Family Guy

This actually has nothing to really do with the series. There is an episode though where Peter gets his own theme music. Although I am hit and miss with some Family Guy episodes, I LOVE the idea of having my own theme songs.

(I apoligise as well, I didn’t have my laptop charger for about 24 hrs. Trying to catch up now).

Let’s use our imaginations, what would your different theme’s be? After all, we have different emotions and experiences. Is there a song that you play every single time that relates to a mood? Little note, my partner has hummed through every single song, lol.

Learning through the pain:

Screw You!lol

You are my beautiful my friends ❤ … “Rooting” for my friends

Just happy, lol

And not my final song, but for this post it is…

“Feeling It” =D


Theme for 2020

I think I know what it is!

I think the “theme” for #2020 is

“Lets show the WORST in #humanity. Celebrate it, keeping letting the worst in humanity, win. Then call people who call out on the worst in humanity, bigots, or what they are, transphobic…Bullies. Because lord knows, we all know how sensitive bigots are. We HAVE to protect #bigots feelings”.

Also hello to those vile bigots! I’ve been getting a LOT of people apparently coming and having a look at my blog…I suspect though they’re not all here in good faith,lol

While you’re here…Do this!

Donate – National Geographic


I just want to make my life magical…Adult magical though…Where I wont have to get chucked into a padded jacket though! I do have “adult” colouring books…But I want to live a life where it’s not weird to have Unicorns…Last year was too real for me…I want to make this year Magical!

Magic GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

 I’ve heard of some many themed bars and club popping up all over the place, but I would love just one of them not be a bar or club…Have the drink, sure, but I would love to go to a place where you can dress in the theme!

Mary Poppins – Adelaide

Storyville – Melbourne

Button Bar – Sydney

Viscosity – Queensland (Facebook page)

Theme Bars in Canberra


December Goals

It’s almost Christmas time!!!! So you may see a *theme* here

Saturday Night Live Christmas GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

  • Christmas Cards to be out by the 9th of December (nearly wrote 9th of Christmas!)
  • ALL Gifts to be bought by 23rd…I am NOT going out on the 24th.
  • All food to be bought by the 23rd.
  • I am currently reading a couple of different books at the moment and I would really love to write a review of the book “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult by the end of December.


This or That? #82


This or That? #82

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Have you ever heard of/read steampunk?

I have most definitely heard of Steampunk and I have even actually read a couple of Steampunk books…I think they have comics as well, in that genre?….I think?

I had a hard time getting into the books that I read, I kept reading them novels, but I don’t think Steampunk is the theme for me…I’ll leave it too the younger generation. I think it is definitely for people who are interested in that type of genre. The books that I read were not badly written or anything, I was just not interested in that particular theme.

23 Best Steampunk Book…Best Sci Fi books . com

Barbie World

*You might see a “theme” with my Blog today*

I have a bit of theme today you might notice. I used to play with Barbies all the time when I was little. I still have a Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and Beast barbie dolls. I had a few Barbies, one Ken and an Aladdin barbie doll. I used to love playing with them, not because I wanted to look like them. I wanted the lifestyle that I was playing with them. My Barbies were global rockstars…What where yours?

Real life Barbie dream home exists

I hadn’t actually read the whole of the article, but the first half is about a dream house, that is very Barbie Dream House like. The rest of the article is about Miss Valeria Lukyanova. If you are unsure of who she is, she is a young lady who has spent a few…quiet a few…thousand dollars on herself, to make herself look like a Barbie doll.

I made a thing =D

I actually made this last week for an Heroes and Villains party I went to last week and I decided to put an “Easter theme spin” on it.


  1. Buy white bunny ears.
  2. Gather paintbrushes (I used a roll brush to do the majority of the painting).
  3. Gather red and black paint.
  4. Wrap cling wrap around the headband of the headband.
  5. Paint one ear black and one ear read (Try not press down to hard as paint will soak through…
  6. Wait for each ear to dry individually.
  7. Once both ears are painted and dry, unwrap cling wrap.
  8. Using a paintbrush fill in the white spots that you wish to cover up.
  9. Wait for paint to dry.
  10. Place on head =D

Tolkien Reading Day

I just found out that not only is it Good Friday, but every 25th of March is and according to the “The Tolkien Society” there is a theme every year, and this years theme is “Life, Death and Immortality”

So what will you be reading today? Also excuse me for a looking a little “Witchy” (also I apologise for the URL link stuff up, I’m not sure what’s happening there).


#NoShameDay … Love!

I think that this could be a thing! You see all these “Days” like recently Facebook had it’s “Friends Day”. I didn’t even end up sharing my cause the first few pictures were all of people I either don’t talk to any-more or don’t even like.

I think though us women need the day more than anything, we are horrible to one another! As soon as one of us shows a little confidence we try to tear her down and it is usually because of our own insecurities.

I proclaim #NoShameDay shall be about everyone posting one thing they really love about themselves and there shall be no putting that person down. No “well they’re just trying to put my life down” no name calling, no c,w and s words, no derogatory comments. Instead, if you don’t like it or it makes you feel insecure you shall scroll past it and post something that you love about yourself.

What do you all think? I think it might be a little naive of me, but I also think it’s better than what it currently going on.

Also this week you will see a lot of my posts are “loved theme” this week and can be about book love, couple love, friend love, family love, loving yourself) What more powerful feeling is there than love!

So what a better way to start off the “love week” than a post about loving yourself and others!