enemy! =D

It was fantastic! The freedom that Melbourne offers people is something definitely┬ánot seen in Adelaide. You can pretty much get on any form of public transport and you’ll get somewhere really quickly. In Adelaide you can be travelling somewhere that should take you about 10 minutes and it will an hour, sometime more if the bus is not on time (which regularly happens).

Plus when there are just SO many shows and plays and just so many things that you can do. It was just incredible, I didn’t even mind the blistering cold. I want to go back there as soon as possible and stay WAY longer next time, I am already planning my next trip.

What do you do?! Blog Block!

I am looking at the little cursor flashing away at my screen and I just keep blinking at the screen…This is definitely a blog challenge! What to write when you can’t think of anything to write and am having a hard time to be inspired! I’m about to go away for a couple of days to and I want give my readers something to read!

What do you, my readers and followers do, when you have a complete block?

Are there sites that you would recommend where people can participate in Blog challenges (mainly to inspire me of course!lol)