So tired

I was going to write this as a theory, but it’s not a theory, it’s a fact.

Oh you will make #History, just on the wrong side of it #WomenWontWeesht Karen. “Space” Karen here likes to block women and likes the posts of white males who ask complete strangers what they name their body parts. #protectwomenfromKarens

I am so TIRED. I will keep fighting for trans rights. But I am SO tired, of seeing these utter LOSERS have to admit over and over again, that they’re wrong. They #lose over and over again, and yet they *think* they speak for women. I wish they would #wheest

“Sex Matters” are a big anti-trans “company” that regularly get to be heard at important discussions, like the GRR/GRC in Scotland. See, not the first time that they’ve had to admit they’re wrong either. But, they’ll keep being heard over trans supportive women, and trans people, about trans people situations. Even though they are regularly wrong and admit so.

I am not even kidding how many MORE times, do we just have to sit back and let these bigots talk over us?


What I’d like and what I need

I realised yesterday, that since Travie went missing. I have not had a chance to sit and relax, to have a break. Even the day…early morning…he came back, everyone want to know everything. Which is obviously really sweet, but we all needed a sleep.

I honestly answered the door and the phone, the first time, to well wishes like this…

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And I just looked worse and worse throughout the day, lol. You have to remember, Travie came back at 4:30 in the morning.

My “problem” is, I love to stream, blog and generally be awake at work.

I just haven’t had anytime to do anything. I love my work, but we only get public holidays off. So all Christmas I’ve been working, too come back to my partners house, with nothing cleaned, the cat sick everywhere AND NO DINNER COOKED! Luckily, I have been “killing it” at work since my work neighbour has been upstairs and I’m downstairs. But again, that makes me tired, lol.

Data Entry is surprisingly tiring work! lol

So I guess, in about a month. I’m going to see if I can take a week off work. Of course, when everyone else is back at work, haha!

Too be fair to my partner, the cat’s sick makes him sick…BUT…The dishes weren’t done and there were more than two days of dishes, because I had been at my mum’s home. AND STILL NO DINNER! The sick was in the laundry, nowhere near the kitchen. Honestly, I wanted to cry.

But you know, life keeps moving. Also, I refuse to do the dishes out of principal.

They’ll get done tomorrow morning, lol

it’s darkest before the dawn

The phrase it’s darkest before the dawn means that things always seem the worst right before they improve.

I think a lot of us are going right now “Dear god, that darkest part of the night is taking a long time”.

I am refusing to let the darkness take me, especially since I’m asleep usually at that time.

This is going to be a short post, but it is darkest before the dawn. Sadly, there is something rotten in this world, and it is not COVID. It should be COVID, it really should, but it is not. COVID is not the worst thing on this planet, it’s us, it’s Humans.


There are good humans, there are good beings out there. You are one of them! And that, we need to remember and hold onto. I think the biggest problem is, the worst of us, have the biggest platforms.

But, we are here.


Take a big yawn…

I am SO tired of having to repeat points to stupid people…Anyone else?

Good Law Project – Help protect children, families and teachers (it’s from the UK, but anyone can sign it)

There was a UK minister repeatedly saying that schools have like a CO2 cleaner (or something) so they can go back to school, they do not. Not matter how many times everyone else keeps telling them UK schools do not. I don’t know of any schools that do actually.

Constantly being told that we ignore trans predators who harm female predators in jail. We do not. How can we, when transphobes constantly remind us? We just don’t judge a group of people on the worst few. Otherwise, we would judge females based on the females predators that these trans predators are in jail with.

Anti-vaxxers calling “pro-“vaxxers un-Australian and that we should join the “brave” who refuse to get a vaccine. There’s nothing ‘brave’, by the way, by doing the least you can do to help others, when you can do the least you can do to help others.

  • There is proof/evidence of trans gender History, even before Christianity
  • Children CAN get COVID, but they are also carriers of COVID.
  • No one knows a child/teenager better than that child. No matter what you believe, Abigail Shier.
  • Talking about Abigail Shier. She is evidence of why there are Laws and Rule protecting children from adults, like Abigail Shrier,lol
  • No, knowing that teenagers understanding their gender and diversities better than their parents is not grooming or pedophilia.

Good Law Project – Help protect children, families, and teachers


This is a bit of a cop out, I can’t think of anything to write for the moment. It’s the world…Every single day…

Do people think what they write and say anymore?

Do they listen to the words as they come out of their mouths?

Even though Trump is “gone” why does it feel like we’re still dealing with him?

How can people possibly say that words have no impact, when Trump is still making life changing impacts?

Why are people so stupid?

Have we always been this stupid?

Is it just because we had no social media echo, echoing out every single opinion known to man?

Why hasn’t that died out in the fires of Hell, still?

Why do people keep insisting on tweeting and posting every single stupid thought they have.

(Oh, this doesn’t include you).

