We’re going to get deep and dark here, people!

*I am doing a HUGE trigger and sensitive subject warning here. I’m going to be talking about rape, on humans and animals*

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There are several dog/cat/animal foster accounts that I follow on Instagram. A lot of them are about disabled animals. Or in the cases of farming type animals, they escaped, or they were being treated badly. I also follow a couple of fox accounts, ones that have been saved from being furred.

One of them who which were talking about how they saved a puppy, not even a dog, but a puppy. Some monster had raped it, and broken it’s back. Right now, they’re trying to see what they can do. They don’t think they can it’ll ever fully heal, but because it’s young, it might be able to get some strength. What disturbed me as well, this person will get away with it! In Mexico, there are few animal protection laws. So they know who did this, but nothing will done.

It disturbs me, because not many countries have fantastic animal protections Laws. Even when they do, they are not always enforced. It disturbs me for obvious big reasons, how long before these monsters take it out on humans? It’s why I think Animal Protection Laws HAVE to be taken far more seriously.

How long before they get bored, or want to get more “dangerous” You don’t need to be a Freudian to know that people who harm animals in anyway are psychotic. So why aren’t protection for animals taken more seriously? It seems like a natural progression. People who rape, kill and harm animals, guess where the next step is. They’re getting away with it now, how long before they get “bored”. Which is why I don’t get it.

Animals, children and babies, are our most innocent. Too me raping an animal, is no different to raping a child or a baby. Neither can defend themselves, and they have no idea what’s going on. They end up horribly injured…So WHY, aren’t we doing more to protect…well, animals. There is nothing normal at all about raping an animal (let alone general rape). Even if they had them on a watch list or something. Something similar to what they have for terrorists, or sex offenders list! You watch them stop doing it once they’re on a list like that! How is raping an animal, not a sex crime?