…But not the box! I mean the radio station! I just got introduced to it this week (even though it’s been out for, forever!)

Check it out here! Pandora – Free Radio Station

THIS Pandora is a free radio station. By free I mean that the music is free to listen too, although it does give you the option and will give you a link to buy the tracks. You can choose the type of music, genre, artist, that sort of thing and it will play music similar to what you started to listen too. You can create over 100 stations and you can choose the music specifically for that station (I already have 3).

It is free, in that you don’t have to pay for the music, BUT of course there is downloading and that always takes up Gigabytes. The amount of gigabytes though is so tiny, that they don’t even take up a whole gigabyte over hours of listening to the music.

WildLife Safari…One Week to go!

I am so sad today! It is one week to go until Nat Geo and the UStream Channels finish with their WildLife Safari for the year (in fact I am watching it right this second…Go Watch it…Right now! Wild Safari Live! )

Check out some of their Facebook pages here: Wild Safari Live TV

DJuma Game Reserve

I am highly encouraging all of you to take total advantage of this extremely unique opportunity while you can! I promise you, you wont be disappointed!