And when they’re wrong, instead of remembering to be humble and go “I fucked up”, they double down instead?

Why do people insist we need to help women and girls with education, but they think they know everything and don’t have to “educate” themselves, when they’re a woman, whose working to get women and girls better education.

Anyone else?

Anyone else simply just over hysterics?

It’s tiring to come on every day and see “journalists” brag how they’re fighting against Murdoch, only to turn around and do the exact same things ie be condescending to the public and protect one of their own. But you know, they’re not doing it like Murdoch does it. They’re just doing the exact same thing, as Murdoch.

Watching the UK “Education” ministers, make terrible decision, after terrible decision because they don’t get to have “Free Speech” of their horrible views. I tell you what, Hitler would have LOVED them! How are UK “ministers”, especially “Education” ones. NOT getting that that is how Hitler started! No one stopped him, when they should. I watched a Documentary a few months ago. Even LENIN regretted taking Hitler on! It is really odd to see people in the UK, be all for the same things that Hitler was for and did.

I can’t explain how odd I think it is.

Our Australian Prime Minister changed a word in our National Anthem, which was created in 1878. No, asking the public if that’s alright. No vote, not consensus, not asking. Just did it. However, we can’t change the date for Australia Day, which has only been a public national holiday for just a little over a decade now. Even the majority of people want it to be changed, and it will probably happen. No one has ever asked for a word to be changed in the Anthem. At the same time in South Australian, we now “celebrate” Proclamation Day on the 26th of December, as the rest of the Nation celebrate Boxing Day. Even though Proclamation Day is on the 28th of December. So they changed the day for the public holiday there. Which is odd, because South Australia is the only State set up by Free Settlers. So no one had a problem with that public holiday changing AND South Australia lost a public holiday because of that.

It was a nice country while it lasted. So Australia’s Prime Minster, has been handling a rape case in his own party, extremely badly. So of course, the QLD One Nation got this through. The Senate just voted to abolish the Family Court. What’s terrifying, we voted for One Nation, we voted for Morrisons Party, we re-voted Dutton in. WE DID THIS. We allowed Right Wing Conservatives to control our once beautiful Nation.

“You disguist me” Jacqui Lambie lashes Government over controversial plan.


How did we get rid of Trump, but this absolute stupidity is STILL going on!

I can’t even express what my mind is like right now. It’s just all stopped, with how crazy everything is, everywhere! It’s not a one country problem. It’s everywhere. We have a global pandemic and you wouldn’t even know it, with the stupidity right now.


I am tired of “people” like Liseth…My response below…

Liseth, don’t you have a happy life or something? I’m genuinely sad for you. Transpeople, are so few, that there is no way they could EVER infringe on cis people…EVER. Men or Women…So why so much hate towards strangers, that you wont let them live? Who truly hurt you.

I am SO over and so tired, of having to fight people. Because they so unhappy with their own lives, you racists, bigots…GET YOUR OWN LIFE AND LIVE IT! I am SO tired of it, there is no NEED to be this hateful towards others.

white person

I am not ashamed to admit, I am embarrassed to be white and a cis person, right now. It is embarrassing.

I’m doing it today!

I am doing it today! I am heading to the Doctor today and I am making them (this time) give me anxiety medication! I write (this time) in brackets because I have actually been to the Doctors and at first I respected the fact that they didn’t want to put me on tablets. They suggested I do hypnotherapy and it has worked to a point.

I feel like there is absolutely no shame in it. My life has definitely stopped and I’ve had to give up more work than I’ve ever had too recently…It is literally like my mind is tired of fighting it too. I just need a little help, it’s like taking flu medication that’s all. I do wonder sometimes if having that week off that I wanted too a month or so ago would have been helpful as well though.


Daylight Savings = Tired

From the moment we get up these days it feels like already you’re tired…I’m tired…Let’s all just get together and go to some little Island somewhere, where we can actually enjoy the world.

The world has just becoming mentally and physically draining…Has it always been like this? I don’t remember it being it being this bad. (Also we had Daylight Savings here over the weekend) Everything is just so sad and scary!

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The Holiday Tiredness

I have really been struggling this past week to think of anything to write, I think that I am suffering from the Holiday Tiredness. By this I mean, my brain is finally getting over the Holiday festiveness at the end of the year. That my brain has just turned itself off and it just wont work…But then, that in itself, is kind of something to write about as well.

I’m not even sure if my brain is tired because I’m thinking to much as well, of the things I want to do, but have no idea where to start. Or that I’m thinking of all the ways that I could start, that it’s making my brain tired that way as well.

Ahh, the mind…What a wonderful thing it is!

Do you feel the Holiday Tiredness as well? Especially after the festivities have ended and you are trying to get back to a “routine”. Does your brain, just turn itself off? Do you have plans in place to get yourself back “in the game”? Or do you just keep going along and wait for the ‘buzz’ to come back again?