A little morbid

My cousins partner’s passed away suddenly about a week ago now. It’s shook my family up a little bit. I met her a few times, she seemed completely lovely. She was about my mums age, so I think its hit my Aunt and my Mum a lot. They knew her a lot better than I did.

What I want to write about today, is do you think you’re prepared? If you were too pass today, apart from being dead and not being able to do anything. Would you be able to pass happily? I don’t want you to get too depressed about this. There’s a Golden Girl episode were they talk about if they’re really prepared or not.

It’s not a happy topic. All I’ve got, so far, are songs I’d like played.

I think I’ve written about this before? Always something to think about from time to time.


Sleep brain, sleep.

I am so tired of watching the same stupidity of people over and over again. How are they not all tired of doing it?

Earlier in the week, I wrote a Fathers Day post about how even in my Great-Grandfather, influence’s me. We found a notebook of his a while ago. He said in it “We will not be at peace until we are coffee-coloured” It’s interesting to me to see, in 2022. That people STILL have a clear problem with race. I am not even talking about white supremacists. I am talking about the people who supposedly are not racist, complain about race in fictional stories.

When you take a step back and tailor your news reading to be less tabloid gossip and more actual news. You see that Meghan Markle has never once said anything nasty about the Royal Family, Harry neither. It’s all about the people around them, who Princess Diana also had a problem with. So what’s the difference? MM is NOT throwing tantrums, talking, on a podcast about your life, is not a tantrum.

And HOW in the world are these same tabloid gossip “news stations” Talking about Kanye West is NO mention of his bullying. How in the world are they all just glossing over the PEDOPHILE in the Royal Palace. For what? Because MM, as a new mother, felt upset that her sons room was smoking?

Seriously, what kind of fools does Rowling take us all for?

I read an article recently about anti-vaccine people, getting together in a conference to talk about what their next movements are. At least 95% of people at this conference were vaccinated.

Let alone everything Trump. It’s not just what Trump, himself is doing. It’s the whole anti-woman, anti-trans and anti-LGBT Republicans who are going out of there way to harm others, and act like the rest of us can’t see what they’re doing, and win! Lauren Bobert is a total moron. Yet, she got back in.

As unpopular as this will be. I’m sorry, but I really hope that Britney Spears is still seeing a therapist at least. Only a couple of months ago, she was talking about being pregnant and her now-husband seemed to confirm that. Now, that’s all disappeared. Then I saw there’s an interview with her two children. It’s like “Yes!” She was put onto the conservatorship because of what she did to those two boys.

My brain is going all the time “How are in really in 2022”.

What about yours?


So we have all probably heard of that saying Hindsight is 20/20.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Let’s be honest, a lot of us could all see everything that’s happening now. When you think about Trump and Jan 6th, the terribleness of the Johnson/Tory Government.

We were talking about critical thinking at work yesterday, and I think in some ways that hindsight, common sense and critical thinking all kind of come together. Sometimes you need hindsight so you learn how to “think” better. Common sense usually means you knew something was “off”. Even if you can’t put your finger on it.

hindsight is gained through experience

Ellen Hopkins

What kind of “thinking” do you think there is? Haha.

Get it together ladies!

You know if us white cis straight women could get over ourselves, we could probably actually run the world.

In one day, this is what I saw. The first being a bunch of middle aged white women, with “I stand with Ukraine” in the profile pictures, attacking a 17 year old girl. For what? Speaking about her admiration of Nicola Sturgeon, you know the Scottish Female Prime Minister.

Then another bunch of white woman, going on about how Amber Heard’s editorial piece, was her not moving on. You know where she didn’t even talk about Depp? Just talked about her experience in society, and how she was treated in the aftermath. They just skipped over the whole you know, Depp suing people left right and centre for calling him a wife beater, and losing.

So as I pointed out too them. “So, a 60 year old man, decided to “move on”, by LITERALLY years later, suing Heard, when she didn’t say his name. Instead of letting Heard say her piece and “letting go” Decided instead, in a public court case, humiliating himself, his children and his other ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. That’s how you ‘move on’, is it? Public humiliation of your family”.

I will be talking about TERFs a little bit later. They have been particular horrible during Pride this month, they need a whole post for themselves.

Critical Thinking

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been accused of not being able to “critical think” because I don’t agree with the Depp v Heard court case.

This post today will be one of the last times I talk about DvH, but I’m using it to talk about a topic. Quiet frankly I’m over it all. I know what’s right and what’s wrong.

So, what is critical thinking, exactly?

critical thinking

Learn to pronounce


  1. the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.”professors often find it difficult to encourage critical thinking among their students”

Now when I get accused of not being a critical thinker, I have noticed that with people who are clearly not being objective. Always accuse me of “rambling” and making “accusations”. Of course they can’t actually back it up.

I truly do believe though, that a LOT of us have lost this skill, some probably never had it too begin with.

Take transphobic people, as another example. They do the same things, but instead they’ll call you a homophobe, pedophile, groomer, misogynists’. When you back up what you’re saying with facts, they’ll either call you one of those names, or just block. Then keep writing about you from a block.

So too take a little but more of a coherent look at critical thinking. I’ve made up a table below, too take a look at some facts, about the D v H case, and transphobia. When you’ve read through, write what you’re thinking below in the comments.

D v H Transphobia
D, been found twice of wife beating. Majority of cis women always support trans people.
Legal analysts say the Jury got it wrong. The top psychiatry assoc, say conversion therapy is mental torture
The GOP, Right, Christian Extremist support D The GOP, Right, Christian Extremist, do not support the T
D is still trying to control. Tran’s people do just want to get on with their day.
D wanted to keep Heard quiet, and he has not fought for male victims. Trans people are fighting for them, but also WITH/FOR cis women
Deppford Wives make up lies, insult and harass those who don’t agree with them. Transphobes make up lies, insult and harass those who don’t agree with them.
Oh, the gas-lighting Oh, the gas-lighting

I can’t help but think…

Watching American Republicans, how they’ve treated the Officers that were protecting Government Officials. How they’ve treated January the 6th, in general, where people actually died. The majority of who were Trump Supporters. Which such “blindness” (I am going to have to think of a better word).

That Republicans don’t even care about other Republicans, let alone anyone else.

I can’t help but think that the once great self-proclaimed “Christian Country”, isn’t that Christian after all. Sadly.

However, maybe it is time to give it back to the native peoples!

It might even be time to look at “getting rid” of the two party system.

Time for a overhaul.

The last time…

When was the last time you just looked out?

You sat on the grass/ground/floor and looked up?

When was the last time you looked up into clouds to see what shapes they made.?

When was the last time you read that favourite childhood story?

When was the last time you literally stopped to smell a flower?

When was the last time you stopped and listened to the birds?

Sat and looked as the sun sets into a ocean?

When was your last good laugh?

When was the last time you smiled about yourself, to yourself.

If you have to really think about it, then it’s been too long!

There’s been a murder! …

Well not really, but catchy title, no?

I was talking with some friends and we were talking about the insaneness of the last few years, in some big countries. Then we started to talk about, the why and the how.

How did such great countries, manage to vote in such utter losers and tossers? How did we even get Trump, Morrison, Johnson etc to begin with? I don’t know anyone who voted for them, so I can’t ask why. Or at least no one is admitting to me that they voted for Morrison.

But how?! I had always though these big powerful countries were smarter than that. Even though Biden won, it wasn’t a landslide.

We need to investigate!