The Iron Throne

Now I clearly don’t know who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne. This is also not meant to be a spoiler type blog, so please no spoilers.

What I would like to know though, for those who watch GOT, who do you think will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne, and why? Keep in mind as well, I have not and others may not have seen this weeks episode yet or possibly even last weeks episode. You can even let your mind run wild (like Natalie Dormers character comes back to life) or just because you like a certain character.

I personally think and kind of hoping it will be Tyrion. For a couple of reasons, one being the below gif still satisfies me.

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Games of Thrones

*If you have not seen the Games of Throne episode “Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken…Spoiler alerts…Also possibly over 18+ content*

So last week (I’ve only just gotten around to watching it) I watched the last episode “Unbowed,Unbent and Unbroken” and this episode has been creating a LOT of controversy, as Games of the Thrones always seems too (yes I’m aware I wrote that title wrong =P).

I noticed with myself though I spent half of it fast forwarding through a lot of the episode.  One of the good things about this episode though was that it did not just focus on just one character and did not focus on one story/plot line. This meant that the stories were pushed along and few needed to be because we had had nothing happen for a while with certain characters and it felt like “Oh, there you are”.

The problem that I am starting to have though with this series is that it’s feeling a little repetitive and yet people continue to be shocked and outrage. The particular scene at the the end was not even in the book. The writers of the show seem to think that there is only one way a woman could ever been given “strength” and that is through having really terrible happen to her and it’s starting to bore me. I was also bored though because I can’t believe that no one didn’t see what Ramsay did, coming? That’s just my opinion on the matter though. I think it was just lazy writing really.

The Small Council – “Discuss Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken”