Consent IS the point!

I could be wrong, for myself, personally…MeToo isn’t just about rape…Just like feminism isn’t about women ruling over men. It’s about everything that people have experienced, sexual assault wise. I have not been raped, I have been sexually assaulted. Ironically by a friend who was “hugging”me and the hugging got out of control. Ever since I always felt uncomfortable with hugging. Mainly by the opposite gender to myself. Logically I know that most people are not out to “get me” so-to-speak.

Hence, why one should never judge someone else. I feel uncomfortable, even though I know most guys are not out to hurt me. I got frustrated with people mocking those women who said that they felt crept out by Joe Biden, because I am one of them. Not, that I’ve been hugged by Biden, but…you know what I mean.

Even his own wife was one of them at a time. Joe Biden’s hands-on habits made even Jill Biden uncomfortable. I am pretty sure that she doesn’t hate him.

Not everyone enjoy hugs, but everyone can make us feel like we’re weird if we don’t. I saw one person say that how dare people not do common courtesy anymore ie, how dare people say hugging is weird. How about some common courtesy for those who just don’t enjoy hugs? Who just don’t enjoy being touched? Why is it alright to make fun of those who don’t enjoy being hugged/touched, but not alright to tell people that we don’t like being touched/hugged? How is it common courtesy to force people into a situation where they don’t feel comfortable?

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