This or That? #81


This or That? #81

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Do you reread books often?

(By often, I mean are there multiple books that you have read more than twice)

I am SO guilty of this, I am constantly doing this. I guess that’s why I don’t always buy a lot of books, but one of my Christmas presents from my brother was a $100 Dymocks vouchers. I’ve already bought a couple of new books that I’m reading now. It’s funny really because I am being really careful, making a new wishlist for myself. I haven’t spent it all in one go.

At the same though the reason I reread these books is because I love them and with some of them I find, you always see something new or different. Sometimes as well though, depending on what you’re going through at the same time you reread the book, you may find that you see the book or character from a different point of view.

Sometimes though it’s just nice to reread a familiar book that you just know you are going to enjoy. You don’t have to worry whether or not you’ll enjoy it and if you don’t and you spent money on it, then you don’t feel like it was a waste of money. Then you don’t feel like your day or relaxation time was wasted. Which is why a lot of the time if I’m interested I’ll go to the Library first and check it out.

This or That? #79


This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

This week I want to know…

Do you have a favorite book that is nonfiction?

I can honestly say that I have a lot of non fiction books and I love to read them, but they are mainly books about ancient History. A lot of the non fiction books that I’ve now, I’ve had for most of my life, or they’ve been passed down to me. I haven’t really bought a new non fiction book for a while. I find them fascinating. I love to read about Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece. All of them.

So there isn’t really one book I could highly recommend for people. I would more press you and recommend to buy yourself a series of books of the ancients worlds. Treat yourself and buy not just Ancient Greece, but from all over the world. I have so many different encyclopedias’ of each ancient world. The Ancient world that I am most familiar with is Ancient Greece. The Ancient world I am mostly unfamiliar with though is the Norse world. I do have my eyes on this one though:

Arthur Cotterell is probably one of the best authors on the ancient worlds.

The Encyclopedia of Mythology: Classical, Celtic, Norse. Written by Arthur Cotterell.

Book Depository

This or That? #78


This or That? #78

I nearly didn’t end up doing this at all this week, we’re going through our first busy period of the year this whole month and I am exhausted. I don’t like writing a post if I don’t think it will be of any substantial wording. I like to try and give my readers something interesting to read, instead of me writing googly gook.

SO…Saying all of that Bookmark Chronicles would like to know this week:

Have you ever given a book a one star (out of 5) rating?

If so, give the title and why didn’t you like it (or them if it’s happened more than once).

I haven’t physically given a book on Goodreads or anything like that a one star rating, however, there have been books from my past and Genre’s in particular where I just can’t read them anymore. I have read a few of the Mills and Boons and I just do not get the appeal, to be far too them though, they are definitely written better than 50 Shades. For this reason I tend to stay away from that “Romance” type genre. I wont read a book where the main plot line is romance. Most books will have some kind of romance in it, but usually there is some kind of other story line going on.

I think the thing I have with reading, is that I tend to read books that I want to read or am interested in reading. I very rarely read something I know that I am not going to enjoy, but I would hate to read things “just because”. These days I very rarely give books a 1 star rating because I just try and stay away from books that I know I am not going to enjoy. If you’re not interested, you’re not going to going keep reading.

I can’t even honestly remember the names of the Mills and Boons books that I’ve read because they just all had the same theme, so they kind of melted into one, for me anyways.

This or That? #77


This or That? #77

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

When reading a series are you more likely to read each book upon release or wait until the entire series is complete?

*”It depends” is not an option*

Most of the time I will wait for the whole series to come out and then read it all in one go. Also though I usually will only get the first book of a series and THEN decide if I want to continue on. I try not to listen to the band wagon anymore, as I found in the past that I get swept up in it all and then go back later and realised I didn’t actually enjoy it that much. Then I’ve spent all this money on a series I don’t actually enjoy and can’t afford to the series I do want!

So now I make sure that I only get the first series in a book and then if I really enjoy it, I will then get the rest of the series in one way or another!

This or That? #76


This or That? #76

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Here’s the scenario for this week…..

You’ve just finished book 3 in a series of 6. Book 1 was good, 2 was great, but the one you just finished was…. “meh.” What do you do?

Finish the series ~ Call it quits ~ Put it back on your TBR to finish later

This is an interesting concept because sometimes I find that it depends on the series and if I’ve liked the first couple of books. I would persevere with it mainly because if I’ve already started it, I am going to want to know how it ends. There would be no way that I could start a series and not be able to not finish it. I might however give it a bit of a break to begin with and then get back to it a little later, but I would always end up getting back to it at some point. I just cannot leave anything unfinished! I’ve also found that not every single book in a series is going to be fantastic, they always need that one book in the series that explains and describe things, rather than have things actually happen.

