National Threatened Species Day (Australia) Plant a tree!

Now generally, this is a day where, in Australia (probably NZ too) we take a look and put a spotlight on threatened species within Australian, and more pacific type countries. Due to popularity, we normally look at animals, maybe insects on this day.

What I would mainly focus onto today is on plants and trees. After watching Gardening Australia yesterday, it was horrifying! Simply for our own greed, how many plants are nearly extinct or have rapidly become extinct.

As an example, there are currently over three trillion trees in the world. HOWEVER! We are currently losing 10 billion trees a year!

So get out there and plant a tree!

Farmers of the Skies the Australian Flying Fox, are now considered threatened and on the brink of endangered. They’re called the farmers of the sky, because they like fruits and flowers, then they fly great distances and you know…

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As they say in the article by Animals Australia Org

entire ecosystems could collapse

The earth, animals, plants and trees. All know how to make the planet work. We could learn something from them!


Threatened Species Day (Australia)

There are just so many important calendar days, I have no idea how to keep up with them all!

Today is National Threatened Species Day in Australia. A chance to take notice and how to help to protect our native fauna and flora This Day was declared in 1996, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger in 1936.

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Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) – Wikipedia

‘Not science fiction any more’: The Tasmanian tiger could soon be back from extinction

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