Human Choices, means we CAN work together!

The best choice that we are given in this life, as human, is too love or too hate.

Too love and to hate is OUR choice to make.

They may be the only two choices we really get too make in this lifetime. Too love and too hate. We can’t really control our bodies, we can’t really control getting that job we want and we definitely can’t control winning the lotto…But…love and hate, we CAN control that!

We can control how we treat others. We can choose to inform ourselves.

There is SO much us vs them, when it’s weird because we all want the same thing?

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I think this is what I get the LEAST about #TERF this whole “support women”. Trans Activist are, you are not. How about ALL women #worktogether to bring the Patriarchy to heal instead of attacking trans-women? Too stop violence against women? Why are they SO us vs them…We are ALL women!

The people fighting over whose better Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren…They are BOTH fantastic candidates for VP! We’re all on the same level here, at least I thought so? Lately I’ve been having to unfollow a LOT of “Get Rid of Trump” people. It’s way too toxic. We all want to get rid of Trump, right? Which means we need a GOOD VP, and both ladies are GOOD…They are so good in fact, I wish that were in the nomination for POTUS.

In Victoria, they are now in pretty much total lockdown…Because, human beings are stupid. The people who were against masks, thought that the virus isn’t real. Are now the one’s complaining why didn’t the mask work? BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T WEARING MASKS! YOU THOUGHT THE VIRUS WASN’T REAL, SO DID NO SOCIAL DISTANCING. These people decided to listen to “political” news reporters, instead of Health Officials and now they’re complaining about them.


I literally had to point out to a woman, who was glad that they weren’t going to fund a woman’s rape center. On the off chance a transwoman, might sneak through. What absolutely INFURIATED me. The screw women woman further down in the conversation. Stated that she didn’t even KNOW that transwomen have been going to rape centers for literal DECADES! And she STILL couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t support them making separate rape centers for transwomen separately, when, clearly, it was SO bad with trans-women in the rape center…SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW! She literally said “Now I know, I’m going to fight it”…WHY…Because it was working so badly, you literally DID NOT KNOW!

Another one of her likers said, why can’t you work with us, instead of against us.

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Why can’t THEY work with ALL women, and help bring the Patriarchy to heal and HELP to stop violence against women? Or just help to stop rape, altogether. How does separating women who have been raped from other women who have been raped, helpful? There is no way in hell if transwomen being in a rape centre, wasn’t working, that there would be total silence. They probably would have by now.

Why can’t Warren and Harris supporters work together to get rid of Trump AND Pence!


Learn something new every day!

I am a BIG believer in learning something new every single day…Literally a huge believer in it, so I decided to test my theory on this. I got the idea from Dave’s Corner of the Universe … When better to do it then the month of my birthday? A whole new year, another year around the sun…sigh…lol…Although this will be coming all in one full post, I will be posting about something new that I learned that day. Whether that be about myself, someone else or just some random fact…Enjoy! Let’s learn together…

For the Month of April…

  1. Too much Heinz spaghetti in one toastie, will explode in the sandwich toaster.
  2. Scientologist/Scientology….BLOW MY MIND! How it’s all legal, is beyond me. Watch Louis Theroux and Leah Remini series.
  3. I can feel the difference now when I drink coffee and when I drink black/earl grey tea. How it heightens and how coffee buzzes with my mind, which does not help anxiety. Try and stop drinking coffee for two weeks and see how you feel with that first cup of joe after two weeks. 
  4. People do NOT read the letters they are given. Then honestly expect you to give them…oh I don’t know…Their thousands of dollars school course for free, because they’ve waited till the last minute to setup their fees…Since they’ve gotten the final letter saying they’ll be taken to the debt collectors…Like that’s our fault? How surprising it is to see just SO many people NOT pay fees. I couldn’t live with it!
  5. Ian McKellen was asked to play Dumbledore 
  6. Alligators are apparently more “placid” than Crocodiles.
  7. Sometimes when you feel a cold or the flu coming on…Do everything! Stay Warm, drink lots of tea, have some Panadol and have lots of vitamin C I swear that it holds it off.
  8. Even a sip of off milk can hurt/upset your stomach…Do not ask! If you’re not sure, throw it out.
  9. Karula the magnificent Leopard is feared dead, as we haven’t seen her in such a long time. I never thought I could feel so much dread of an animal I have never met.
  10. Possible sympathy cold? Can you get those?
  11. Napoleon abdicated willingly and was exiled.
  12. If you work hard enough, you always get where you want in the end.
  13. Having two days in a row to do nothing is truly something I may have too treasure soon! I can always say no, but I wont want to for a while.
  14. Is there any chocolate any better than dark peppermint chocolate?
  15. I got to watch April the Giraffe give birth live!
  16. My body is capable of a lot, I just wish my mind could catch up!
  17. Weather is really weird, when it’s changing from season to season and I never know how many jackets or cardigans to carry with me.
  18. Slenderman is freaking freaky and I haven’t even played the game! (Watching “Fear the Slenderman“…The true story of the two young girls who attempted to kill their “friend” to appease the Slenderman)
  19. In 1770 Captain James Cook first sighted Australia.
  20. Gators the latest in bush-walking fashion.
  21. I don’t think Instagram is the place to talk about Equality, unless you fit that persons “box”.
  22. Not sleeping well two nights in a row (just can’t sleep) really makes you feel unwell. Then sleeping during the day makes it harder to sleep at night, again.
  23. I love that we are STILL finding things like these ancient Egyptian Tombs, it really is fascinating. Another piece of a puzzle!
  24. Emperor Penguins have 100 feathers per square inch.
  25. Lest We Forget
  26. I heard the best quote today “We have learnt our rights, but we have not learnt our responsibilities”.
  27. The 27th of 2017 is #safarilive and WildEarth 10th birthday of streaming live feeds of streaming live safari’s…PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!
  28. In 1770 Captain James Hook, aboard the Endeavour ship, lands at Botany Bay in Australia.
  29. There is absolutely a reason why they have Warnings on the packets of headache/pain tablets, about not drinking alcohol after you’ve taken them…Don’t ask,lol
  30. I have always believed that animals have emotions, but I’m not sure who else agrees.


I just wanted to start off with saying that I actually had another post ready to go today, but there is no way that I can post that post and ignore what’s going on in Dallas and the bad situation over there.

So much is wrong with this whole situation and I would be shocked to find anyone who didn’t see something like this coming. There’s only so much people should have to live with, no one should feel unsafe in their own car, in their own home, in their own neighbourhood.

I am very lucky living in Australia, and here “Down Under” I feel safe and it feels partly wrong to write about another country. In some ways though, I also feel like we all live on this planet together and there are just sometimes where you have to stand shoulder to shoulder with others, even if it’s just metaphorically speaking.

So my thoughts are with Dallas tonight and I HOPE that we all learn from this.

Do you think Charlie Chaplin would have had any clue how poignant his words would still be today? I am crying.

Good News

There is SO much bad news out there and even when something sweet is said, it is suddenly turned into something really nasty and people just seem to focus on the bad. Taking away anything meaningful from the situation. I have felt hopelessly, trying to be positive, to the point I left Facebook for a good week and it was only because those who cared were positive I was being cyber-bullied, that I came back.

However, just over the weekend and just a couple of weeks ago, I had a little hope. I was just reading a news article, as one does, and I had noticed that the “topic” that all of these articles were under was called “Good News” Good News – 9News

I feel like though this was made into a section because of famed Noni Hazelhurst, recent Hall of Fame Logie winners speech.

 “I don’t want people to think I want everyone to be lovely and sweet, I don’t want that, that’s just stupid. What I want is to try and redress the imbalance, to actually have something that acts as an anecdote to this unremitting negativity because I really think people are suffering and it’s dividing us,”

I am thinking that I might, even myself, start a section that is ONLY ever about good news…

What do you all think?