This or that? #74


This or That? #74

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know….

Are there any books that you keep saying you’ll read, but haven’t gotten to yet?

(Maybe it’s a classic, one by your favorite author, or one that’s super popular and you’re interested but other things have gotten in the way)

I think this is a definite problem for me, I tend to reread the same books over and over again, while buying new books that I promise I’ll get into, but it just never happens. I am such a bad procrastinator, that it just takes over and sometimes I actually have to read a book I have already read and like, before I can get into the mood to read one I have been trying to read.

The book that I am currently starting to read that I can’t start reading. I had at one point even had it up on my Goodreads as a book I was currently reading, and then had to take it off, because I didn’t start reading it after all. The School of Good and Evil, author Soman Chainani. I bought this book, last year, on the Australian Election Day, 2nd July 2016, and have been starting to read it on and off ever since. I think that I have started to read it at least three different times. Then Christmas came along and I received all the books I had asked for, so now it’s been put on the back-burner again.

This or That? #68

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:


This week I want to know…..

Have you ever read or written fan fiction?

If so, what was it about?

I actually have done both, I have both read and written. My Fan Fiction was related to myself and Orlando Bloom. It involved the entire Lord of the Rings cast and it was pretty much a love triangle between myself, Orlando and Elijah. I think I might even have it somewhere still, but I’m not sure where. I don’t think, from memory, that I even ended up finishing.  I can still remember parts of it, but this was years ago. I would have been about 18-20 years old. I don’t think that I even finished it off, I can’t remember for sure.

This or That? #62


This or That? #62

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Have you ever used BookTube? If so, do you have any favorite BookTubers?

To be completely honest with you, I had never even heard of BookTube before I had come across this article. I nearly didn’t write a post, because I felt like I hadn’t look at it, so what could I possibly write about it? Then I decided I should look into and see if I would perhaps use it in the future. You learn something new every day!

First, there isn’t an actual “BookTube”website persay, as I found out. It’s best just to go to YouTube and type in BookTube into their search bar. It is pretty much videos of people/communities who instead of writing an post on a website they create videos instead. Below is a video I found of Little Book Owl, and she gives a really great explanation of BookTube…And I am pretty sure that she is Australian too =D

Would I use a BookTube? Probably not. Just because, personally, I am what is known as a ‘quick reader’. I can skim through pages reasonably quickly. So when I read a review, it’s because I want to find out more, pretty quickly. However, I think it’s a great idea. Like myself, I find sometimes reading through long critical words can make me “bored”. Sometimes seeing someone’s physical excitement for a book, or their positive body language, can get me going too.

Saying all of this though I did actually try to start reviewing books via video myself a while back, but I could never get the quality right. Or the sound would mysteriously just disappear during editing and I could never get it back. Who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t of given up!

This or That? #59


This or That? #59

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know:

Have you ever started a series and not finished it? If so, why?

I have to admit that I have done this a couple of times, the most well known series that I have still yet to finish is probably The Chronicles of Narina (Wikipedia). I have read the first three books of the series, but I have yet to even pick up any of the others. I believe there are 7 total in the series?

Its just never happened. When the movies came out I was really hoping that they would make all of the books into movies, but it didn’t happen, probably not going to ever happen. I think if all of the movies had been made, I would have read that particular book before the movie came out. I just never went through the whole series. I can’t even say that the books I haven’t read bore me or anything, because they are beautifully written. I have just never read them.

I think it was also had to do with once the characters we had been introduced to in the beginning were dropping off and leaving. It’s kind of like watching a tv series and then once the original characters are not in it anymore, you lose interest. Its one of the reasons I stopped watching Greys Anatomy. It freaked me out recently watching Cold Case, also for example, from the beginning, since I had never seen it before from the pilot. They had all these different actors right at the beginning, the difference in the atmosphere and connection between the actors, just put me off.

This or That? #58


This or That? #58

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

If you are reading a series that has novellas, do you always read them?

I am ashamed to admit that when I first saw this question this week, I didn’t actually know what a novella even was. So I wasn’t even 100% sure that I could honestly answer the question. Then I did a little bit of research and I realised that a lot of the books I’ve read in my life have been novellas. So while I can honestly say that I would because I know that I have, by reading these books, I had had no idea that I was actually reading a Novella.

You learn something new every day!