Thursday Theories and a cup of tea

I sit here in the hotel room, and wonder…WHAT CAN I WRITE?!

The flight over was going alright, until that descent! I can’t remember that last time I just felt terrible on a descent. Guaranteed, it has been a while since I’ve flown.

There was a moment where I really did feel that my breathe had just been taken away. It has too be at least over 5 years since I’ve flown. I forgot how the ascent and descent can be a little scary. Mainly because of that whole gravity thing. I literally grabbed my partners arm at one point.

Then when we got to where we were going, we went out and got … TACO BELL! … As we were waiting, I stepped in gum…Eww, but here’s the thing. It was inside the shop, so even more ewww, lol.

You know how hotels always have that free tea and coffee in hotel rooms, well now I’m sitting down, after getting the gum off my shoes and having a free cup of tea, hehe